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This is not the first book that I have read (or, I should say, attempted to read) on the main topic of breast cancer. However, it is the only the one which I've finished. My previous reads just brought me to tears. That's not what I was looking for. Let Me Get This Away My Chest was precisely what I needed. I was 4 weeks post bi-lateral mastectomy. This guide provided me with the information that I needed to feel somewhat normal. I can relate to the writer on almost every level. The issue matter is heavy, duh!, but was handled in a light-hearted manner. From the quick, easy, and valuable read., I only have issue with this book. It wasn't published soon enough. I have, the thing is, gone through Breast Malignancy myself. Nothing like Margaret's - hers was Stage IA, a very mild form of Breast Cancer, while mine was Stage IIIB, the last stage before becoming metastatic (spreading some other parts of the body, including the liver, lungs, and so forth. ).

This is not to state that I in any way am belittling Margaret's mild cancer. Somewhat, I applaud her on her behalf strength. Other than a very few friends, I had no family. The girl, on the other palm, has a loving husband and, at the time of her first bout with cancer, a two-year old son. She experienced much more to lose than I. And that is what matters in all cases, isn't it? Our own loss as it impacts our families.

That felt as if I were walking to the fuel chamber or gallows.

In December of 1999, when her son was two, Margaret had the girl first bout with breasts cancer. The terror need to have been horrific, even if she bore it well and doesn't make a huge deal of it in her book. She experienced a lumpectomy and radiation, and then lived a normal life, enjoying the girl husband and child and life itself, until spring 2012, when a `possible' group showed up again in the same breast that had given her trouble before. Now, things were different. Now, some serious issues would have to be addressed, and things would be different. It had been time for the bosoms to vacate the premises. And so begins her tale of her diagnosis, treatment, and reconstruction.

Sometimes the only way to cope with dreadful things in life is through a dark sense of humor. - Margaret Cho

The thing I seriously admire about Margaret's tale is how she lies it out in a humourous manner. Oh, think me, this story is not really a funny one. Typically the fear, pain and nausea or vomiting, the surgeries and canal and pain, (oh, and did I mention pain? ) is terrifying. In times, it is horrifying, and at others simply humiliating. I am right there ready on the nurse who looks at you like you are a bug to be squished on the floor for asking for a bedpan when you are too drugged and too agonized to make it to the bathroom. I had been fortunate - I had the services of some of the best doctors and nurses in the world, at Littleton Adventist Hospital in Littleton Colorado, for my chemo treatments and multiple hospital visits (nothing like interior bleeding and frequent nausea and fainting to land you into a mattress with multiple wires and tubes sticking out). I never a new single health professional or doctor treat me with anything less than compassion and respect (well, except for one medical doctor, and I think this individual was simply a jerk, no matter what. Well, this individual was the one sticking the tubes up my ass and down my tonsils to find the bleeds. I suppose if I worked with people's pervs all day, I would be bad tempered too... )

Sometimes I say the medication is even tougher than the sickness. - Sanya Richards-Ross

While some parts of cancer treatments can be different, interesting and `cocktail party worthy' (take hair loss, now I found that funny in and of itself, and not wore a wig. Hey, might as well laugh at yourself, right? ) what is not funny or fun or anything even remotely pleasurable is the chemotherapy. Soaking in a lounger for several hours at a time while poison was being pumped into my veins was sure to send me into a full-blown panic attack, even inside my weakest. Bring out there the knock-out drugs! I told you, I had developed the Best. Chemo. Nurse. EVER BEFORE. ) Chemo is not fun. It leaves you fragile, sick, tired, unable to eat or drink without having it come right back up again. Margaret covers the issue ready usual kindness and style, pointing out the problems, but refusing to let it drive her down into the dark countries of her psyche. I admire that. I mainly just slept. For days and days... And that whole "you are going to go into perimenopause at the speed of the Shinkansen (the Japan High-Speed Train System)" complete with hot flashes and weight fluctuations? So not fun. Margaret didn't say how much weight the lady lost - I lost 60 lbs. Now, basically could have kept off about 30 of those! LOL

Among her nipples was lying on the bathroom tile.

Typically the part that Margaret had, that I didn't, was the reconstruction. I was 53 at the time, and hadn't had a lover since it was founded two decades ago - why did I care? (We could get all upwards in the childhood and later sexual abuse, etc. but that doesn't fit here. ) The point is, I have to acknowledge - the double mastectomy, inside my case, was much easier than her renovation! I still had the pain, and the canal, but she went five months getting doses of saline injected to `stretch out' her tissue, building new breasts. Nah, I will take my `barely there' scar, the infrequent odd look, and some ongoing tenderness across the chest. Hey, I can at least sleep in the stomach these days! When I was a D-cup, that was so not happening..... The woman story of the renovation was type of creepily exciting to me, when i didn't have it done. Not to mention, hearing the story of her friend who experienced reconstruction, and then one of her nipples fell off when she was toweling after a shower? (You have to read the book just for that section of the story. )

Overall, have got the slightest interest in what your friend, family member, coworker, and so forth. is going through, you have to see this book. If you have the possibility of Breast Cancer yourself, are going through treatment, or have had tumor previously, you have to see this book. It is by turns scary and funny, but always caring.

Highly recommended.

[... ] To find out about the stages of Breast Cancer

[... ] The main site, this can be the be-all and know-all site for Breast Malignancy information

[... ] The home site for the National Cancer Institute, a part of the National Institutes of Wellness. There is Breast Malignancy information here, but also research and information regarding a huge number of different types of cancer.

[... ] One more segment of the NCI website, you can find information about different chemotherapy medications. Margaret was on Tamoxifen. I, one the other side of the coin palm, had ATC therapy. The combination of Doxorubicin (Adriamycin), Taxol (paclitaxel) and Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan). You can find details on any of these drugs at:

[... ] The great site for more info on cancer and cancer treatments, I was a 40 yr old with stage 3 idc, with 2 toddlers. I did so sixteen rounds of chemo and Im about to have my bilateral mastectomy in a week and i am so glad i read this book. Very reassuring and informative. Not too technical, almost soothing to read. Finishing it was bittersweet, I didnt want the story to conclusion. -Liz, This is a must read if you, like me, have experienced anyone close impacted by cancer. You can laugh and cry at Margaret's first-hand experiences. Excellent book with a lot of understanding, hope and wisdom., Composed by a two-time breasts cancer warrior, this memoir is poignant and funny in turns. It is apparently largely lifted from a blog. which means brief, easy to digest chapters.

It's a very frank, practical, funny take a look at how this disease effected one woman and her family. " So my all-purpose advice when a loved one receives an upsetting analysis or has faced losing someone dear to them,: at the minimum, send a cards.

Maintain it simple and communicate from the center. Don't explain to them you know what they may going through, or that it's all for the best, or it's part of God's plan, because they may end up wanting to hurt you. "

If you are dealing with breast cancer, or know someone who is, I recommend this book as a terrific way to explore it from the inside., 4 words NO women NEVER wants to hear, but so many do, " you have breast cancer* in that instant your life will never be the same again. So now what, there are acres and acres of books out there there to choose from, I just wanted The book to figure out there what's next and what are my options. Margaret Lesh walks you through her journey with compassion, tears and humor. I was so happy after reading her book I reached out and send her a message on FB and was asked to participate a closed team of other women going through their own episodes and downs and decision makings. If you only buy ONE book, let LMGTOMC be that book, and then come along: ), Within hours of getting this book in your mailbox, I had read the complete story cover to cover! As I took in the intimate details of Lesh's battle with breast tumor, I felt like I was sitting with a friend in my living room, playing her personal tale over a glass of wine. Her easygoing and genuine recount of the girl journey through two rounds of diagnoses, treatments, post-op adventures, and lastly reconstruction offered a beautiful combination of tender emotions and comedic enchantment.

Lesh revealed the private parts of her tale, like bodily reactions to medications, sex, and mental darkness, with such an art of honest and humorous couth that I appreciated the "overshare" of information.

In addition to sharing her personal experience, Margaret Lesh does the reader a favor in listing out tips for caregiving, hospital stays, and post-op comfort plus great resources of information for various levels of the cancer-fighting process.

I truly feel that if/when my time comes to battle cancer of any form, I have a comrade who I can turn to for advice, understanding, and most important, a good hearty giggle amid the business that is cancer.

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