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Hard-hitting, graphic, and fast moving... those adjectives sum upward Faust's highly descriptive accounts of his experiences throughout the Halbe pocket breakout. This operation involved the frantic attempt of The german language troops and civilians to escape the clutches from the Soviets as the noose tightened around them close to Berlin 66 years ago. Faust's function as a Panther leader is described in image detail and builds on his previous experiences since a driver of the Tiger tank on the Eastern Front earlier inside the war. (Read " Tiger Tracks" ) Faust's accounts puts the reader proper into the turret of the deadly Panther tank as it confronts overwhelming Soviet infantry, armor, and air energy hell-bent on capturing in addition to annihilating all German causes within their grasp since the war ended east of the Elbe lake. The ruthlessness from the overcome by both sides is just not for the faint hearted, so reader discretion is highly recommended., I extremely good read. This is a journey that keeps the viewer interested throughout the history. I seriously doubt of which it is an real experience in that that is exceptionally detailed, in addition to the conclusions seem to be contrived. It is accurate historically, and widely from the German point of view. I was pleased to continue progress through the book, even with our suspicion that this had been fiction.

The story is of a number regarding Panzers, and thousands regarding civilians prod through the Kessel of destruction major to the American lines, west of the Elbe at the end of Spring, 1945. Most folks reading a book with this title are already going to be fairly familiar with the circumstances regarding the crumbling Reich, plus the urgency of the populated from the informed inhabitants regarding the defeated land to flee the large, Red invasion. The bombs & principal points really fly right to the end of the trek.

I believe that is a novel; nevertheless don't let that stop you from enjoying this specific really good adventure!, The Last Panther chronicles the The german language Army's desperate struggle to flee Soviet forces in addition to surrender to the Americans. This book is around the human struggle, both through the soldiers view (German NCO) and German refugees. Outnumbered and short of just about all supplies Faust manages to get his crew in addition to some refugees safely to the American side from the river. Once there this individual finds the enemy usually are other German soldiers who else are marauding and extorting their fellow soldiers in addition to citizens. Faust attempts to locate the daughter of the woman who helped manual his tank through new terrain but arrives too late. With the destruction in addition to desolation of post-war Germany Faust as well as others like him struggle to resurrect the new and better Germany--appreciative from the American aid in addition to support provided.

Not very much detail about armored overcome from a technical standpoint, just the attempt regarding two lone Panthers of that ilk with several SS Tigers to get to the American side and repair their county., One regarding the most dark, yet compelling, accounts of WW2 combat that I've actually read (and I've go through hundreds). Again, some additional readers have complained of which this book is mostly fiction. Their claims truly usually are baseless. Why this writer would make up these types of horrific events defies explanation. This book takes a person to the depths regarding Hell that was WW2, especially in terms regarding the Nazi/Reds conflict. The struggle transcended an ideological fight and devolved in to a simple attempt to survive. Every student should check out this before considering the military ( even even though it remains a commendable profession often misused simply by leaders from all countries)., Takes you to the retreat and pull again to Germany while getting constantly attacked from the russians. No sympathy awaited The german language soldiers, especially SS, if captured. The choice regarding suicide was popular for the wounded and those unable to continue using the retreating army trying to breakthrough to the large German 12th army. Extremely good book, well-written, image and centered across the panzer units retreating using the infantry., Apparently many reviewers believe this is a function of fiction. It may be fiction however it does give a fairly accurate account of the frantic need to avoid capture simply by the Russians. The thing that made me suspect was his account regarding achieving the American zone. This was all hot puppies and goodies. No talk about of slave labor inside France or this of which Eisenhower turned hundreds of thousands again as " a touch of friendship" towards the Russians. No mention of a good engineered famine., The break out around Berlin is the known action. This places an individual stamp on points. I haven't read very much regarding the King Tigers inside action. You may tell Faust is writing from " hind sight" and there are some inconsistencies within the time line. However, the panic and fear since the war ended in addition to Soviets closed in is just about all there., I don't pretty know what to say. I used to be drawn into the story and completed the book. However , several periods I felt as though the author was " pulling my leg" by embellishing stories. I read a few other reviews saying the writer is in fact a fraud who else might have shared the experiences he writes concerning. Normally We would not captivate such ideas, however, this specific story does beg the question. How does the commander inside a warm, cramped tank, have this specific deity like vision regarding all the action about him, which he describes.

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