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This is a well-written book that We found to be even better than expected. That is plainly directed at those of us with limited or even no experience with Linux, but there is additional very helpful information as well that goes over and above the installation and use of Linux Mint, such as an overview of installing and configuring an Apache web server in Chapter 11. The clear explanation on this subject alone was helpful to me in providing a better understanding of the Debian server utilized by my internet hosting company.

Linux Mint is probably the most popular Linux distro right now and for great reason. It is very similar to Windows and iOS, but differs sufficient to be frustrating sometimes. In the Linux world the majority of things are free and accessible, in the Linux world the majority of things are also poorly explained. The writer does an excellent job of bridging that gap. Within the non-GUI aspects, the gulf between the critical Linux command line and DOS is even higher and Chapter 3 provides a great overview of this topic. The author in addition has written another book specifically on this complex area which I intend to look at next.

I use only one complaint that is not the author's problem. This book comes in e book format only. As the writer states "... most definitely no paper publisher would (publish a short introductory guide like this)... ". In case that is so, and the author should know, then it is a shame because this quick, clear text will provide a useful reference in the future, and in my view at least, paper books are much better than eBooks for that purpose. I guess switching to a pdf is the only option. General, a very good introduction to Linux and Linux Mint specifically., I have a lot of Cpanel experience, and the first and only OS I actually knew for some time was UNIX. So: sure, it's true, this guide covers some very basic stuff. So, easy for me to skim through. Nevertheless , there are some nuggets worth reading for me since I'm new to Debian-Ubuntu derivative Linux.

In addition, if I were to recommend an e book for anyone who is brand new to Linux/UNIX, this would be it. Great guide for beginners. It's also easy to read on my iPad -- in particular the illustrations present themselves well. If you are totally new to an area, the worst thing a guide can perform is leave out simple key bits of information. This book doesn't do that. Sure, many of us knows the clear -- but not every one will!

And for all that: the price is right., I am a long experienced Windows and 2 user. I am used to building my own pc's, installing/maintaining the OPERATING SYSTEM and solving my own issues with very little outside assistance.

I purchased information mostly to start acquiring some familiarity with the most basic Linux command line (" dos-type" ) commands (and secondarily for a very basic introduction to the Linux GUI, to the extent it differs from Windows). This particular book definitely met my needs

The book is a little verbose in spots, likely an attempt to be useful even to someone who's never used either Windows or a Mac. However We was able to quickly skim over such passages and learn a great deal of other Linux specific material that We didn't know.

I would highly recommend this guide to anyone who is new to Linux, and who would like to develop a basic to intermediate level of fluency, and do so quickly.

This particular author also has another Linux title for Amazon kindle that is devoted exclusively to the Linux order line. I intend on purchasing that title has well.

My thanks to Mr. Moeller for taking the time to write this guide., I absolutely enjoyed reading the book and for me the parts relating to server use was especially relevant. Great guide for a great apache distro. If you are buying a user-friendly alternative to Windows this distro is what you want. A really great book for someone who wants to explore just what linux can do., An effortless way to convert Pc's using XP and Vista (which aren't being supported anymore) to a new lease on life. This is a no-brainer for money conscious people like myself. This makes the perfect " first PC" for a kid to get started using a computer at a very low investment. I would go so significantly as to advise that you could load Linux Great on your old PC and then donate it to a school or charity and use it as a tax write-off. To be able to me, that constituted a " win/win", Linux is, assuredly, the future... either that, or some marraige of Linux (covered-up) by some other interface, Regardless, CPANEL MINT is the fastest, easiest, and Linux Supply (i. e., flavor, edition of) LINUX to set up, AND to keep Windows fully functional on other Hard disks or partitions. Don't get worried about this terminology... every LINUX user I've actually met claims the equivalent of 'Dang, NOW this is the SH*T!!!!!!!. Enjoy what you have to discover, and watch another Operating Systems copy as close as they can. I avoid have any vested interest in LINUX (aside from getting twice the performance from equipment that would l likely choke on a 4 year old Dell). Heck, either you have the nads to try the Penguin, or remain in the cloud of corporate computing environments.. Take pleasure in, this book will get you up and running!, Beginner's guide, beginner's guide, beginner's guide... I wasn't expecting an in depth book, and I was not disappointed. The content was just what I was looking for. Easy set up, setting it up, gave insight that beginners need!, The guide forgot to add a word to the title which is SERVER. Sure the first few chapters are install. 6 chapters offer with servers. Useless for individual attempting to find out about Linux Mint.

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