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Packed packed with research, stories, stories, and crisp humor, you will enjoy this book. I'm by no means a professional in this field, but it is an interest area for me. Even so, I can't go one page without learning something at the same time new and often times shocking, horrifying, inspiring or just... weird. Parasitic wasps and the bacteria that ride them, the virus DNA that made mammals...

The world is a much weirder place than I imagined after reading this book., A trip of conception and birth without sex. The book surveys a strange part in the biology of fish, birds, insects, and mammals. It opens ones eyes to the sheer width of evolutionary solutions which have developed., Regarding everyone who believes that "one man, one woman" is a simple declaration, I wish there were a requirement to read the first sections of this book. For everyone who thinks that pregnancy is nothing but a lady carrying a fetus around in her abdomen for eight months, I wish there were a requirement to read this book.

I confess I would not pass a test on its material. Maybe the very reality it is laden with complicated, detailed, though fascinating information has something to do with the fact that I am the first in line to write a review. Nonetheless, I believe reading, or at minimum scanning, it might profit anyone who has an view about sex, whether it applies to choices on the abortion issue or attitudes about homosexuality, or even just why we do it. If nothing else, it would force one to know about the difficulties of fetal development, maternity, childbirth, and gender determination. Knowledge has brought us way beyond dichotomous thinking.

In many ways, even though it's not obviously the intent of the creator, it is a display of the extent that we resist scientific proof which contrasts with what you want to believe. Fortunately, when facts do crack through and evidence is accepted, it leads to additional - in cases like this fascinating - discoveries.

I would warn any potential reader who comes after through to the conclusion, however, that a strong willingness to accept halving is essential, since it is for any scientific report. Option exciting thing about science. Rarely, if it ever happens, does one appear at one last answer. The particular excitement lies generally in the questions and options raised.

You might like to avoid reading through to the end if you have a difficult experience tolerating change, because the book heads in the direction of pregnancy outside the female body. It looks like science fiction but it is presented as serious business. To the extent that the content is in the end validated and expanded, I have without doubt the impact of the discoveries he describes would lead to active and heated discussions regarding ethics and future research. Since a psychologist I'd want to see many questions raised, explored, and researched.

As for the content, it was somewhere around 1827, with the breakthrough of human eggs, that old beliefs about the father's contribution were abandoned - and then only with difficulty. The view until that time was that the sperm incorporated a fully formed embryo into the womb, the function of which was to provide a safe home for its growth. Since for the process of impregnation, the belief that any descriptions of the interaction of the sexual internal organs were pornographic kept the concentrate on the 1680 text message "Aristotle's Masterpiece, ' long after empirical evidence exhibited its errors. The ALL OF US was a little ahead of the BRITISH which banned more contemporary text messages until 1960.

There comes after more fascinating detail than I can describe here with full accuracy. You will find, for example, the more frequent DNA mutations in sperm because of the more frequent divisions. You will find the mother's epigenetic contribution to variations. There is the father's protective contribution of placental materials that moderates the fight between the needs of the mother's body and the fetus. All of this, at least as I read it, making clear that it is not a simple issue of one XX or XY combination coming together. It isn't just the Y chromosome that makes a difference for advancement a male; it's having the right bits of the Y chromosome. In reality, he provides example of males (though infertile) with an XX structure. Even before the egg begins to divide, it seems, there are external influences.

Then there are the hormonal effects. Consider the female baby in Peru who started menstruating at the age of eight months and gave birth to a kid at 5 years.

The potential risks to the mother are real. A single fact that struck myself was the chance of preeclampsia, potentially fatal, being greater in the first pregnancy, More specifically, the very first pregnancy with the father. A woman who has experienced many pregnancies with the same man apparently acclimatizes her immune system to him or her, but runs the same risk with a new impregnator as if she had never borne a child. As I read it, the reason is not well recognized. I couldn't help but apply it to the issue of rape. By simply definition, assuming this is not spousal rape, impregnation by force with a strange man, it would seem, boosts the chances of preeclampsia.

I've given only a sample here of what I understood him or her to say in this book. I'm not really exploring the latter part of the book, from where his name comes. There he information on research that may in the future make it possible for men to carry the unborn infant or for development completely outside of the body. Of course, he reports on all the possibilities between, presently being practiced for infertile couples, or people desperate to parent without a spouse.

Around the issue of the "pro life"(anti-choice) position that argues for putting the life of the fertilized egg above all other factors, including the danger to the mother in every pregnancy, I came across his point helpful that "sex is not created for the person; it is designed to the actual populations. " The particular choice between "pro-life" and pro-choice is the raising of group need over the individual. Sorry, but that sounds like the roots of communism in the rawest form - sacrificing individual "good" for the "good" of the masses.

If you are prepared to take a quest into facts that will challenge simplistic notions of fetal egg/sperm contributions, or gender development in utero, then risk an exiting trip into ongoing research. Be willing, as well, to challenge the "facts" with evidence That's what ethical science is focused on., I don't know why my first 4 star review was negative at all. The book is a little light as all pop science books have to be, but it's a good compilation - she crams a whole lot in - I've gone back to it many, many times now!, Really good background about how humans reproduce and exactly what could/may happen in the future.
Should be required reading, albeit in a simpler form for all junior high school or upper primary school children., This i a beautifully written book. Aarathi Prasad manages to mix the biology of conception and birth with societal issues in a humourus and serious way. It is a must read!, Just like A Virgin is an incredibly fascinating non-fiction book about how exactly a virgin birth could be possible. Many ideas are explored, and are attempted to be explained. Many historical numbers double, for example with the use of (William) Harvey in The Renaissance;
“Harvey believed that all life came from eggs: not only for parrots, which was obvious, but for mammals too. ”
Harvey offered a different approach than the majority of scientists, who, at the time, believed that all life came from sperm.

The tale of how Mary produced a child from a virgin birth (without the use of a man/sperm) seemed to be attempted to be discussed. No conclusive evidence will ever be produced, however, because she has been dead for thousands of years.

We also learn about how exactly men could ever bear children, which is very fascinating, there are also case studies of where a tummy is transplanted.

In order to read this, you desire a little bit of knowledge about the body, for example how the reproductive system organs function (and other organs too). Although, if you don't you can still infer information from the answers. Most things aren't discussed.

While LaV is packed with interesting information, it is written dully. Where most likely enthusiastic about the topic, but the way it's shipped isn't very appealing, and I often found personally engaging in other activities while reading. I read a chapter a day, which is a reasonable pace for this type of book. Nevertheless , I found myself becoming bored half-way through.

But, I must say LaV is actually fascinating book, filled with information about fertility, and twin babies, and many other items- There's even an index in the back again. It is also written really well.

Although it's informative, it's very hard for an average joe to understand.

I actually ended up spouting off random facts (or theories) to my family every time they would listen " Hey, did you know that women with more fat are more likely to have girls, and those who are fit, with less fat are more likely to have boys? NO? Well you do now! "

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