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"Life's A Bitch" is the single volume collecting tales from several of performer Roberta Gregory's earlier collections, "A Bitch Is Born", "College Daze", "At Work and Play with Bitchy Bitch" and "Burn, Bitchy, Burn". Also included is a brand new story written just regarding this volume.

Bitchy Bitch is really a nickname of the primary character, whose real title is Midge McCracken. She was created in 1953, has been a child in typically the late 50's/early 60's, an adolescent in the late sixties, a twentysomething in typically the 70's, and in her 40's in the 90's.

The tone of typically the stories varies a excellent deal, and reading these is like reliving several of the societal changes which the U. T has went through considering that the 1950's. Some associated with the events which happen to Midge aka "Bitchy" are usually humorous, others rather ironic, and a few are usually simply grim, even tragic.
Ms. Gregory is to be recommended for facing extremely difficult issues unflinchingly, and demonstrating their often devastating results. Within this volume, we see Midge since a child going to school, a teenager going through puberty and eventually losing her virginity, a college or university student and eventual college or university dropout, with some good and some nightmarish experiences on dates, and since an adult working just to survive, and looking regarding happiness in her lifestyle.

Bearing this in mind, the strip is surely an precise reflection of genuine problems affecting society in general, and women in particular. Few individuals have a lifestyle which is funny or even happy all the time, instead we experience good then bad, in various ratios. The is how we handle and react to these experiences.

Midge their self is complex. As a child, the girl is naive and harmless, as an adolescent the girl is optomistic and idealistic, as an adult the girl is jaded and usually expects the worst. She typically has an interior monologue visible in the thought balloon, and we are usually aware what she is absolutely thinking, even if the words she speaks to some other characters assert something totally different.

She is used a simple, mostly realistic style which is relatively fluid. Relatively normal in appearance when relaxed and happy, when tense or even angry her body shape change and soft curves become sharp angles and points. Her mouth could be a seductive pout, or perhaps a ferocious snarl packed with razor sharp teeth.

The assisting cast is also quite memorable, from her ideal homemaker mother, her explosively angry father, to typically the various individuals she functions with and who the girl meets in her day to day life.

These stories are related to the works associated with Alison Bechdel, whose "Dykes To Watch Out For" also deals with women facing various social problems as they work and live.

I've enjoyed reading these very much, and look forward to quantity 2., This book looked at me at typically the library for years but We didn't read it because the title, to me, suggested kind-of a cornball brand associated with humour... When I finally checked it out believed, I loved it. Will be certainly definitely a little Bitchy in all of us, and a couple of typically the stories actually made myself cry - (the a single where we meet 60s adolescent Bitchy as the girl comes old and after that struggles with an unwanted teen pregnancy after getting pressured into sex in a party is particularly good, as well as the interactions with her parents and attempts to be more adult particularly resonate. ) Sometimes both sad, scary, and viciously funny - this is an outstanding book and I'm glad I have my own copy now.

Awesome selection of stories - highly recommend!, Although graphic novels have certainly enter into their own in the market, I have until lately not felt the requirement to choose one up. I rush by way of a aisle at typically the local Borders with the smug sense of brilliance. I graduated beyond comics a long, long time ago. Or so We tell myself.

Having met Roberta Gregory through an organization for women freelance writers, I decided to choose up "Life's A Bitch. " This book is really a collection of her Naughty Bits comics published by simply Fantagraphics Books in typically the 90s. I used to be prepared regarding the worst: a woman-centered Mad Magazine filled with cliché d commentary from your left and jokes only lesbians would get.

What We found blew me away and forced me to think again about my anti-comics prejudice. Gregory's titular character, Bitchy Bitch, is today's Everyman. Sour with her place in lifestyle, she provides us together with running commentary on every thing that's wrong with her world: the sad little office job, the ignorant coworkers, the filthy rich who run the joint, the individual in the seat subsequent to her around the airplane that talks a lot of. Her rantings are complete together with generous helpings of racism, homophobia, and paranoia. The particular stories would prove disastrously tedious if Gregory wasn't so deft at offsetting the horrible truths together with humor.

We laugh in Bitchy Bitch's outrageous findings, her extreme negativity, her utilization of at least a single expletive per rant. Although no-one would probably agree totally with Bitchy's rage, we too, are disappointed with where we are usually at in life. We understand her disgust in her surroundings, her contempt for the pressure to participate in things she is not interested in. Yet what is Bitchy serious in? There's the question. That seems the great machine of modern life provides sucked the very soul from her.

The excellent thing about the book is not really its recognizable depiction of today's urban desert, or the way we chuckle in the raving lunatic of which is Bitchy Bitch, nevertheless the way the comic strip in book type allows us to see how Bitchy got to where she is, just how her soul became this type of void. Bitchy is the human. At one point she even loved, nevertheless her life's experiences possess reshaped her from an innocent, unassuming girl together with dreams, in to a rascist, paranoid, bitter adult who provides all but given upward. This is a story, not simply a collection of one-liners by the frustrated human who blames all her problems upon the Others. Within the conclusion it's a story through which we learn about ourselves. We too have settled for whatever the tour's handed us. We see that if only Bitchy would be more positive, make her own choices, move beyond her restricting prejudices, things would enhance for her. Wouldn't of which be true for ourselves as well? Shouldn't we be making our own choices? Shouldn't we, in fact, be venturing straight down the graphic novel aisle?, She's 40, she's not necessarily married, her career has not advanced. Midge McCrakken has a lot to bitch about. She is the opposite of "Kathy" from another famous comic in regards to a single woman. Yet whereas Kathy is continually optimistic that her subsequent diet will radically change her, Midge (or "Bitchy" if you prefer) is usually always pessimistic, sure because hell that her subsequent move will be fatal, and she's usually correct!

There are a few depressing parts to this book, like typically the "childhood's a bitch" segment. She's right in that chidlhood can stink, particularly when that was in the fifties. In those days there were few options for women when it came to jobs, among other things. Maybe Bitchy is a response to the 50's attitude that women have to be "good girls" while men could do as they you should? She works in an office where most of typically the employees are women, and takes a very low regard to both sexes. She obviously never heard Bela Abzug say "all men on my employees had to understand how to type. "

L. A. B. is like the "Kathy" comic strip, but at its best!

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