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Jennifer L. Scott's Lessons from Madame Chic is certainly a must-have for Francophiles, but it is usually a wonderful resource for anyone who wishes to cultivate a more simply luxurious way of living. Through beautiful narrations, Madame Chic's classes are shared in 3 different parts on the subjects of Diet & Exercise, Style and Elegance, and lastly, How you can Survive Well.

Based on Scott's time as a overseas exchange student in Rome as a young lady, she is now a mother of two young daughters, happily married and living in southern California, so she converses with the girl readers from your relatable platform. Immediately upon reading it again, I was reminded of another author who gives her insights and tips on living well with inspiration from french - Mireille Guiliano. Scott's tips are weaved skillfully into her experience and time with Madame Chic and her Parisian family, so much so that you feel you are having a conversation with a trusted, yet wiser partner.

And the beauty of discovering her book was that it didn't have to conclusion once I finished reading it. Since the founder of the blog The Daily Connoisseur, readers are able to enjoy a regular dose of inspiration and Youtube-video instructions how to continually combine the fine art of French living into their every day lives.

The re-released edition of Classes from Madame Chic (279 pages) contains the same content I in the beginning raved about in my review in April, but is now adequately accessorized with illustrations found throughout the complete guide from the talented performer and designer Virginia Johnson.

Filled with specific advice, anecdotes and descriptions of Madame Chic and Dame Chic's entire Parisian family, Scott shares ways to live a fulfilling life that are not only simple, but help to create a luxurious life that is rich and focused on what most all of us seem to want to put at the top of our priority list - healthy relationships, good health and the ability to be our best selves.

As I was reading I found me personally underlining a sentence or two on practically every page that I didn't want to forget, and after going back over these annotations I realized that the lesson of dwelling formally does not have to take the beauty or the spontaneity out of dwelling, in fact it can enhance it. By demonstrating respect to the life we've been given and then continue to create for ourselves we knowingly make it all the more enjoyable.

Here are some ideas for welcoming in somewhat more formality and at the same time ease that I especially got favor too. Have a look:

1. Play classical music throughout your home

If you don't have any Bach cds laying around the house, simply go to Pandora on your computer, iPad or iPhone and search classical symphonic music, and it will create a radio stations station for you at no cost.

2. Eliminate snacking

Each and every meal that you take a seat for is an chance to eat well. Scott describes how dinner in Rome with Madame Chic's family always included at minimum three, sometimes four, courses and another was always a cheese platter, yet still her host family was slender because when they ate it was mindful.

3. Create rituals to look forward to

Maybe every Saturday morning you wake up and stroll into your selected coffee shop for a tasty treat and chat with a good friend, or you play checkers with your boy every Sunday evening in front of the open fire or perhaps you take a bubble bath and savor a glass of wine after Monday has wrapped upwards. Take time to discover the activities that you enjoy doing either alone or with those you love and make them regular occurrences that are something to look forward to.

4. Wear luxurious lingerie

Concentrate on that is apparently perpetuated regarding lingerie is that it is worn for someone else. This is not completely correct. Within fact, a woman should wear beautiful, high-quality lingerie for herself. Simply knowing you are keeping something to yourself and at the same time have treated yourself to something luxuriously wonderful is certain to raise your assurance at least a smidge. While it will take time to build your lingerie wardrobe, know you are really worth investing in., I in the beginning checked this book away at my local library and loved it. In truth, I loved it so much, I wanted to have my own copy. Jennifer Scott's experience as a foreign exchange student in Paris was a life-changing experience for her and i also can see why. She starts the reader's eyes to how the French live their lives on a daily basis. I desired to have my own copy to reread various chapters over again and conform the lifestyle of french. I highly recommend this book to young women so they can think of their futures and how they may want to live their lives., I will be very happy with this book- it is an interesting story weaved with practical advice how to live more simply and highly. And, not the kind of rich with more money, but a life with better choices about how exactly our money is spent, saving the best for now, and dwelling every day feeling pulled-together. In comparison to other books on Parisian and French women, I found that one to be doable for almost any lady. Whether or not this is the normal life of every French woman is not even completely relevant. This lesson book is written from the viewpoint of a young lady who went to Rome and is now posting the wisdom gleaned from her experience. Love it!, I got this guide after reading a review on a single of my favorite blogs. This guide tells you different ways to live luxuriously and richly, even over a smaller income. She strains that you should do what you can afford, but almost all of her advice is liberated to implement. I are now living in a small midwestern town, so it is only a few easy to implement for me. However, this book gave me some ideas to amp up the luxury and glamour in my life. Certainly one of my favorite chapters was about using the best you have for everyday. Why only use your selected china at Xmas? Why only wear your selected dress to really special attractions. Dinner on Friday with your husband is special! It is a quick read, but I think that it will be an e book that I will reference for a long time to come., I stumbled on this somehow and was attracted immediately because my mother is French and has indeed been a fixture of fashion and comfort in my life - though I was born and increased up in the US and Maman has lived in the US since she came over to marry my father at 19, Need to say this book was just right in connection with French culture and it's really positive idiosyncrasies. Madame Scott plainly articulates the secrets behind the mysterious charm and comfort of french way of life. I know that exactly like Madame Chic's children I really like going back to Hotel Mom like its a wonderful spa or retreat. Jennifer told me why from the sight of an Americainne with humor and passion. I picked up some valuable tips and was motivated to become re motivated by my heritage! Thanks a lot maadame Scott - Now i'm going to grab your other book too!, A new wonderfully refreshing read! Inside my search for how to simplify my life and be reminded of of how to keep pleasure at the forefront- this guide reminds us all to find a a routine that is anything but routine and boring. Covering subjects such as culture, food, and clothing I will be reminded to find joy in the things I've done and enjoy all the things I've purchased and am still waiting to use for that special moment! Scott's perspective on American ways done with French passion is straightforward to employ that isn't rigid or uptight. It's useful, and witty, and useful to a Parisian life I will never get to feel the way the lady did. Can't wait to read the next guide in her series.

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