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Lamps Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival by T. T. Wiley and Brent Formby is a great book. I have read it twice and have purchased a copy for my personal library. It is one of those textbooks, for me, that positioned into words, in a cohesive context, many of the thoughts and inklings I actually have had my complete life.

All of it starts with a question: Why are we all so ill? The richest, most well fed, most comfortable and pampered people to have every existed. Why do we experience diseases and marque who have never existed before, are present only in our culture and have no known cures or certain treatment?

From that stems other questions: Just what is health? What does it mean to be healthy? In our culture we certainly have impressed upon the thoughts of our people that healthy equals a six pack, the sexual strength of an 18 yr old, a wrinkle free brow and the correct BODY MASS INDEX.

We have been off course because our answers to these questions are incorrect. We all are trying to answer them by looking in advance, toward finding a magical (medical) solution (or pill) that will eliminate the problem. Instead, you should be looking backward, to first, seeking the source of the situation and noting what changed at its inception.

That will is precisely what the creators have done in Lamps Out. They combed an abundance of medical studies and data (nearly a third of the textbooks pages are ending records and citations), seeking the historical introduction of center disease, cancer, depression, psychological illness, diabetes and other " modern" illnesses. None of them of which existed on a large scale before.

Just what changed? Light.

We-took over the night and the body have been freaking away ever since. They are unable to adapt because we create an ever increasing number of distractions and light options - things that keep us going 24/7, without rest.

The essence of the argument is that the human body was created and adapted for certain cycles. When it is summer - light - we are to search and eat, as much as we can for as long as we can, there is no off switch. Our job is to prepare for the winter months - dark - when food will be limited and we will need to live off of our accumulated fat stores. In the course of summer, we stay up late, experience tremendous stress (of the hunt), eat too much and push the body and minds to their limits.

In the winter we are designed to rest. To sleeping more. Conserve our energy. Experience less (or no) stress. Our bodies endure on stored energy and heals and repairs itself in preparation for the coming summer. The two seasons balance each other.

Inside our lives, balance will not exist. Darkness IN NO WAY comes. We sleep with the TV on, time clock radio shining in our faces, cellphone shining into nowhere, street lights manifest - we can now see in the " dark. " All this light registers in your body as " summer, " it cannot fully relax or rest - it keeps your systems up in anticipation of an attack or threat.

Lighting wants sugar. Carbs! Calorie consumption for the coming winter. In our society, winter never comes. It is always summer and never stop consuming sugar. This is available EVERYWHERE. This fuels our economy. We consume, snack, eat, snack and drink all day long and into the " night. "

Our bodies do not understand what to do. Ethical of the storyplot. Go to bed. Get some sleeping, in the dark. Doing this will go a long way in helping control your appetite for carbs, allow your body to reset itself and improve mental and physical working.

There exists so much great information in this book. It is not a difficult read. Totals around 200 pages. It will forever change how you will view daily living in the Western., My husband has read this and taken much of it to heart. This does get cumbersome to the end, in his opinion. A lot of thought provoking information!, The fact of this book is obviously very important. Is actually refreshing to see an author present an overview of our fundamental biology. I actually think this is an extremely important line of thought, deserving of further research effort and development. Wiley has done all of us a great service by putting this away there., Wiley again gives us a lot of great and relevant information. However, like her book Sex, Lies and Perimenopause she continually repeats himself to the point of monotony. The information is excellent. The delivery could be a lot more concise., Higher Extraction Full Color Home LED Lighting LCC recommends this book as it fits the science that arrived after it's publishing a decade and a half latter.

We all sell LED lighting and associated hardware with a life philosophy to allow for melatonin suppression and release in accordance to maintain a wholesome human circadian rhythm.

We sell violet based (not blue based) white LEDs, compatible accessories, blue blocking shields and glass wear, and melatonin home test kits.

In order to see an example of what sort of disrupted sleep period can weaken the body, view specifically how a disrupted sleep cycle is utilized to sensitize retinal tissues to light toxicity and death, google " Enhanced Design and Fabrication of Light Toxicity Chamber used for Light Induced Retinal Degeneration in Mice". Go right to the pictures of the microscopic slideshow showing a gutted retina after moderate light direct exposure., This was a very vision opening book (no juga intended) and made me really want to make some sleep changes in my life. I highly recommend it., This is a great read - and fun and easy to understand - and the humor is fabulous - light is everything as is our circadean clock that keys off of it -, The author won't hold back at all. This fight is personal as the two discuss the real reasons for our very sick society. Because a result I have already been motivated to try sleeping with the sun. We keep lights off at night. Thankfully it is Summer time. Maybe when Winter rolls around I will be more able to do the early hours.

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