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Only about 10 pages into this guide, but so far I actually have no real problems. The play along tunes are of suspect quality sound-wise, nonetheless they are really just practice material to reinforce the lessons, so I am glad to have them, and they also add an element of fun and accomplishment. There is a zillion sources of free teaching online for everything, including learning striper. However, it is good to have printed material as videos tend to move quickly and can be cumbersome to deal with when you need to get directly down to practicing., Furthermore have the paperback version, but purchased the digital Kindle edition because I actually don't have a CD on my '17 Mac-book Pro. Great book, but buyer beware... you will not be able to hear the music examples if you're utilizing it via Kindle on a MacBook/MacBook Pro for whatever reason. Other reviews say it works fine in apple ipad and iPhone. No idea why it's not compatible with a MacBook though. Finished up just buying a super cheap external CD player for a couple money more than what the download cost so I actually can import the CD's., Amazing book. It's a great guide to get you started, but keep in mind that some subjects and skills require a lot of practice to sound like a true bassist (by that I mean more exercises than those on the book). It was exquisite for me to switch from guitar to striper. The only cons are that I'm not sure of how it would benefit a complete beginner and that the kindle version has no audio, as some others have mention. That is why I gave it 4 stars. If you have a descent sight reading level, you should be fine with the no music issue., This is a great course for beginning electric striper. The presentation of the material is comprehensive however, not too dense; the training maybe you have progress quickly. The recorded tracks for enjoying along with are a good cross-section of music styles. Taken as one volume, the three textbooks provide strong foundational coaching on such things as major and minor weighing scales, triads, universal fingerings and shapes, sight-reading and CASE, as well as increasingly challenging playing techniques. But the exercises are rooted in music - by the tenth track you are playing 12-bar doldrums, and things get more complicated from there. The one criticism is that the author didn't provide the tempos for the music tracks; it could have been helpful for exercising them with a metronome., Good to haver all in one volume, great for review and practice also to refresh at times use it to clarify to less experienced players, After playing bass for forty years I decided to teach myself to read notation. Great book... from soup to nuts. The cds get you over any trouble spots. Like anything.... still takes time, practice and effort. I'm using a great time. A great deal of " aha" times. Learning the why of things I've been doing for years. I think a beginner would still need someone on one explanation but a good addition to any striper player's arsenal., I love this guide. As someone who wanted to enter enjoying an instrument for the first time, this guide earns my recommendation. I am happy I got this. I use learned so much and have been able to improve myself greatly. This, plus a metronome app, has been amazing., Before I actually purchased this "collected volume, " I was concerned that I'd be getting the first edition. Surely, it couldn't Remain the 2nd edition books + the CDs for that superb price! After all, if you buy them separately, the cost is almost triple what this collected volume costs. Properly, I am pleasantly surprised and happy to admit I actually was wrong!

These USUALLY ARE the new 2nd edition books in this collected volume, AND all 3 CDs are included. This is an astounding price for such quality materials.

I took lessons in years past when I was in high school each youngster wanted to begin a stone band (yay for the 80s? ) Cue more of my life taking some twists and turns, moving across country with no room in the truck to take my striper... hopefully you can see where I'm going with this.

After many years of being away, I decided to get back into my striper playing, encouraged by other musicians I met at my position. I understood I'd be out of practice and will have to get back up to where I used to be, so I chose to get a good method publication to provide myself a reliable new foundation after which to flourish (I also got myself a fresh striper, but that's a review for another time).

This book is top step, and a lot of the fundamentals in here I actually remember my music educator telling me during my weekly private lessons at the local mom and put music shop. In addition , the sheet music examples include both the traditional inscription as well as tablature, which helps when trying to learn to read audio.

If you are a rank beginner, this guide is right up your street. You can start from square one, through the time you're done, you will find a good foundation after which to build. If you're not exactly brand new to the device, the books are still helpful as they get more intricate and advanced as the volume numbers increase. At the very least, there's good reference material in here and for the price, you just can't beat it.

I actually decided to begin from the beginning even though I would consider myself intermediate. Right after so long away, I actually wanted to break it right down to bare basics and make sure I used to be disciplined enough to know the material in my sleep... something I wasn't exactly all that thinking about as a teenager.; ) To date, I'm having a blast... I would almost forgotten what pleasure I get from enjoying.

I am unable to recommend this publication enough!

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