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I have done a lot regarding Agile reading and training, and this is the greatest (along with Personal Kanban). Create this your go-to Souple reference text., I acquired this book in progress of planned Agile training. Our company is relocating from Waterfall to Souple and I had no history in any way in Agile. I actually suggest this book. The particular high points: Very legible and thorough summary of ideas and acronyms. Excellent good examples and stories with characters who are working their own way through using getting Agile. AND Unlike the majority of technical books this had been something I read inside two quick sittings (about 3 hours or so). When I was finished I actually felt like I understood the particular why and the exactly what of Agile and had been thoroughly prepared for the Agile training sessions. Here is the downside: there is not a whole lot work-flow method oriented information beyond key concepts and relationships. Nevertheless, I wasn't ready for that to be truthful so the presentation level had been perfect in my case. If you are searching to learn how Agile grips very specific things you should probably choose a more advanced book. From the perspective, I couldn't happen to be more pleased. This had been a great location to start., I'm new to Agile and still reading this book yet it makes the ideas so an easy task to understand plus remember because of the illustrations plus stories it uses. Would extremely recommend to others., Extremely digestible content for no programmers and PM., Considering the fact that I've been familiar together with Agile no less than 12-13 years and with Lean for almost twice that long, I actually didn't expect that the introductory-level book would have quite a lot to offer me other than, maybe, a refresher training course. Yet , a number regarding the tools & strategies used in the publication provide significant benefit whether or not you're already familiar together with the material:

* Narratives, which do an outstanding career of illustrating real-world software program development problems and practical means of addressing these people.

* The idea regarding "Better-Than-Not-Doing-It" results, which clarifies why many Agile implementations plateau after a brief time. It is really an elegant design that succinctly explains numerous sub-optimal process improvement efforts that I've observed over the years.

* Comparative methodology. Having a individual resource that objectively even comes close and contrasts various Souple methodologies or "schools regarding thought" is very valuable. Reading about each method back-to-back reinforces the frequent principles in a way that high-level overviews or even single-methodology books rarely do.

I also think that the particular book will serve the particular beginner audience well due to the fact it's very well-organized and supplies many references to additional learning resources. However, together with my exposure to the particular material before reading, I actually can't state that view with 100% certainty.

Just like the authors' other books of which I've read -- "Applied Software Project Management", "Head First C#", and "Beautiful Teams" -- "Learning Agile" is eclectic and offers an acceptable, hands-on focus. Personally, I favor that approach, particularly when it integrates principles plus lessons learned from such various subjects as the particular Toyota Production System, the particular Unix toolset, martial arts, and basketball (via the particular teachings of John Wooden). The authors even tension that a waterfall method CAN work, given the particular right conditions, which is rare for Agile-focused substance. However, the eclectic/practical method results in a place that's probably not specifically well-suited for use as qualification prep.

The publication takes roughly 8-10 several hours to read. I recommend of which you read topically-related chapters -- 2/3 (Agile values/principles), 4/5 (Scrum), 6/7 (XP), and 8/9 (Lean/Kanban) -- in the same seated, or with as little time elapsed between readings as you can manage. The chapter pairs reveal Narratives, and the 2nd chapter per pair creates on ideas introduced inside the previous chapter. Almost all of the chapters research and reinforce ideas of which were introduced earlier inside the book. This is partly as a result of the book's thematic cohesion and partly the effect of a deliberate method for bettering reading knowledge.

Some ideas that I actually think would add worth to a future release, if there is 1:

* Further discussion regarding conditions in which Souple isn't a great fit, preferably using Alistair Cockburn's Project Classification Scale [Defect Criticality x Staff Size] for figuring out the process formality requirements regarding a project.

* More considerable coverage of the particular types of waste found in software development, bringing inside wider-ranging ideas about wastefulness from Lean and some other matters just like the Unix philosophy, such as: unused staff creativity, over-design / over-specification, & solving the incorrect trouble the "Right" way.

Disclosure: I was provided together with a free review eBook inside exchange for my truthful feedback. Previously, I had been a technical reviewer for "Applied Software Project Management" and co-authored a chapter for "Beautiful Teams" (by the same authors). Likewise, more than a decade ago, I was a new coworker of Andrew Stellman's for approximately a 12 months., “Learning Agile” was an awesome book. It features Scrum, XP, lean plus kanban nicely with great examples an narratives. This was not your serious “animal series” O'Reilly book. In addition to numerous cartoons plus diagrams, I even spotted a Head First type image and two xkcd comics.

What's called Part 1 introduces agile implemented by what would typically be the introduction. Interesting seeing those two corrected. It works though as it shows the points of view of different readers. I like how each chapter ends with Frequently asked questions, exercises you can today and ideas to learn more. The key stage boxes sprinkled through each chapter were helpful at the same time.

I'm particularly impressed together with how they handled the particular names of characters inside Chapter 2 . When I actually saw the characters introduced I groaned thinking it absolutely was one of those textbooks where I would have to be able to keep track of who else these men and women are. Nevertheless there is enough context for it to get obvious. Plus when they reported these people at the finish of the chapter, their titles have been restated. The authors even told us at the particular finish of the story that we wouldn't become seeing them again. Right after that, I trusted that the narratives would be an easy task to follows and wasn't disappointed.

I liked the terms “better-than-not-doing-it” and “magical thinking”. To me, the test regarding an agile or method book is whether I actually finish with ideas of recent things to try. Plus I do.

Disclosure: I obtained a copy of this publication from the publisher in exchange for writing this overview on behalf of CodeRanch.

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