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It is a serious, scholarly book. I had formed borrowed a copy from the library, but after reading the first chapter, all about the history of biochemistry, how the concept of how life can derive from non-biological chemicals, and the work that built up to today, I had to own the book so that I can see it carefully and several times, re-read portions and try to hook up ideas, out of sequence.

In this book, Dr. Venter linked the work of many people, from many different approaches, for practically a century, that made it possible for us to do the type of research that we are doing today. Whereas I don't believe this book is completely objective or completely true -- there is certainly 'confirmation bias, ' where certain works were chosen to support Dr. Venter's point of view, but it captures the key researchers and explains their operate accessible phrases, so that I can look up other sources to determine for myself whether or not Certainly with Dr. Venter's explanation. For me, this is a guide book for beginners., well narrated by the expert in the field. That is a fascinating history, and actually Venter underplays it as he does not delve into the multiple applications that can be produced from " new" tissue. I am certain he is aware of what can be done with new tissue, but somehow he will not spell it out there, leaving it mostly to the reader's imagination. But Venter has been the first in other things, and it does not surprise me that this individual wanted to the first in replacing a " useless" nucleus with one built to order. Good luck to him; he should get it., How will you write a review about a book like this? You would have to say you understand it fully, have the ability to reflect on it which would mean you have a comparable body of knowledge, etc. Not very likely, or let's just say I don't have that.

Still I believe the book is nothing short of necessary, yes, necessary. In case anyone has the expert to discuss this subject matter, with knowledge that integrates the fields of many Nobel-prize winners, and the, often, firsthand insights into what happened in the past decades and what is happening right now its Craig Venter.

In the event that you where to rank him in conditions of giants of the past it would be a cross-over between Charles Darwin and Robert Oppenheimer: vast knowledge, capacity to integrate and make work many fields necessary to come together and the far reaching vision that creates a mindshift needed to create whole new species for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants.

Must read., It is a very difficult book to rank without knowing its intended audience. Your average genetic scientist (if there is such a thing) might find it extremely informative and pleasant. The book could also be totally overwhelming and confusing. I found the book to have much more detail in it than I wanted, rendering it somewhat of a slog to make it through, but Venter's accomplishment is a good one, worthy of much notice and maybe a Nobel Prize.

I would summarize the book as follows: Beginning with a common existing bacterias, Venter altered the hereditary code of the bacterias, and using cloning techniques, got it to reproduce. Altering the original bacterias in such a way that it was still viable was one obstacle. The lab work to generate the new bacteria and obtain it to reproduce was obviously a very, very, difficult job, taking a few years and many failures. Machines are present, which, if given a genetic code for a very simple life form and some raw materials, can make make viable copies. The genetic code can be transmitted to the machine via stereo waves, hence, A lot more created At The Speed of Life., I first heard about this author and book on a Science Friday Podcast. I download the Kindle version from Amazon online that day and also indexed the audio version through the same amazon kindle offering. I can read much faster and comprehend technical reading more by listening and reading simultaneously.

The book is extremely well written with an amazing amount good genetics and quantum mechanics woven from the great minds at the turn of the century to what has been accomplished in the present and what will be possible by creating synthetic DNA code and life in the future. What was even more amazing was having teams of students around the world compete in creating synthetic life, like it was obviously a competition to create the best robot. I concur this open approach is a fantastic way to teach the next generation of company CEO's, FBI brokers, Security Programers, and any one else that is to be needed in the industry. The particular future of this technology could be fantastic, but the RISK..... The RISK seems greater than the nuclear weapons., This is a technical memoir. Venter tries to be very thorough both in the historical recap and his contributions to it. He or she also tries to make clear in technical detail, the fundamentals of the technology. The technical explanations are fairly detailed. It makes sense to use outside sources, like YouTube, to complete the blanks.

I paid attention to this book as an audio book. For the technical details, and a lot of them, I would not recommend this. You should get a paper copy.

The particular title is a little hokey. It came from Venter's observation that a decoded genome can be transmitted over a dietary fiber link at the velocity of light, thus ---, This is a terrific book, part memoir, part broad review, of the history of synthetic biology. While too technical for some, I argue you should read it anyway and watch for the key sign posts, if the technical referrals are very detailed. Your understanding of how science is combining biological science, computer power, and the geometry of chemical reactions to comprehend disease, development, and life itself will be rewarded. We have passed the dawn of digital biology and i also hope Venter continues to live a productive and inventive life for the benefit of all of us., Good overview for the lay reader.
Of limited value to someone who knows read more about synthetic biology.

Dr. Venter gives a spiel of the same name which is available on youtube. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSSu_JytwlA&feature=youtu.be) It hits all the same details and is more succinct than reading the book.

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