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I came across the information in this particular book useful. It strong some of the fundamentals of Linux commands that I already knew and likewise filled in a few spaces in my knowledge.

That said, I'm giving that two stars because regarding the spelling and grammatical errors. Some of the errors could easily possess been found and corrected by a simple MS Word spell check. Numerous others could have been discovered by way of a handful regarding beta readers. It's unlucky, because I would possess given it four stars otherwise. The information will be there, it just has to be cleaned up.

The creator included as well an excerpt coming from his fantasy novel from the end (and tips to it periodically throughout the book). I'm not opposed to authors trying to promote themselves and get their own other calculates there, yet any medium you employ to promote your work should be free of typos themselves., An extremely handy guideline, and from my iPad easy to keep around the Linux screen. Yes, I have seen a few typos, but I actually find some in published literary works from period to time as properly. The only part deficient thus far (I am a little over .5 way into the book) was no instruction on adding a user towards the sudoers file. I am working CentOS at the moment, but think it's pretty much the exact same in Ubuntu. My check user could not access root privileges via the sudo command because it had been not in the sudoers file. It took a little web seeking to learn how to edit of which file and add the user, then it worked well. But I haven't identified those tips in this particular book. I might also advise for newbies doing the same to create a group (" admin" will be a good name choice), give the group root privileges, and then include any users to of which group as needed. That solves the situation, and does not require manually incorporating each user to sudoers individually.

All in all, though, this guide is merely what I needed to begin to find out the Linux command line, and advise it to anyone seeking same,, Bought this to get a handle on the command line as I actually understand the DOS command collection, but this is various and more powerful within Linux. If you are a beginner, this will stroll you through what you need., Most beginner textbooks for Linux flood the reader with the humble that makes learning Linux difficult. this author makes things simple, and right forward; a good tutorial, of which doesn't keep you speculating how Linux works. Numerous typos and grammatical mistakes, but besides this small annoyance, the book is very useful, easy to study, and much more easy than Linux itself: -), There are several book like this one available and all are good. I recommend reading all of them, especially for the give-away prices, due to the fact there are things of which one author will clarify which goes over your brain, but then once you study the same topic in one of the other books, it's a good " AHA moment. "

This one focuses on using command-line commands as an alternative of the GUI user interface. Translation: The focus will be on typing coded commands in to a line on your own desktop instead of clicking on a little icon do to the same thing. This works for some folks plus not for others. I favor the icons, BUT... periodically it is to your own distinct advantage to understand how the command-line functionality works, so even in case you aren't that interested today, it's a good one to skim through so you will know best places to look when you need the info!

Strongly suggested. So is Ubuntu! If you're a novice, stick with it. Go through this book and the others like it. It's worth your while!, This book brings back details I used in the DOS days. Age offers a way of robbing your memories and I actually needed assistance.
Thank you for the well composed material. I'd buy that again. So should you.
Gareth, That is good reading, the info is brief and up to the stage, clearly suited for a beginner who will be familiar with Windows plus wants to come to grips with the Linux control line. The author constantly compares the Linux commands to the corresponding Windows commands which makes it easy to master the Linux commands. Someone commented regarding the number of transliteration mistakes, I think most of these are super easy to determine out for a authentic IT person looking for IT information. If you are someone looking for a literally masterpiece and then this may not become the right book for you., An easy read of which gets sandwiched among numerous other tasks. Easy to grab, and resume employ of stale Unix abilities in the Linux atmosphere. The Linux community offers applied a lot regarding polish, and computer science to the OS. Very helpful, and casual delivery. Thanks a lot to Jonathan!

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