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This is simply not a great piece of literature but well written for what it's worth. It could have recently been proof read better. I discovered some spelling mistakes that we always find unforgivable in a book that has been published. There is no doubt that Nancy Bacon's story is a page turner from the beginning to the very difficult end. She was incredibly beautiful, occupied a period when beauty was there for the mere taking by the male gender and given sometimes quite freely by women like Nancy. She has no regrets and should not have any. Following all she met and slept with the whos'' who in the world of entertainment and politics and that is not absolutely nothing to dismiss. Most people and that includes myself read the book to learn what really happened between her and Paul Newman and indeed something did happen. Typically the question though in my mind is.... did she really have to come up with it? We all loved and love P. N will not every illusion in life must be destroyed. Therefore he drank his beverage and scotch, so he or she had an affair (maybe more than one).... Indeed, I too was inquisitive but again I say, all of that could have been left unsaid and let the myth of his faithfulness and good qualities continue and be buried with the man. Typically the book happily, did not change my thoughts about Newman. hE WAS AN EXCITING and unusual man. The final 3 rd of her book about her personal life is very sad and a total turn-around from how she started out that same life., I am assuming the writer is at the middle of all this action though I profess she is not really a familiar name to me and the only criticism I would make of the book is that it strives rather hard for effect in places making me wonder if there are quite a few exaggerated episodes here. The best parts are probably Bacon's assessment of folks she did know well and and he or she is sincere about most relationships if coy on as many more. It is a good read she does not quite out all the skeletons and that is what you expect in many Hollywood " memoirs" Typically the era had passed when this was written so she is free to be a little more outspoken than more modern quantities. A good read for anyone into the old movie ways., Constantly lie. I am a sucker for Showmanship gossip. I may well not kiss and tell, but I love to peek into the secret, sordid lives of other people and this book offers in spades. Legends and Lipstick is sexy, salacious and unearths secrets about some of our favorite Hollywood superstars, but written with style, humor and panache, the book never feels exploitive. Definite recommend. Check out this guide yesterday. You'll feel naughty for doing it. In the best way possible.; ), who should be proud of herself for still standing, let by yourself for scribing one of the most fascinating "tell all" tomes ever written. Without rancor or judgement, the Author intimately speaks of us of her many years of being "up close and personal" with some of the true Stars of "Hollywood's Golden Era", sharing details and quotes thru away that alternately shock and charm, but that
bring you as reader into the excitement of each instant. The book is her life story, told with unflinching courage and warmth and as a Readers, I will be better for having read it. I came away are you wondering why no one questioned her teen occurrence for so many years in such obviously "adult" situations. Yet then, maybe it was her innocence that saved her. Bacon is a good Writer and a great story-teller and like I've said, one "who lived to tell the adventure. ", I felt sorry for Ms. Bacon in a way. She had a great and somewhat rapid rise in LaLa Terrain, but regrettably spiraled down with drugs, sex and alcohol as do a whole lot of folks confronted with and surrounded by others in the same situation. I will be pleased however, that she overcame her addictions and is able to enjoy the leftover year of her life sober and functioning., This specific was a great guide, I remembered all the characters from growing up. The book brought them all to life.
Very well written. I have a sensation I will read this book over and over., Just read " Legends and Lip stick " and i also was amazed by it's candidness. I enjoyed the fact that authors style of writing fit the time line and loved the " inside reports. " It is a VERY BRAVE book. Coming from her beginnings & on to L. A., her loves, and her quest, not only to Europe but to writing, and then to the very intimate telling of her battle with breast cancer & alcoholism. WHAT A GUIDE!!
Gwen Michaels, writer, film producer., This specific book is only a series of short anecdotes. Typically the writing is very bare; without description. This guide would have never recently been considered for PLAYBOY although the subject matter would have been appropriate. Playboy articles could have been written with more description and better characterization.

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