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This is actually the only book I have read about the experience of Muslims (and I've read quite a few) which gives me a real sense of hope that Islam's problems with ISIS and every other demented perversion of the faith actually can be resolved. Coming from a man with such a distinguished public service career, this telling of his hopes for his son and other children puts Omar Said Ghobash in certain kind of hero category for anyone having difficulties to understand and discover what is truly valuable in Islam. I consider the book required reading for all who are genuinely having difficulties to make any sense out of the religious contentions roiling the world today. It is a positive and helpful story., This very personal pair of letters are a true gift to humanity; they unpack many myths at a time of big polarization, and encourage a new perspective for folks of all backgrounds. It is a true privilege to profit from this conversation between a father and a son., In a series of short letters tackled to his son, Omar Saif Ghobash touches on many of the demanding issues the world faces today in the context of a Muslim personal. He draws from his own personal experiences, as well as general Arabian history to pose difficult but important questions by what it means to develop up, to forge your own beliefs and identity in the 21st Hundred years. I came across this work to be very insightful and valuable even as a non-Muslim. It puts into perspective the conflict between extremists and the rest of the Muslim community (a vast majority). Getting been an expat adolescent in Bahrain during the Arab Spring, I possess seen the growing violence of the Shia-Sunni conflict first hand. Because I struggled to fully understand it at that time, I thoroughly liked reading about the historical context of these essential dissimilarities in the book. Ghobash features the schools of thought that is rooted in the major sects of Islam in order to raise questions about how exactly much sense it makes to dogmatically follow the theories at face value today.

Individualism is a theme in most of the letters. Ghobash conveys the significance of a sense of personal duty, the questioning of offered information, and an open-minded pursuit of knowledge in multiple contexts. The reality that Ghobash himself is half-Arab, half-Russian, and was educated in the West (UCL and Oxford) certainly played a role in this stance. While this individual does discuss several very sensitive matters such as sexual category equality and sexuality, this individual presents his ideas and questions in a challenging and inoffensive way. He or she does not attempt to leave any idea down your throat, but rather encourages a non-violent debate of ideas, acceptance of personal differences, and a sensible moral compass that is iterable as we look to coexist among different peoples, cultures, and thinking.

An important read i would recommend to both my Muslim and non-Muslim friends., Omar Saif Ghobash wrote this for his child but it is a valuable book that should be read by all. I used to be shifted by the sensible and compelling manner in which he candidly discusses issues that impact all of us. These same types of problems are present in all cultures, it's about changing times, civilizations and ideas and folks trying to adapt. Some want to force their views on others. Unfortunately others see violence as the answer.

Excellent much better understanding of the dissimilarities between the factions of the Muslim faith and how those dissimilarities contribute to the current problems. He or she explained how some Muslims use methods that could have worked in other times but might not exactly be the answer now.

This book made me think about how exactly I view the world - we have real problems that will take a sincere effort to handle. It's not about being politically correct or being hateful towards people who do things differently. It can about seeing the people, religions, cultures as they are with their good and bad. We have to honestly acknowledge the problems to begin to solve them., A lovely book- The author wove his own interesting history with a history of the Middle East and the evolution of the Islamic Faith into an important and heart felt information for his son. I am Christian and really learned so much about Islam and the history of the Middle Far east from this book. I would suggest this book, I thought it was wonderfully told and the caring act of the father in writing it for his son really touched my heart., This book is a must read for all muslims and non-muslims alike. Today's world is stuffed with extreme ideas, you have people on both sides of the religious spectrum advocating for extremism in their beliefs. Legate Ghobash's book encourages small amounts, questioning, and critical considering that is severely missing within modern Islamic talk.

As a relatively young Muslim that attended senior high school more than 20 years following your author, I was surprised to learn how similar my encounters were to his and hence how little has altered in the Islamic world since that time. The particular journey to modernise Islamic thinking is a journey of a thousand miles, which book is one of the very first steps. This particular book doesn't extensively cover how Islamic thinking and discourse has gotten to this point, but it really does provide us with a clear idea of where it is today and where it needs to go.

L. S. I have achieved the author and had a long discussion with him or her, the one thing that I can tell you about this book from that discussion is that it really does come from the heart., Omar Ghobash has written a brave and poignant book to his young daughters that will resonate with many other Muslim young ones (and their parents) that are searching for a way to live as modest and tolerant members of our increasingly global modern society.

The author shares his personal life story as well as questions he faced as a young man while growing up of mixed heritage in the UAE - making him or her all the more relatable to his target audience.

Ghobash's book is a hopeful and much needed moderate voice in the region and the one that will surely support the campaign of tolerance.

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