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Just like all of Richelle Mead's books this is a highly addictive page turner with a flawlessly well balanced symphony of humor, relationship, and drama. Last Compromise is the 6th and final book in the wildly popular Vampire School series.

As an avid reader and young adult We love the excitement of this book but most importantly I love the finality. It leaves off in such a way that you are not left wanting or desiring more details of the key characters- Went up, Dimitri, Lissa, and Alfredia. They all have a happy ever after inasmuch as a bunch of 18 year olds can have a happy ever after and while the tale can certainly be expanded on it isn't wholly necessary. There are a few plot lines still left hanging- namely Adrian, Eddie, Jill, and Sydney that you wonder about in the finish but those are picked right again up in Mead's Bloodlines series (also amazing, go check it out! ).

Like a parent of young girls I absolutely love this books message- girls can kick ass too! Yes there is plenty of romance but the heroin, Rose, is an amazing role model for young girls everywhere. She is tough, she is independent, she has her focus straight, and she is fierce. This may not be a tale about a girl who sits around whining when her one true love leaves, she takes her life into her own hands and owns it! I cannot wait for my girls to be old enough to read this and have a great fictional role model to look up to!, SPOILERS INSIDE THIS REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

I have combined feelings about this guide. I really enjoyed the first four books of the series, but We feel like it started slipping in the 5th and I lost interest in Last Sacrifice. I experienced to struggle to end it and just didn't want to dig in like We did the very first four.

Through reading other reviews, We am apparently in the minority when I say I am not fond of Adrian whatsoever. I found him to be really annoying and I didn't feel the chemistry between him and Rose at all. The best time We really liked him was his last scene in the book where he or she tells off Rose! We felt the entire time like she was using him or her and while she was fond of him, the girl wasn't in love with him. The almost sexual intercourse scene between them was almost unbearable to see, in particular when Went up decides to "blood whore" herself to him. Is actually harped on OVER AND OVER throughout the publications that letting a Moroi drink your blood during intercourse is dirty and taboo, then Rose just will it because they don't have condoms? I hated that scene.

While Dimitri was less interesting in this book, having been awesome in the first four and I felt like there was something really wonderful between him and Went up. In this book he or she kind of moped a lot and just was not as sharp. I still feel like he and Rose had WAY more chemistry than Rose/Adrian and I'm happy she select him. I liked that he felt guilty and didn't want to see her, but I resented which he felt so delinquent to Lissa when all she did was risk him... Rose spent weeks doggedly searching the world for a way to bring him or her back and because Lissa stakes him, she "saved" him? She never would have known to do it if this wasn't for Rose, and he or she did it FOR Rose, not for him or her. I don't get the logic.

I had almost zero interest in the whole queen murder plot. I feel like the author had Rose spend A significant amount of time in Lissa's mind. Among the cool things about a first person narrator is that you find out things when the character does. Having 50 percent the novel be from Lissa's point of view (well, Went up "watching" through Lissa's eyes) seemed like cheating.

Total, the whole series is fantastic... this book just do not live up to the first few. I still recommend the series and this book., Actual rating: 2. 5

Maybe I forgot to consume the kool-aid, because I'm not really sensation the squishiness and adoration for this series that most other peeps do. It was good, may get me wrong, but it wasn't fantastic. In addition to this last installment still left me feeling somewhat meh.

Richelle Mead does have a number of interesting ideas and those are what kept the story going (mostly) from one novel to another. I had some issues with some of the story couronne but nothing too, too serious. But what I did not appreciate is the nonchalance with which certain leftover arcs were left, 1, unresolved.

Sydney, Eddie, Jill, Tasha, Robert and, sure, even Daniella Ivashkov couronne are not, in my opinion, resolved in a way which gave them appropriate closure. And before we even go down that road, yes, I know there is a spin-off by which I'm certain some, if not all, of these arcs will be addressed but that's an investment of time I'm not certain I want to make right now. Oh yea, and before I overlook, I am still PISSED about that poor Tarasov guard from Spirit Bound. Yes, I'm still pondering about that dude and it really, really ticks me off.

I am not team Adrian. Nor feel I team Dimitri. I knew from book one who Rose would wind upward with in the finish. This was really a no-brainer. The set-up was there so maybe that avoided me from feeling the Rose/Adrian love. As I've noted in previous VETERANS ADMINISTRATION reviews, I felt Dimitri was underdeveloped as a character. It wasn't really until Blood Promise that I got any real sense of who Dimitri was as a person. Adrian was far better fleshed out. So, the ending of this book left a lot to be desired when it came to the Happily Ever After.

The way in which Went up dealt with Adrian at the finish of the book was... well, immature and selfish. Not something a person who claims to have evolved should do. It was something I would have expected from Rose at the start of this series, not at the end. Girl, you messed up. You gave in to your wishes and injured someone you claimed you loved. Getting a jerk only makes you look like more of an A-hole. Sorry. Simply calling like I see it. Adrian should have punched you in your big, dumb face. Relocating on...

The Strigoi was another thread totally decreased. I would have liked to have known the plans how to package with them. Certainly ideas had been formed by Lissa. Were they proceeding to allow Moroi and Dhampir to fight them? Were they going to try to round up other spirit users trying to change the Strigoi? Why introduce a huge thread and let it stay dangling?? It's infuriating. And, again, I may care if Richelle Mead intends to address this in her Bloodlines series. I'm not reading her Bloodlines series. I invested enough time in VETERANS ADMINISTRATION to have some reliable answers. Six freakin' novels worth of time!

This specific series ended appropriately enough, I guess, and it introduced things to a affordable end. Rose and Dimitri got their redemption. Nevertheless, if those other tale arcs were important to you as a reader, just as we were holding important to me, you'll be disappointed. This was more than a love tale, especially given how bad that love story was for half of this freakin' series, so it irks me that all the author thought was important at the finish was to create a Happily Ever After. Of which sucks! And it could be the reason I'm not enthusiastic on reading Bloodlines right now. We'll see, I could change my mind after some time... but, really, do I need to invest another chunk of my time for more poorly executed storytelling? Nope, not really. So it can not likely.

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