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This can be a interesting book. Those that can't stand it (see their 1 star reviews) consider issue with the writing type. I would say the type is journalistic. The mental and character exploration seems to be somewhat delicate - similar to a good impressionist painting where messages and also the precise product information are sometimes hinted at -- without permitting the reader to delve deep and understand typically the characters. But this is simply not a flaw - unless typically the reader is expecting an alternative writing style. So, this particular fault is rather typically the because of the reader's very own expectation.

The story is very captivating and educational. It can great to read and learn about the WW 2 experience and actions of a country other compared to England, France, Germany, and the US. Turkey deserves a great deal of admiration for its efforts to protect its residents no matter religious beliefs. It can to get hoped that this particular book will inspire typically the country to remain faithful to its commitment to their citizens of all faiths -- something that aren't be taken for given today.

As to typically the story, it's principally regarding 2 sisters who took different paths in life : one with a traditionally-accepted marriage with social prestige and the other that decided on a Jewish man and was disowned by the woman family. The one along with the traditional marriage is afflicted with from the guilt borne of her own jealousy of her younger and taller sister - regardless of her own celebrated beauty. Her deep seated guilt turned her into a chilly wife and mother. Along with the help of a psychiatrist - who in fact fell into live with the woman - she may become able to rise out there of so very long unacknowledged jealousy and guilt and help save her own motherhood and marriage. The other sister is somewhat opaque from the psychological angle. She is intelligent, strong-willed, and compassionate - something of a superwoman. She moved along with her husband to Italy hoping to establish a life far from ostracism of the families nevertheless instead found herself within occupied France, where typically the noose of danger had been tightening around Jews of all nationalities surviving in Italy. Her struggle is not a psychological one such as her sister's however the real and physical danger and degradation based on the woman husband's faith., Most of the action came within the last quarter from the book. Other than giving some interesting insights in to Turkish family life within the early 1940s, typically the book had few merits. But it did show what Jews had since the Nazification of The european countries progressed and the heroic efforts of the European government to rescue Turks from Nazi-held Paris -- including some who had been not Jewish. No thrilling book but it additional another facet to our understanding of life during Planet War II, An excellent history. The first part had been dragging and them nearly half way through, typically the historical adventure is informed superbly. The characters are well developed and their life interweave to achieve typically the purpose. This tells of typically the political happenings in Poultry during the early 1900's and into WWII and explains the many ethnicities in Turkey at typically the time. This story helped to describe the backdrop of the Turkish immigrants that luckily ended up within the U. S. during this time, The history was interesting and We learned about Turkey's place in the drama earlier WW II. The difficulties of anti-semitism was a element in the dysfunction within the family at typically the heart of this history. The Muslim and Judaism couple in this family had moved to France to be able to escape the prejudice of the Muslim Turkish family when the daughter married a Jewish man. However, the Nazi control of France made their existence in France increasingly unconfident. Turkish diplomats were instrumental in organizing a educate car where Turkish Judaism individuals could return to be able to Turkey before they were caught and executed from the Nazis. The suspense from the history was if or when this train car may depart France after which when it would arrive safely in France. A clentching and an informative novel., This is a startling recount of past history and chronicles of people and just how one becomes through to survival. The stress and pressures you have to go through during difficult times, war periods is unimaginable until a person have to live this. What humans have set the other person through,
and can withstand is oftentimes out of anything at all one can imagine and speculate. How one individual can help touch another and come through these tragedies. Being human, of which one can only hope one will help another out of love, value and human kindness.
I could not put this book down, given that it showed the very nerve of some and luckily it showed not merely typically the worse in humans, nevertheless the very best stuff many of us are made of. Helping one another is really a special gift, especially when confronted with similar horrors in supporting those less fortunate.

We could not place it down till the very previous page and I discovered all ended with a human, love and attention of heart, individuals assuming in a better world.
We appear to be able to still be fighting regarding humanity and freedoms along with prejudice. This book had been a re-eye opener to be able to the past misjudgments of many.
We cried and awaited the very next pages to see just about all went according to their plans.
We liked this book because this shows we should never forget our past histories, so we will not make typically the same mistakes again and again.

Thank you.

Thank you, I love the base of the story : human interest - what we do to one another& exactly how we rise above adversity. Best setting - WW2 Nazi occupied Europe from typically the Turkish Jewish perspective and a few heroic persons who risked their life to help. Must have already been a very powerful reading through experience. However I had been extremely disappointed. The historical detail fell short except if you feel a day and a city adequate. There were so numerous individual stories contained inside the key story that We had a difficult period monitoring who was that and how it just about all came together. I really feel that most of my trouble in this was shallow character development. I in no way felt connected to virtually any character. I wish typically the author had a new collection with this concept. I wanted to know each figure, their passions, their encounters, plus the outcome of their journey over a personal degree.

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