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It does not matter where you fit politically, this book will just simple KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! We've all known most of our lives about " elite immunity; " what we might not have known about were the specific instances that gave justice a negative name in this country. Greenwald's book, No place to Hide, about Male impotence Snowden's adventures in the early days, made myself a devotee and receptive to read more by the creator. If you're a Rose bush fan, you'll love the things about Obama; in case you are an Obama fan, you'll love the stuff about Rose bush. Some of the things in the book is like the day you thought out Jimmy Carter: the president who never terminated a shot in anger, as he loves to claim, was, you realize, the godfather of 9/11 and all the deaths that followed. It absolutely was Carter who first armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to help them resist the Russian-imposed government and sucker the Russians into a ruinous war; from which Bin Laden and associates emerged. But I may think Carter is mentioned once in this book, which is good., Greenwald provides a scathing review of the United States' busted legal system in this book from 2012. Known for his powerful, smart critiques of greater powers, the author quickly remarks how unequal the justice system is between the economical elite and each day citizenry. From Bush's impressive plundering of Iraq and horrific torture regime to Obama's droning of the Middle East and silencing of whistleblowers to the financial calamity of 2008, Greenwald analyzes how each group has avoided legal action -- even helping to rewrite laws and supply retroactive immunity to criminals.

Much of the guide covers well tread area, though. I've read books on most of these major subjects from " Dirty Wars" to " The Huge Short" that chronicle the terrifying rise of income inequality, totalitarian war powers, and unequal justice. Greenwald tends to scratch the top on all these areas, rather than going into greater detail. Two-thirds of the book is dedicated to primarily the professional branch's wrongdoings, which experienced frustrating. I expected there to be more emphasis on those most disenfranchised by the inequality.

Greenwald, some, is a skillful author and columnist. His words ring true and research proves his point: the justice system is busted, but we can improve it. Two stars removed due to the aforementioned points regarding novelty of coverage and depth for poorest classes that suffer most., Glen Greenwald has been doing it again. Equality under the law is an expression that a lot of Us citizens believe in expect to become the case. It is not. Mr. Greenwald makes the case, and I think well that equality under the law is illusionary for most of us. A new corporation in trouble with the law? Just get you friends in our elected representatives to change the law. Malfeasance in office, high criminal offenses and misdemeanors? Not to get worried, your fellow politicians in congress and the White House will poor oil on the waters no matter of party. Like many authors, Mr. Greenwald is branded as a generous or leftist but what he really is is a journalist looking for the truth. You can't find him soft peddling on the Democrats nor Conservatives and he provides enough context and factual examples to make hard striking and important points on the corruption of a bedrock tenet of United states principal., Glenn Greenwald will remind us that we have a Constitution whose framers thought wisely and carefully about what laws would be required to ensure Freedom and Justice for all those. Several of the Founding Fathers are quoted, providing their reasons for including many of the most critical passages.

Today, we are managing a Supreme Courtroom decision, in Citizens United, that equates money with free speech -- and which essentially has resulted in legalized bribery in the form of strategy contributions to prospects for office: (S)he who offers, gets. And when criminality is exposed, high fliers who can pay the best legal professionals rarely go to jail; those minus the means to afford a good legal professional have little opportunity to prove innocence. Thus " With Liberty and Justice for Some. "

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