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If you are a citizen of the Usa States, then the regulation of the United Declares influences your life somehow, shape, or form, even though you can't necessarily articulate in a comprehensive manner just how it influences you, and if to be able to a solid grasp about how exactly functions.

This is essentially a preliminary guide for non-lawyers and non-law students to more effectively think about, discuss, and navigate various legal issues that affect their lives and capture their attention. It's also a good read for many who are either planning to go to or maybe considering about law school., Any person who wants to get a good grasp of how the inner operation of the law operate and affect our daily lives; this book is a great place to start. While in some chapters the answers can be a little dried out and the application of certain legal conditions or theories(substantive law) remain vague ideas. Overall though this book demonstrates itself as a useful tool that I would recommend over others as far as an introduction to American Law goes., I Attended 2 years of regulation school. This is a great refresher plus a few things I didn't know or remember. Effortless read. Great for anyone interested in the real American Law. Not the W. S. you see on T. V. shows or read in the paper. Lets you know very well what the real law is.

Guide is at a good price., This was the textbook for an introductory regulation class that I took as part of a Grasp in Legal Studies program (not a JD program, but a degree for average people who don't wish to be legal professionals but want to know about the law for work). My hubby is an lawyer and law professor. This guide was enjoyed by both of us -- by me, whose day job is marketing, and by your pet, who sometimes has a difficult time explaining legal concepts at ground level. He loved how concise and articulate Feinman was, while We loved which it allowed me to better know what my husband does on a day-to-day basis and the greater reason for our legal system. It is rather easy to digest and would be a fantastic choice for anyone considering law school, or anyone who just does not " get" why the law is the way it is., In case you are looking for a book to give you a great overview of American Law and how it works this is ideal. It is engaging and informative. This book is very much an summary. For those who have a decent understand on law you may want something more in depth., In the usa it seems as though the law is almost everywhere. We are expected to follow the rules of the road when driving, not to steal when at the grocery store, and treat others appropriately. The law also attracts national attention as the Supreme Court grapples with issues and high-profile trials happen in courtrooms around the country. Sometimes it seems like the law is too complicated and inaccessible to the average citizen. However, this need not be and with Law 101 a person with an interest in the basics of law can get an notion of how it works.

The regulation can be incredibly complicated, but Law 101 offers a few of the most important aspects of it in the most important areas. Feinman explains that the book is supposed to look at the same material that an average, first year law student would see. He covers some major subjects such as constitutional law regarding things like freedom of conversation and freedom of faith. He also examines atteinte law, property law, and contract law. In discussing these subjects he cites many Supreme Court situations and cases from lower courts and state courts who have shaped our understanding and application of American law. In relation to these subjects he also explains civil procedure and how parties experience lawsuit. Finally, he covers criminal law and criminal process, explaining how the express can convict and punish a person and for what reasons.

I formerly read the 3 rd version of this book many years ago and enjoyed it very much. This new, fourth edition includes some recent additions such as the latest Supreme Court judgements regarding the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), the George Zimmerman trial, and the law's difficulty in being applied to the web.

This is a very informative book that any American can read to get a basic understanding of the law. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn something about the law., I purchased this book for my brother and for what he's read so far he generally seems to really enjoy it and says it is very informative, Great

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