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Wow! What a wonderful selection of books. So well written and definitely not novellas, but books that you could sink into and spend hours reading without realising time is passing. The books contain characters that individuals meet in earlier books and tells their stories and each book is totally different to the others. What a talent this author has, her other Life Shocks collections is surely an absolute must for myself. I very highly recommend this set to everyone, yes there is a little of heat in them, but wonderful, wonderful books! I received a free copy of this assortment of books and voluntarily made a decision to review. I am so thankful to this new to me author, I use put in a few happy times reading her first selection. It isn't often that you meet such a good author that should be on all the best author lists., Aroused:
Dr. Observara Rios is divorced after 13 years and has a year old daughter. The girl ex-husband has made her feel dowdy and unloveable. The ex has her daughter for the end of the week and she volunteers at a free clinic on Sunday's. Her doctor buddy calls and asks if Vera can cover her Saturday shift as her son is sick. Observara has nothing else to do so she moves in. The clinic mainly handles prostitutes and the poorer section of town. Vera is knocked sideways when this extremely handsome man named Rowan Forrester makes her office to get his test results. She lectures him on his " profession", but is still interested in him or her. He waits on her to finish and asks her out for dinner. The girl hesitates at first, but then goes out with him. She can't consider she is out with an escort and this individual didn't charge her! Little does she know that Rowan is not an escort, but a highly regarded paid model, and the
brother of the doctor that usually works on Saturday. Rowan's sibling tell him he needs to tell Vera the reality as she has got a be time the previous yer. Rowan doesn't inform her, but she wants on a date the following weekend. He will travel back from New York to see her. Vera's ex husband cancels the next weekend to consider their daughter. Vera is happy as it gives her more hours with her child. Rowan and her child Allison go along great and Allison loves him. You need to read the book to see what happens with the episodes and downs of their relationship. I loved the book. I absolutely liked Rowan and how his vulnerability came through at times with Vera even though he was a handsome top paid model. He always gave Vera all his attention when he was around her and that helped build Vera's do it yourself esteem back up. Fantastic book


Marguerite Ferrara (Maggie) has had a crush on Drew Knutson for a decade but this individual seems to only view her as his little brother's ex-girlfriend. As Maggie becomes more prominent in the modeling world, the lady relies on Drew to manage her money and attempts to get closer to him or her. Drew puts his guard plan Maggie, thinking he is not good enough for her after a car accident left him with a serious knee injury that ended his football career. Because events bring Maggie and Drew closer together they must evaluate if the love they have hidden from one another is worth the risk.

I really like these figures and the insecurities that they each have in the direction of the other. They both love one another but are scared to take a risk and have


Felicity Streams is living in New York City working as a paralegal. She has been emotionally drained from the death of her sibling a few weeks ago. The CEO of the business is not a very compassionate man and ends up firing her. Felicity is left with hundred buck in her bank account. Cody Hart finds out that she is down on her luck and lures from Denver to New York to see her. Cody was Felicity’s sibling Darrell's best friend. Cody left home when this individual was 13 years old and ran into Darrell and Felicity in a park. Darrell brought him or her home together and this individual commenced living with them. Cody’s family was very rich, but Cody didn’t want anything to do together. Felicity blames her brother's death on Cody. Felicity does not want to talk to Cody, but Cody pushes his way in. Cody shows Felicity that his family needs someone to arrange their home library and the foundation’s library. This individual says the job includes room and board and the pay is endowed. Felicity loves books, and decides to take the job. Cody has to go see his family for the first time in 12 years to tell them what he has done about offering Felicity a job. His family is so glad to see him, but he still is very standoffish. They like Felicity and accept the job. They inform Cody he has to come around to help Felicity with her new surroundings. Cody likes to survive the edge and works for the Alpine Rescue Team headquartered in Evergreen. He helps save people who get trapped on the mountains or get lost. It is a dangerous job. Felicity is trying to get over hating Cody and blaming him for Darrell’s loss of life. Cody is patient with her as he has had a crush on her since they were teenagers, but never make her aware or did anything about it. I like Cody and was surprised when I found out why he really left home. Felicity was such a good person and loved Cody’s family. I loved seeing all the interaction with the family. You need to read the publication to see what happens with Cody and Felicity’s relationship. I loved the book. I was given this book for an truthful review., I am a fan of collections, particularly when the books within them are interrelated. Here are my comments on two books in this selection.
AROUSED - Can a pediatrician see paste the Escort persona to the real man?
Dr. Observara Rio checked the record for her next afternoon patient where she volunteered at the Family Wellness Clinic and saw the unfamiliar name Rowan Forrester. The patient was arriving in for the results of “routine blood checks, ” which usually indicated a prostitute screening for HIV and STDs. Instead of the nervous young woman the lady expected, she is experienced with a lovely, self-confident – MAN! Assuming he is a male prostitute – an escort – Observara enters into conversation about why he likes his work. Rowan catches on to her assumption immediately, and just for fun he plays along – convincing her that the lady is right.
When the clinic closes for the day, Rowan is looking forward to her. This individual asks her to have dinner with him. His / her hot male appearance and overwhelming self-confidence pique her interest; she agrees. Whilst at the restaurant both women and men check him out freely, yet his attention is solely on her. After a pleasant dinner, this individual asks her out again the following weekend.
Vera and Rowan are strangely interested in each other. Vera sees this occasional weekend dating as comfortable, non-threatening, and a way to rebuild her self-confidence as a woman. Her separation and divorce from the father of her twelve months old child has left her shaken and unsure of their self. What a welcome in order to be treated like an attractive, sensual woman!
Even as they become close, Vera can’t see herself in a committed relationship with a man who makes his living as an take. When she finds away that Rowan is actually her best friend Iris’s brother – and an auto dvd unit, not an escort –she wonders what else this individual hasn’t been truthful about. Then Vera’s ex-husband poises to get full guardianship of the daughter Allison, providing distasteful stories from Rowan’s past.
Because an inveterate practical joker myself, I saw a great deal of humor in their situation. The theme and the joke are handled very well. The reader is drawn into the story wondering when Vera will find away who Rowan really is and how she is going to respond.
CRUSHED - Can Felicity forgive her good friend for surviving the accident that killed her twin brother?
Paralegal Felicity Rivers is struggling to survive the death of her twin brother, Darrell, in an auto accident leaving her in charge of the medical institution student loans she co-signed for him. Today capped it off: her are a paralegal has been suffering, and she was fired from her job.
Their close up friend Cody Hart – who had lived with them in their teens – was always considered a daredevil bad boy, often leading Darrell into trouble. When Darrell passed away Cody survived intact. Felicity’s sense of loss, pain and anger lead her accountable him for her twin’s death.
Cody has been attempting to follow up with Felicity occasionally; trying to ensure she is OK. When the lady loses her job, her CEO’s administrative assistant telephone calls Cody to let him or her know. He feels a responsibility for his child years friend and best friend’s sister and wants to help. He dreams up a dream job as caretaker of their intensive library for her on his estranged parent's estate, and then coerces her and his parents into acceptance.
Cody convinces himself he is doing this to honor his best friend’s sibling, not because he has any romantic feelings for her. Felicity determines to help heal the estrangement from his parents as part of her hard work to forgive him for living while her twin died.
The twists and turns of the renewing friendship and building relationship reflect author Jade Kerrion’s skill at creating a basic romance seem to be new. Cody’s estrangements from his parents and dedication to his job as an Alpine Rescue team fellow member show him as a strong, caring, but flawed lead character. Felicity’s pain at the loss of both her twin sibling and her close buddy is compounded by her anger at their best friend and her need to forgive him for surviving. She is a strong woman, willing to work hard in the direction of her goals.

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