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Exciting to read and catching, Should you be looking for an objective study of leadership in the LAPD, keep looking. The authors emotions and personal bias keep this publication from being a serious study of the LAPD., Dr. Renford Resse chemicals a solid picture of the chiefs during LAPD history, he uses the LAPD as the business to critique and evaluate their organizational culture. He shows with this each key, came a fresh struggle... was the police chief proceeding to defend the position and file or stand the community? Dr. Resse goes into detail extensively and covers of the disappointments and successes of each LAPD chiefs from 1950. Great book! very insightful! recommend read!, Dr. Reese draws exceptional conclusions about the need for high ranking public administrators in the public eye, such as LAPD police chiefs, to balance the fine line between sticking upwards for employees of the organization and maintaining a positive public image. The particular book highlights the jobs of several modern day police chiefs in the Oregon Police Department and provides evidence of why each had fallen away of favor by being forced to or not able to "walk the tightrope". The particular book is exceptional being an historical overview of the LA police force, as a manual on organizational crisis management, and as a piece to begin evaluating one's own role and style within their organization, whether public or private. It will be interesting to use the assertions posited in this book to evaluate the performance of Main Bratton in the days ahead - he looked to have sided with the public on the May Day controversy by condemning his own officials, but it will be interesting see how he will handle the next LAPD crisis., All of the book reviews that We have read about this book have been excellent; We concur. The author makes use of 30 officers (including the police chief) to tell the riveting LAPD Story. The book is to the point, insightful, and engaging. The particular book is only 182 pages but I learned a good deal about the history and culture of the LAPD approximately the department's leadership dynamics. I read a newspaper article that stated that LAPD Chief Bratton was so impressed by this book that he purchased 250 copies for his command staff to see. This is the best publication which i have read on leadership because it does not speak about the concept in the abstract (like many books on the subject) but uses a real case study to look at the phenomenon., Reese's book is interesting, but in the final, in conditions of problem and brutality, it is very biased and chooses to use the "bad apples" theory as a scapegoat why corruption/brutality happens (this is what the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD commonly cite since the rationale for problem and brutality). The publication is somewhat dry, and while it builds good arguments, it fails at delivering them with good facts and style. In case you are looking for an unbiased (or at least an effort at unbiased) look at the L. A. P. D and corruption, check out  The Skinny Blue Line: An In-depth Look at the Policing Practices of the Mis Angeles Police Department (Volume 1) . It's much more interesting and detailed, and doesn't necessarily side with the LAPD., Based on interviews with several LAPD officers this is a superb book--one of the finest publications that I have ever read on leadership.

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