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Mainly this is a bio of Leonard, secondarily a bio of Shatner. It is . a mutual career synopsis/filmography. Shatner recounts much of their work, and their consuming hobbies outside of work. That's a great deal of ground to cover. With regards to recounting friendship, Shatner much more vague. By Chapter 14, he claims " the details fade over time" and that his memories of their companionship are " emotional more than specific". So there is not a lot on their friendship, other than very short recountings of projects they worked on together, brings up of dinners or personal conversations, how they laughed together in limos or flew to conventions collectively in planes. That part is sketchy.

One besides, in the last few years word comes away over what a total @#$@ Roddenberry was. A truly ugly incident recounted in this book just cements that.

Shatner also recounts how he and Nimoy fell out in Nimoy's last years over Shatner's wanting him to show up in the documentary " The Captains". I think Nimoy put up with a lot through the years with Shatner's ego. Still they were friends of any sort for decades. But Shatner statements that after an incident where he recorded Nimoy speaking at a tradition to include in this documentary (after Nimoy had said no) Nimoy never spoke or communicated with him immediately again. Shatner claims he is a loss to understand what he did so wrong - but he often claimed such blindspots and misunderstandings in past circumstances in the book. Your dog is rather like the Her Austen character who says that selfishness needs to be pardoned because there's no hope of any cure. And in a way, he's right in that with his narcissistic personality, you either have to accept that he is as he or she is, or drop him -- because he's unlikely to improve. Shatner recounts sending Nimoy a touching letter (which he includes in the book) after trying to reach him personally and also through 3 rd events. But Nimoy never reply to that either. Perhaps he was struggling to, perhaps he never received it. Perhaps he'd just arrived at his " frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" limit. So they really were estranged when Nimoy died. Very sad, both for Shatner and Nimoy after their many years of professional association, acquaintance and friendship, but additionally sad for fans. Star Trek got some wonderful values. Because an admitted fan, I don't pretend that the actors or even Roddenberry the creator and producer actually lived the values it purported. But it continues to be sad to hear Nimoy and Shatner ended estranged.

This can be a reasonably well written book, with a nice instances and some instances where a few more cracks are added to the Star Trek act. For Trek fans, is actually worth a read., William Shatner always writes easy to read books, and this one was special, as being a tribute to the actor who was his friend, his friend, and who shared so many different encounters with him, both professional and personal.
I learned a lot about Leonard Nimoy that I didn't know, not merely as an exceptional actor and Mr. Spock, but as a family man, a great friend, and a perfectionist in the job as well as his interests outside his work. And he had so many other interests, from photography to flying, and singing to poetry and writing, to the useful art of bicycling. He was the multi-talented man. A man who provided his all in everything, and tried very hard to make things better in the world around him. He made many contributions that will continue to be felt and appreciated by many in the years ahead.
The contributions to this book by Leonard Nimoy's family and friends were wonderful inclusions that introduced a clearer, more personal touch to his personality, and spotlighted many of his struggles, worries and fears, his charm and humor, and his ultimate success. A few of the contributors include John DeLancie, Steve Guttenberg, D C Fontana, Hersker Nimoy, George Takei, Ben Selleck, while others.
What a great man is Leonard Nimoy.
And I think he would have applauded and understood William Shatner s choice to stay at a Red Cross event having been already at when the tragic death occurred, making money for the needy, rather than crying off to go to his friends funeral, and thereby enabling down everyone at the charity event depending on him. Shatner's daughters went to the funeral, and thus represented his presence. And after reading Leonard Nimoy s own choices, and his strong feelings to help the unlucky, I think he or she might very well have chosen the same, got the shoe been on the other foot. But that, naturally , is just my personal viewpoint depending on what I just read.
I enjoyed and recommend this book. I have never attended a Star Travel convention, but I have always loved Star Travel and it's characters, and got enough admiration for Leonard Nimoy's Spock, and interest in Star Trek generally, to make this book a must read.

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