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We are an addict of productivity and self help/improvment books. I found Monique's strategy to women's leadership to be different and relaxing. Rather than leaning in and adopting the 'boys' rules of the game, she focuses on taking on the feminine qualities and coming from a host to confidence and empowerment from within. The question becomes finding the balance of ladies inner qualities and founded rules of business., I actually found this book to be well-written, concise and packed with insightful research to compliment the argument for transitioning into leadership styles basically in the modern world and incorporate creativity, authenticity and inclusion. Typically the author's style was educational and accessible and I actually want to incorporate her strategy, models and ideas into my own, personal work. An important read for anyone in a leadership position today. I actually highly recommend it., This particular book may be okay for individuals who are young and are just starting their career. Once you are in the race with competent and competing against others including men, Now i'm not sure if elaborate written would work., We are entering a new era of workplace dynamics and leaderships styles, and Monique captures the essence of exactly where we are going in the future. Certainly with Monique that enough time for women is now and this book is a refreshing read for both men and women., Top Gracefully is a very helpful and practical guide that changed my perspective on leadership. The author discussions about how feminine strengths are very much needed and can help empower all users of a team. Typically the book is very accessible with practical tools that can be implemented right away. It is an empowering read., In the girl book on feminine leadership targeted specifically to women in management positions, business people or movement leaders, Monique offers an inspiring and intensive overview of what it will take to express more feminine leadership in the world. She focuses mostly on women, but her model can be applied to both males and females and it can help to balance our leadership styles with more feminine features without losing the benefits of more masculine leadership.

The book contains a clear model of different aspects needed and it also offers questionnaires and practices for each and every aspect of feminine leadership. She provides us with lots of research and anecdotes building the case for why more feminine leadership is necessary on earth how it can already happening and what we can do to maneuver it forward.

I think this guide is most fit for women who will be shifting from a more modern, result-oriented worldview into a worldview that has room for other qualities as well. A post-modern worldview with values like authenticity, vulnerability, and intuition. Typically the kind of things that for instance Brené Brownish has been encouraging people to explore.

What I actually really like about the leading superbly model is that it provides a balanced stance. She details out how important it is to cultivate put power and centered occurrence and that only with this and by practicing our courage can we be strong vessels for these more feminine traits, like intuition, collaboration, vulnerability, without falling into the pitfalls of those. If we manage to do this individually and collectively we'll be able to lead bigger and more complex changes with each other, because we we're all leaders together.

So Monique shows us a different type of leadership that allows for the brilliance more to shine, a more servant leadership if you will.

One of the big inspirations in the girl book is the leadership Embodiment work by Wendy Palmer and I'd like to highlight how important that is because it gives us the “how” of what to do with our body, posture and our breathing to center ourselves, so we can deal with more challenging situations. This is a very valuable addition to any leadership practice. Now i'm an international teacher of leadership embodiment and in this practice I see how it helps both men and women as a little little less self-centered and a little more powerful, attached to themselves and others, and clear into what the next step is. It helps people to deal with pressures of work, and move by themselves from stress to circulation, so it's a very important foundation for anybody endeavoring to bring more feminine qualities into the world and the workplace also to lead gracefully. I think it is a magnetizing vision.

Personally I think we all, men and women, need more balanced leadership and personal development and I'm a little bit less of the mind that if only there were more women in power the world will be a better place. The writer will abide by that as she remarks that if we don't collectively change the system and change the anticipation, it won't work because we finish up with women using only their masculine strengths which really aren't strength because they're inauthentic for most part.
So we've got a job to do even though legally we certainly have equal rights, we're not there yet. Let's encourage each other, let's encourage the other person to be a little bit more brave and graceful everyday. Monique's book will certainly provide reflection, inspiration and direction towards that end., I actually got a duplicate of this book shortly after an interview in New York by the author, as I'm generally interested in the topic of workplace diversity, and the generally unfulfilled potential of girls in the world. Actually my general interest is in cognitive diversity, that is, the participation of many different varieties of personalities and intelligence at the office, and in all tasks; In my opinion this results in better outcomes.

Some details about why I like this book and offered it a high rating:

* Well written, and so highly readable and engaging. I had the effect that I was getting to know the author and her life story, interwoven with the points the girl is making about women styles of engagement in the workforce. This alone makes it far more interesting to read that most dry, cold business books.

* There are lots of quizzes and calls to action interspersed through, which turns it into a real workshop-in-a-book. You can use the guide this way, you can also still benefit from a cover-to-cover read.

* It's well organized by the characteristics being explored, i. e. Leadership styles, Vision, Vulnerability, Accord, Collaboration, etc. This helps to organize the overall process by the reader to learn how to express and hone these characteristics in herself.

* A few might believe it's not important, but the layout of the text, the judicious use of fonts, and so forth make it much more visually appealing and even relaxing to see.

Overall, I actually think this book is ideal for women starting out their careers and looking for guidance how to be successful, without betraying their real selves, and succumbing to pressure to masculinize by themselves to get ahead. For a man, particularly leaders in business, it could also be very helpful in understanding why diversity actually works, and how it creates a more humane and fulfilled staff.

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