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This book is about how to be able to say no, but is actually really about self-confidence plus how to take again control of your daily life.

Typically the first half or thus covers mindsets, the value of " sticking up for yourself" and obtaining yourself comfortable with the idea that yes : it's my choice what I do with my lifestyle and exactly what I say yes to.

Laura and Indicate then give some practical tips of exactly just how to tactfully and securely turn people down when it's just not some thing you should do.

I must confess though, my favorite part associated with the book is the second half - wherever they give real life examples, like your family appealing you to an event that you are currently not enthused about, or a friend presenting a new " business opportunity" (to place it tactfully! ).

With regard to everything for how to be able to stand up by yourself because a freelancer to numerous personal situations, the exact scripts are useful to give you a starting point to recite or backup and paste into an email - and entertaining because they're the REAL LIFE uncomfortable situations you need to say no in, not dried out, contrived examples that avoid apply in actual life, Laura Tong gets it plus she wants to demonstrate the reader how to be able to get it also. The lady shows readers the value of always being the person who everyone will go to, simply because they know they can. You will learn that it's ok to say no, the method that you whole lifestyle will change by saying no, and if a person need it different choices to help you say number The book is usually an easy read that will just rolls along. In the end you may find that ready help you really can get you life back. I know I did plus I'm glad for it., It’s rare to discover a book that adjustments how you think about yourself and your interactions with the world. I have to admit, this book is promoting my lifestyle. I was brought up to believe that the routine of saying ‘yes’ is usually a good and deserving way of responding to requests. It was only even though reading Laura Tong’s publication that I’ve finally comprehended that saying ‘yes’ to be able to requests (while secretly seeking to say ‘no’) damages not only myself yet also the individual I’m trying to support or help.

This is an outstanding book and I advise it whole-heartedly. I especially like the practical approach with many examples plus tips., A real deal with when you have difficulties saying SIMPLY NO! Challenging which probably affects the majority of us at some point in our life. Laura Tong manages to place together real life activities with simple techniques to be able to support and guide us all from the conflicts that arise within, as we function towards a guilt-fee ability to say no. This will make a great present for those in your lifestyle whose inability to express no leads to stress plus overwhelm., If you benefit your precious time on this earth, you must read this book. Laura will walk you through virtually every achievable life scenario to help you say no along with confidence, strength, and sophistication. You'll regain time a person thought you never had to do what genuinely matters. This will not only serve you, but individuals who love and depend on you the many., The take away associated with this book is that it may change the way a person think about things. Typically the writer makes many outstanding points in this work of art when it comes to be able to saying no inside a no violent way. the sole publication that in clear plus precise terms teaches just how to spot and say no to people who are simply trying to manipulate you might be make you feel poor.

Saying no doesn't have got to be hard is exactly what i learned from this book. It actually may be quite easy making use of the tactics and strategies in this book. I recommend this book to any person who is an empath, people who love to be able to help others, people who are always being used because they find it hard to say no., Learn how to say " no" when that will is the best reaction to a situation plus still feel like you are usually a good person. This book will show you just how and it contains a few suggested dialogues to get you started., The lady provides so many scenarios and how to deal with all of them. In case you follow her guidance, you will definitely be able to be able to regain control over your own time and life although maintaining positive relationships. This particular book also makes you recognize how many times a person say yes to things really don't want to be able to do.

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