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Right this moment, I find Lit's Acquire Visible most helpful as a primer about how Amazon's various lists work (such as Most Popular and Best Seller), which help me strategize my particular marketing goals. It also has some neat ideas, such as teaming along with other authors on promotions. LGV tells you how to maximize visibility if you already have some visibility. For instance, Gaughran recommends advertising on super-newsletters Pixel of Ink and eReader Reports, but those only take advertisers if the textbooks they need advertised has something like 8 4-star reviews. What if your guide doesn't? How do you arrive? LGV doesn't address that. I found this book helpful, but experienced to go back to other books for help on progressing to the level of visibility that would let me avail myself of all the recommendations in Let's Get Visible. We suggest you view Lets Get Visible as a useful addition to your toolchest of author resources, rather than as an end-all/be-all. If you're just starting out as a self-published author, I highly recommend Gaughran's book Let's Acquire Digital., Needs updating - I downloaded this in August 2017 and We think this book was written or last updated in 2013. Amazon moves and changes on a regular basis and home-owners buyers should check the blurb or publication times to see how current books about Amazon are. There is still some good advice in here for relatively new self-publishers however it might be hard to inform what is current fact from historical.
I'm reading on an apple ipad so a lot fo site did not work - something different the author could update. By using a smart web address will ensure site work on all devices.
I hope the author updates the guide as it is cler he has a whole lot of skin in the game., Let's Get Noticeable is David Gauchran's second book on publishing, a sequel to Let's Acquire Digital, and it is focused on strategies of promoting ebooks and enhancing guide sales.
In my opinion, almost all of the book explores the common pitfalls of various guide marketting strategies. Having recently been to several conferences for writers, I knew about 100% of what's in the book. There is absolutely no magic bullet. Perhaps, one single thing that will definitely enable you to succeed in a commercial sense is submitting at least 2-3 textbooks a year. A huge backlist is the best advertising, of course, given that you have nice reviews and book quality. Each of the ways of dealing with Amazon algorithms that Gaughran discusses is a need now, but there is no exclusivity regarding it. As thousands of indie freelance writers are aware of these strategies now, it makes it very hard for you to compete with your colleagues for readers' attention. Especiallly or else prolific and happen to write literary hype.
Overall, this book is great for newcoming writers who need to do all the things mentioned in the book to ensure they cover the basics of discoverability.
The relax is experimentation., Among the best textbooks about self-publishing I use read. It explains many aspects of Amazon algorithms for various lists and how they changed over time. This specific information is closely guarded by Amazon but the book is based on analysis and number crunching by a number of dedicated authors who came upwards with credible explanations showing how things work. I specifically liked the explanation of the difference between the best seller lists and the popularity lists. Overall, I think this was a very educational book without fluff to just fill webpages or attempts to up-sell additional materials.

Ali Julia review, I've been subsequent David Gaughran's blog for quite a while, and he is easily one of the most informed and reliable champions of e-book self-publishing. Within this guide, he or she meticulously answers the chronic question of indie authors: " But... how can I effectively PROMOTE my self-published book? "

I prefer the word " meticulously" both in a positive and negative way. On the plus side, Gaughran's guide is comprehensive in describing all the details about how exactly ebooks are discovered by online customers, especially Amazon customers. Citing examples and drawing data from successful indie authors, he provides a lucid, exceptionally valuable presentation showing how Amazon's mysterious " bestselling" and " popularity" book ranking methods function, and exactly how they may best be exploited.

Upon the negative side, We felt at times that he was meticulous to a fault. I sense a fair amount of repetition or belaboring of certain points, and also loads of00 unnecessary foreshadowing, of the " I'll discuss this time further in part X" and " as you will see in the next section" sort of thing. Such distracting stylistic quirks were the only things that prevented me from giving his book a full five-star rave.

This specific is an outstanding guide for authors seeking to grow their books " visibility" and " discoverability. " Numerous writers will find it indispensable. It is a fine follow-on to his earlier book, " A few Get Digital, " which is probably THE best introduction to all aspects of the new world of independent e-publishing. I highly recommend both books for all authors, whether aspiring, indie, or traditionally published.

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