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If you've ever wondered why relatively contradictory advice pop upwards in the media every day this book will help you understand why. It will also give you a set of tools you are able to use to dig upwards the real results so as to apply them to your own decision making. The worthwhile read directly written to those of us which have only a basic technology education., Lies, Damned Lies, and Science: How you can Sort through the Noises around Global Warming, the Latest Health Claims, and Other Scientific Controversies   discusses the workings and failings of the societal systems that finance, pursue, report, and use results of scientific research. Doctor Seethaler discusses broadly some typical methodologies of medical, biological, and physical research and the ways in which research results can be applied properly (and improperly) to making science- and technology-related coverage decisions. She presents, in a clear and accessible way, a toolkit that can help the reader to raised monitor and guide such decisions. She illustrates the tools' use in the context of a amount of recent and current examples.

I look at this a very good book on an important subject. We would say, "You (with a few exceptions mentioned below) should read this publication! " I'd go even farther here, and suggest that this book (or material of similar scope and quality) should function as a source for a required (high-school or college) course in "Science and Society, 101". The only people who should not read this book are those who 1) have securely decided that science is irrelevant to life in this world; 2) do not or will not have any role in setting science- and tech-related policies; 3) do not care what sort of life they and their offspring will have in the future; or 4) are already thoroughly familiar with the subject.

As a physicist with 30+ years' experience in research, I (naturally) find a few ways in which the book might be improved. For example, I think the publication falls a little brief on discussing how principle, numerical modeling, and test fit together in physical technology research. Also, a fairly more extensive and further exploration of "Global Warming" or additional substantial (but slightly less heated? ) circumstance could be helpful.

Did I mention that I found the book a satisfying read?

The Kindle edition was well done, though We consider the nominal price of eBooks to be too high., I've read a few of the author's other books on science, and enjoyed them. I think she had a good knack for explaining difficult principles clearly and concisely so that a layman could understand them. I was hoping that book would be more of the same, but it wasn't. Instead of basically debunking incorrect information about popular 'hot-button' scientific issues, she tries to show how the layperson needs to use critical considering to determine how credible the information in popular media is. This is unquestionably a useful book and gives great insight into what goes on 'behind the scenes' in planning to announce scientific findings, but it still simply leaves the reader the need to do the thinking themselves. Is the fact a good thing or a bad thing?

This specific book was 'dryer' than the others I read, and appeared to drag occasionally, but generally it was well-written and informative, but not a 'light reading' book as were her 'Curious People Ask... " books.

Note on Kindle formatting: Very good. No clear issues were noted., The author starts by noting that (Page xvii): "My goal in writing this book is to help people make sense of the science-related issues that impact their daily lives. " The following five chapters try to show how science as an enterprise works, how disagreements develop, and just how they are resolved. The book also addresses how to make sense of scientific disagreements. The final outcome notes 20 apps of what went before.

Among examples: Legitimate critique can be distinguished from science bashing; Beware of the self-declared revolutionary who claims to be unappreciated by the scientific community; The meaning of data can be distorted by the information collection procedures.

The book provides grist for considering science in chapter 10, by providing circumstance studies of claims, who is making the declare, clues as to whether the claim is clinically based or not, tricks about the findings, and an assessment of the part of research mentioned. In brief, the chapter provides test cases of the reader's ability to apply training to concrete examples of research.

At any rate, a useful volume that helps readers sound right of the enterprise of science and evaluate scientific debate. Properly written...., Good book to help define the silly things you hear about science. Some of it is rather basic, but that's good as a way to make sure you''re " on the same page" as the author.
It may be necessary to point out that, at the ending of the book, the author discusses bias. Oddly enough enough, multiple of the statements are biased, imho.
I received it for free but don't consider it too expensive if i had paid the asking price., good, I wish everyone would read this book. Most of us all require a catch phrase or easy answer; this publication explains why the easy answer is in rare cases the accurate answer. It acknowledges how the several priorities of the reader will effect decisions, but makes a very secure case for refined, critical considering so many news items and issues of the day. We highly recommend this publication., If you have a everyday interest in technology but would like to find out more on the process and how to evaluate research you notice in the news, this is a great guide. It's well written and action-oriented, being a quick read that doesn't feel cushioned.

I provide 4 superstars as opposed to 5 only because more advanced readers might not learn anything new. They'll still enjoy the read but it will surely serve as a good refresher, though.

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