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We are a person who struggles with her faith, so I was interested to read this book by Dr. Mary C. Neal, an orthopedic spinal surgeon who lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Dr . Neal drowned in a kayaking accident in 1999, unfortunately he miraculously delivered back to life. The girl truly believes she attended heaven and met Christ. She first wrote a book about her experience this year, “To Heaven and Back again. ” As time approved, Dr. Neal felt motivated to share more, including the question asked to her by many: So how exactly does knowing heaven is real change our lives on Earth? She answered this question among others in this follow-up book, “Seven Training from Heaven: How Declining Taught Me to Reside a Joy-Filled Life. ”


Seven Lessons from Heaven has two main parts. Part One, which is approximately two-thirds of the book, shares the doctor’s story of too much water, meeting Jesus, and getting back to her Earthly body. Throughout these chapters, she stocks seven lessons (“life-altering insights”) that she brought again from heaven. They are explained in detail throughout the chapters, and she summarizes them as this:

1 . Conditions are seen differently through the lens of paradise.
2. Dying is not the conclusion.
3. God is love, and forgiveness sets us free.
4. Heaven is real and grace abounds.
5. God wants us to be seen and shows Their occurrence in our world through miracles.
6. God has a plan for all of us that is one of hope, purpose and beauty.
7. In God’s time, beauty blossoms in most things.

In Part Two, Dr . Neal shares a “practical and life-tested way to live differently with the beautiful truths of heaven in mind”. She calls this coping with “absolute trust”. The girl guides us through the stages of hope, trust, then ultimately, absolute trust. This is done by doing the following:

1 . Look beyond: Form a hypothesis with an open center by asking ourselves all sorts of questions.
2 . not Look around: Gather “evidence” from people and the world around us.
3. Look within: Write out a chronology of our life, then look for signs of God in our story.
4. Form a conclusion: Reevaluate our hypothesis create a choice.

These four steps are described in detail simply Two. They take considerable time, thought and soul-searching on our part. Whenever completed, hopefully the person will have absolute trust. We must confess, I was not ready to tackle this assignment myself at the present time, but I might do so eventually.

There will be believers of this book, as there will be doubters. Some people may believe this was simply a dream, some will think Dr. Neal is lying, and some will have no uncertainty she had conversations with Jesus. Many people are on a unique journey, so no two people will reply the same. As is asked in the publication: How much evidence do YOU need? As for whether or not I believe that Dr. Neal went to paradise and back, I actually do not know. On the other hand, I believe that she thinks she did, and the girl feels compelled to share the woman story. Therefore, I wanted to read it to see what she had to say.

I found the book to be an intriguing read. I especially enjoyed the stories the doctor shared more who had similar stories/miracles. Even though it was interesting, I felt at times the story could have been more condensed. Would recommend, especially to those who are struggling with their own faith journey., Great publication. Love the opening part quotes. Nice approach to the topic. Something for everyone. Story seeker. Analytical. Require for science. Should you do not need all the feel good part, which was the best part to me, skip to chapter 13. Ordered Kindle edition. Wish We would have purchased the book in print. May have to buy again. Interested in study outline at the end, but too cumbersome to flip again and forth in Kindle fire. Thank you doctor for having the courage to discuss your story. I can imagine what a large risk sharing your experience felt like in the natural. Hopefully more seekers will have the courage to read this enjoyable, well written book. Great job addressing your experience from all angles. I hope more readers will share their reviews too. The world needs this information., I've read extensively about near dying experiences. It's a subject matter that fascinates me because of experiences I've got and experiences of others near me. With that being said, We found 7 Lessons from Heaven to be a good conjunction with that reading that expands the understanding I've already developed on the subject. If you believe that you already have all the answers, there will be nothing for you here to learn. I used to be enthralled by Martha Neal's writing style and the ideas she offered. This is the kind of book Items put away for a while and read again. There's a great deal to absorb here., Eternity re-inifocing and encouraging for everyone who have suffered untimely lack of a loved one. Hope for all of all of us. Every word spoke to my broken mother's center. I'm especially grateful for the passages concerning too much water. It eases my pain to know that too much water isn't the horrible experience we imagine and that we have been never alone. Thank you Mary Neal, for being brave enough to share your experiences with us., This book proceeds the woman other book. This publication really makes you sit and think about the things that has happened in your own life and makes you think, was it my stroke or was it the Lord's way to get me back on the right path. I never realized how many times in my life God has been there because I was so busy with each day life. But now that I am retired We know now in looking back that living was meant to be to make me a better person and to accept that God was with me all the way. Thank you Heavenly Father for opening up my heart to see the things i never noticed before.

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