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Here is another sample of the older, irascible, cantankerous, irreverent Mark Twain. He will get more interesting with each sample of questioning the widely accepted (during his time) ideas and beliefs of morality, religion and status quo. You probably never knew this Mark Twain existed. He questions the Bible,. perceptions of God, angels and about everything else in scripture. He does this by having God sent his favorite angel, Lucifer (yes... the one who falls from grace and becomes
Satan) to observe His latest experiment, man, to see how the experiment is coming alongside. Lucifer reports his conclusions to God through letters he writes from his observation post, Earth. Therefore the title of one of the most keen
and brutally critiqued actions of creation., A favorite present of mine to my friends. The book should be re read with an open mind. Following all it is just Lucifer writing letters back to Gabriel in Heaven informing him how screwed up the world we stay in is now, and what he believes of humans., For myself this was a revisit to a book We first read many years ago. Some of what I remembered was not included but overall it was well worth the re-read. Mark Twain's sense of humor and ability to prod some thought from his readers is displayed. It might horrify some of the deeply religious (I am not) but if you can't laugh at Twain's work that is your loss., Letters from the Earth came near never being published - so controversial were Twain's views on the negative areas of organized religions. His daughter Clara, executor of her father's estate, rejected to allow the manuscript to see the light of day, thinking she was protecting Twain's reputation. Luckily, she was finally confident, 50 year's after Twain's death, to change the woman mind after a family friend convinced her that " Mark Twain belonged to the world" and that by the 1960's the public's opinions about religion were changing. It was only then that the 1939 manuscript edited by Bernard DeVoto was made available to the world.

Letters from the World confirms Twain's world-class position as an acute and objective observer of the human condition - particularly for the hypocritical aspects of institutional religions whose goals Twain saw were to control mankind, not assist it. Letters from the Earth should be required reading for every high school-er (and adult who hasn't yet read it); We can think of no better text to promote critical thinking of religion in both its beneficial and self-serving aspects - especially in this era when Christianity has been conflated by some with money grubbing Capitalism. Twain himself explained his writing in this work as " sarcastic" - but it was sarcasm with well-deserved purpose. Certainly one of my favorite quotes (and there are many) describes the Creator's view of their own handiwork: " He took a pride in man; man was his finest invention; man was his pet, after the housefly.... ", This particular is probably the most effective articles of Samuel Clemons. His clever thinking and viewpoints have really make the reader see theology in a different light, both with insight along with laughter., I am a long time fan of Tag Twain. This was actually a re-read of the guide which I initially read decades ago. There have been few of the level of wit and wisdom as e. I highly recommend this book to a person with an open mind., A must read. A friend recommended this and i also wish I had read it years ago; would have prevented a lot of angst.
We suspect that this book wouldn't have been well received when Twain wrote it. Today is a perfect coming back this book to be in the well known., Beware. I'd owned the gathering of short stories called Letters From the World that was published after Twain died. This isn't it. This is a very thin book that JUST contains Letters From the Earth and none of the other short reports you're expecting.

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