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I actually write this review because the first wife of a former professional football player (quarterback). While reading Little league of Denial, I have cried on the stories from the players and the wives. I lived that life. My husband played serious football through high school, university, and professional basketball through the 70's. Since far as I am aware, this individual had at least eleven concussions during his soccer career. Some of those concussions put him in the hospital. Then your next day, he was back on the football field. While sitting in the stands with the other football wives I often heard the fans shouting, "Kill the quarterback". A new difficult thing to pay attention to. My former husband has always had serious headaches. Those headaches often caused him to be an absent father to our three sons. To see your husband go from a peaceful loving man to one who at times was controlling, angry, and abusive, was no less than shattering and incredibly confusing. His unforeseen behavior often scared me personally. League of Denial has allowed me to realize that my husband's behavior was not always his fault. Right now, I understand his odd behavior and it makes sense to me. And, it makes me very sad. How sad that nor one of us knew at that time what was happening to his brain. Football does not only affect the players it influences the families who are involved in this game. The denial of the danger of football, by the NFL, is clear from a monetary perspective. However, it is not a reason. I dearly hope that the Canadian Football League players take care of by themselves. By doing this, they are also taking care of their wives and children. I actually also dearly hope that the fans will pay attention to themselves when they yell in dissatisfaction at the players. The followers have no idea how hard the players are working. This is their life and eventually sometimes their death., Reading a publication featuring the celebs of professional football, and the coteries surrounding them is always enjoyable. One feels better to the action which is so much part of our daily lives. Yet this guide is disturbing at many levels.

First, Since the story of the destructive nature of soccer related concussions is looked into and revealed, the history unfolds like a authorities procedural. What will be uncovered next? The creators keep engaged and switching pages. But then, the story stops abruptly. That is not over. That is like those Dick Wolfe " Law and Order" episodes that end with " To be continued. " Only we will not have the pleasure of a bottom line next week. There is no trial that has meaning. No affirming Law and Order.

Then, there is the dark side of sports medicine to disillusion us. In fact it is the darker side of medical research as well. The creators do not pass final judgments, but it is clear that the attraction of sports celebrity and money have a simple job in distorting the medicine and research practiced by many people of the team physicians and the researchers behind them. Several people see and believe what profits them (or fans their vanity) The editors of the Journal, Neurosurgery, print unscientific peer-reviewed papers over the objection of the expert reviewers since it greatly raises the circulation to discuss professional athletes, also it ensures the major editor of access to the side lines at Giants games. These types of articles are then cited liberally as justification for what one Judge eventually calls it: fraud.

Both equally disturbing - and here I actually criticize the authors - is the key idea of the expose that the " NFL" has been doing terrible things to their major assets - the players. No, it was not the faceless " NFL", it was individuals making decision and taking actions. One of the most disturbing aspects of the story is that there is almost no personal responsibility and no-one is held to account. The particular " NFL" pays up once in a while, but its officers have their plush offices, they have their celebrity, they have their large retirement plans and seats at the Extremely Bowl. None of the physicians really seems to suffer any loss or shame, except for the one person who started everything and kept true to his science. He is relegated to the side lines, criticized by all who are pushing to attain fame and fortune from the issue of concussions. This is not the creators fault. They give all of us plenty of possibility to see this happen. They are not responsible for this social phenomenon. Consider how many individuals were held to account at Goldman, Sachs and the other Wall Street Firms. No, the money the companies experienced to pay came from all shareholders, not the mangers who made the choices and took the fraudulent actions.

IN many ways this is a book about a bigger subject than football. The particular public has to see how it is complicit in rewarding poor science, applauding dangerous behavior, and accepting, if not encouraging, corporate America, be it the NFL and its irresponsible spinmeisters, or tobacco, or polluters, etc .. I encourage readers to keep this in mind as they learn about the ives of a number of our times' sports heroes., I don't proper care for football, but I actually do care for good play. I was not surprised to see how Big Football didn't play fair on the matter of CTE nor that its commitment to the financial bottom line rates above its compassion for its players. This publication got my interest right off the bat and kept it to the end. The well created writing and structure together with the factual presentation kept me reading, even through more detailed technology than I desired to process at the moment. I actually learned quite a lot and was delighted to see the detailed footnotes, even though I admit that I skimmed over portions that I didn't really want to try to understand at the stage that the authors were able to and needed to present.
Impressive and worth reading., Despite the media's coverage of the regrettable behavior of the NFL toward the concussion crisis, my eyes were " large shut" to the extent of the League's behavior, it's abominable resistance to the truth, its insufficient compassion in the face of the facts, their commitment only to profit, its casting a sightless eye to the plight of the very men on the backs of whom it rose to such prominence and economical success. Yes, I understand that football is a violent sport, more so yearly because the players become bigger and faster, and the collisions more harmful to the human body; for that very reason the Little league should be more attentive to the real truth, not its produced truth. The particular League's profit, the team's profits, are so extremely huge; there is so much money available for doing good in that organization. The reason why the selfishness, why the persistent greed? It must adapt the rules of the game to accommodate the new reality, and it must use its great resources to help the victims of the game, players who are appropriately termed modern day gladiators. I used to enjoy watching soccer, also to an extent I actually still do. But now, thank you to the " Little league of Denial, " I actually watch with eyes open up...

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