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When you are on the way of learning about systems yourself, the first and the most difficult task is to choose an appropriate manual. There are plenty online, but what you need, is something that is written in a simple, comprehensive way for better understanding, with lots of examples to try and practice your knowledge right away. So, I am in a great luck to find Cpanel Command Line by Beam Yao.
1st of all, I really appreciated the Introduction, which has numerous interesting things concerning Linux and it may be appearance in our lives, like the flashback to 1984 with information about the powerful operating system “Unix”, less recognized to the public.
Mcdougal has done an outstanding job organizing material. The particular learning material is very easy to perceive with numerous examples, which eases the usage of gained knowledge in practice enormously. The structure of the book is absolutely profound and sequential, with summaries at the end of each chapter.
That is certainly great for beginners like me since it gives all the essential knowledge how to deal with documents and directories, manage users and groups, send network messages and much more. There are also very important tables for everything you will need, while mastering the Linux essentials: shortcut secrets, run levels tables, the Vi editor commands, and so forth.
I highly recommend this manual to everyone who wants to find out Linux basics quickly and efficiently., Learning Cpanel commands is usually not easy for each one of us. Many people often shun away especially when they start facing challenges in their first days of learning the commands. When you were a sufferer, don’t worry because this book will help you place your best feet forward.
The particular book covers all important basic Linux commands, their operations, examples and answers for newbies. It is a ‘how to’ explained quickly equip you with ability you need to work with Linux operating system.
Learning the Linux commands from a professional like the author of this book will put you in a much better place when you will need to advance to higher levels. That will lay your base strong. Your skills will be in demand because this is the more preferred operating system and it is considered to be more secure.
Leaning with examples is big plus for this book. You will have a chance to copy and try out some orders. I recommend it!!, May waste your money.

Horribly written, no depth, the chapters are so short that the recaps at the end are almost comical sometimes. And his examples are just a written description of what they do. Regarding example he tells this individual writes:

file: calculate the type of file


user> file myfile. txt

(file: calculate the type of myfile. txt)

Really? You just said the same thing, and extra myfile. txt towards the end! The reason why not show a screenshot of the console output?
Also, " estimate" is a strange word. " Describe" or " specify" might have worked better.

That really is not something helpful for beginners. One control he gave (" loginname" ) didn't even work. I had to research on the Internet until I found " logname" which did the same thing. Now if " loginname" was valid on some systems, however, not others, that would have recently been substantial to note.

About the only advantage I can think of is someone who is constantly forgetting commands and needs something they can accessibility them quickly. It's certainly quicker than the usual 500 page reference book. But considering he hardly goes into any flags or offers any pictorial examples, you'd probably be better off searching for a laminated guide for a quick reference. Or perhaps going to a technological resource site and stamping off a set of orders. And for someone just starting out, there must be something better. If you find it at a bookshop for 50 mere cents it might be well worth it; otherwise, it's overpriced., If you’re looking for an easy to read and understand, practical beginners explained learning Linux, then choose no other! The book commences by introducing readers to the brief history of computer science so as to aid them to better understand the development of Linux. The particular book then goes on to expound details of how to perform Cpanel commands, operations, and so much more. One chapter I found to be particularly interesting was Part 22 (Skill of Commands) where the author discussed tips and tricks of what to do when you can not appear to remember how certain commands are written entirely or if you’re simply possessing a lazy day and don’t feel like keying in the full command. I thought these tips would be useful to a lot of folks especially beginners like me.

The guide was organized in a chronological/ sequential order from start to finish, which I think is important in manual-type books. I liked that in most sections of the book, the creator did a great job in balancing when to elaborate further and when to keep it simple so as to not bombard readers with too much information at the same time that is not immediately applicable. Another aspect that I appreciated was that the book had plenty of examples how to perform certain functions, in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Furthermore, at the end of every chapter the creator included a brief summary of the main element aspects learned, again, We would say that I found this to be an important recap. This is a guide I would definitely recommend to beginners, those hard pressed for time to learn Linux and anyone interested in learning the essential novice basics of how to operate and command in Linux., A quick launch on Linux major OPERATING SYSTEM and distributions, which I did not see on other Linux Books I read prior to this guide. The file-system may be tricky at first but I got used to it. The particular commands and parameters are one of the main things to learn. I like the employment of file orders too. Very useful. Great thing there is summary at the end of each and every chapter so I can bookmark them.

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