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Discovered Optimism will change the way you think about being negative. Martin Seligman was, "accustomed to centering on what was wrong with people and then how t fix it. inch He is referred to as father of the new research of Positive Psychology, and draws on more than 20 years of experience as a clinical research Psychologist, to demonstrate how optimism enhances the quality of your life. He claims that whenever we practice techniques we can change. His overall theory talks about how to look at what was going right and how to ensure it is even better! What a great way to consider things. I consider corporate America needs to get into this chair and drive!
This book will help you discover your own pessimistic tendencies, if you have them, or those of people you love and care about. It will eventually introduce you to the techniques which have helped others undo lifelong habits of negativity. You will look at your setbacks with new perceptiveness. I enjoyed learning from Martin Seligman and desire you do as well. © 2012 Jackie Paulson, This book tells how to be more positive and gives solid scientific reasons why depression is associated with feelings of helplessness. In my research to achieve a more positive and productive life We have read many self-help books. Most are hypotheses devoid of any compelling scientific rationale. Once you are exposed to the ideas in Learned Confidence you find them so rational that they become second nature. I knew of cognitive therapy but never the research that preceded it. I find that knowing the research behind the theory the actual mechanics of cognitive therapy totally user-friendly.

Don't be put-off by the tests that consist of chapters three and four. They are useful, scientifically proven tests which have little in common with the tests that litter the average self-help book.

If there are any flaws in this book it can be the excessive use of dialogs demonstrating how to learn to be an optimist. These are useful for those not familiar with cognitive therapy but I found them a lttle bit repetitive., Found his ABCDE process very helpful for identifying and working on an improved way to take into account adversity we encounter. http://wishfulthinkingworks.com/what-2/the-quotabcdequot-method-for-changing-your-mind-for-the-better/. I truly liked the guide and the tools it provides to help shift me from moderate negativity to optimism to enjoy my personal and professional life more and be more successful. In order to change how you think this is a great book. High level athletes talk to themselves all the time and after this We wonder if some are depending on Martin's teachings, How do you make clear life events? That's the key question in this guide and just how you answer it is critical.

As someone who leans more towards pessimism, this was really an important book for me. Sometimes, we avoid even think about how we perceive events but it can worth stopping to consider it. Those who see life events as universal and hopeless, are in for several challenges.

You can choose the way you think, as the author says on page 8. And what you choose will be extremely important as there are a lot more benefits in life from being an optimist versus a pessimist (e. g., boost defense mechanisms, break up depression). The particular author says in some cases, it is better to be a pessimist, as in high danger situations so he's not all one-sided and trying to paint a lopsided picture.

The book does get a lttle bit bogged down in sections on business and sports but overall, very good and highly recommended., There are a lot of interesting facts and perspectives within this guide. I really like it, but I am also personally focused on unlearning negative thinking which looked the default mode for my family. The final few chapters on children and variance by age group was really interesting. I'd suggest this book for people like myself as well as parents of small children, Learned Optimism is a - sometimes uneasy - mix of the theoretical and the practical. Seligman is obviously captivated by his subject, which he has made his life's work. Obviously then, he sees the value of an positive outlook in every facet of life. It's not only that optimists do better than pessimists at school, work and sports, however they even live longer. Seligman makes the case that "the arrow points both ways": that pessimism is not a consequence but additionally a contributing cause of depressive disorders and that an optimistic "explanatory style" for the wrong doings of life, large and small, can actually prevent a descent into morbid depressive disorders. He even says he can predict the end result of elections by analyzing the explanatory styles of the competing candidates - because in a head-to-head tournament the most optimistic prospect will prevail.

In Part 1 of the book he lies out the theoretical case for optimism and the techniques by which it can be scored. In Part 2 he describes how the optimist's advantage is played out in the various "realms of life", such as work, sports, politics, etc. In Part 3, he describes self-help techniques for moving from pessimism to optimism.

I found Part just one the most interesting - not least because We got to complete a couple of tests to help me discern my explanatory style and determine if I was currently depressed (and how deeply). That turns out I feel moderately optimistic about bad events and moderately pessimistic about good ones. Yet I am not at all depressed, so I guess I need to have learned to live with the contradiction.

Part 3 gets us into the land of the light bulb joke (where to change, the light bulb must truly desire change). I will be convinced from my own experience that optimism is like a muscle that can be worked and strengthened. We also recognized in Seligman's techniques ones which i got stumbled onto myself.

In the final analysis, whether the reader will find reading Learned Optimism helpful will depend upon the reader. Knowing by the Amazon reviews, the experience for some will be life-changing; for others not so. Maybe underlying explanatory style may have something to do with that. Perhaps additionally a self-help book is not the best therapy for the truly, deeply depressed (as the book suggests, you can improve your outlook but you have to be motivated to get started on a mental workout routine and stick with it to see the positive results). However there is much to learn here and I may not hesitate to recommend the book to anyone interested in understanding more about the origin and effect of individual explanatory styles - including a person's own - and what can be done to alter them.

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