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I really do so love when a book almost makes me personally laugh out loud on the bus. That is the sign that I am having a great time with an enjoyable read. This book made me try this not once. Not two times. But three times! I actually absolutely loved this publication and the world it takes place in. I want to more books like this! I also want to know very well what magical capabilities my personal favorite drink, a Scurvy Medic, would grant me personally!

It's not often that I actually read a New Adult publication, but I was enthusiastic about this one by some of the book trailers from QuirkBooks YouTube page and determined to give the publication an attempt (seriously, look them up. They're really cool! ) There have been so many good characters, too. Container and Vincent were, hands down, the best two characters in this book! I actually kinda wish they were main characters, but then, which may take away some of their charm. Seriously, Vincent almost had me crying and Bucket almost experienced me crying tears of laughter. You gotta love it!

And the story has not been predictable to me personally. It was very well thought out and well paced. There were plenty of non-forced or plot-hole-driven twists that kept me guessing about the outcome. This story and this world are wonderful to read and I actually really want more!

So, here's why it only becomes 4 stars, not 5. Relationship drama. Every time the main character did something stupid, it was because of relationship drama. The lady wasn't even that enthusiastic about Zane until she found out he had moved from his crush on her senior high school and obtained a girlfriend. This aspect of the story actually had me putting the book down a few times and completely started me out from the book. When it weren't for the other characters and the interesting world, I might have not liked the publication at all.

That being said, I did benefit from the book. A lot. That is how awesome the sleep of the cast of characters are. That's how interesting the world is. I truly love that bartenders are protecting their clients and baristas are healers to the bartenders. Espresso really does cure all that ails you. So, if you can get previous the partnership drama, I highly recommend this book. Be forewarned, though, it could make you want a drink or two., I enjoyed this publication considerably. It centers Bailey, who recently graduated business school and works as a barback at the Nightshade Lounge. Following a specifically irritating night at work, Bailey makes herself a perfect screwdriver, and uses the super strength it scholarships her to vanquish a monster. Before she knows it, Bailey is inducted into the world of Bartending and must learn how mixing the right cocktails can help the woman fight the forces of evil.

Last Call is a fun, lighthearted read that I felt took itself just seriously enough. In between narrative chapters, we are treated to chapters of The Devil’s Water Dictionary, the guidebook our alechemists use to make the magic happen. These types of entries give us with humorous world building details as well as real life cocktail recipes. I adored the premise and these chapters were a wonderful way to make that premise work.

I also, for the most part, liked the cast of main characters. It’s always refreshing to see diversity, in particular when the things which make these characters unique aren’t treated like a gimmick or a major deal.

On the other hand, I actually did not like the romantic subplot. The passionate rival, Mona, struck me personally as a fascinating character, and I was more enthusiastic about her mysterious backstory than how often she was glaring daggers at Bailey. On top of that, I didn’t find the love interest, Zane, to be particularly nice any time romance was involved. He’s the typical dorky best ally who’s recently been in love with the protagonist, but when the going gets tough, he’s not a /good/ buddy.

Using that said, I actually really liked the publication, and I look forward to seeing more of this universe., Fun publication that deal using what it means to be a grownup and how sucky it is to feel like your friends have it all together and you're just floundering. Bailey is a very relatable character.
Obviously there's also lots of booze and demons involved: ). Typically the magic product is well fleshed out and contains intuitive regulations.
The one aspect that I was kinda "meh" on was Bailey's relationship with Zane. It wasn't particularly well toned (but I also mainly read romance so I actually like lots of connection development: P). I also want to know more about Bucket and Mona, bc they're super cool characters.
I actually hope there's a sequel., I enjoyed this a great deal! Granted, it had the setting going for it to start. It's established in Chicago, my home town, and it's actually established in metropolis as compared with to just mentioning a street here or there. I loved the finishing of each chapter giving a cocktail recipe and it can " history" and use within the world. I really liked the world when it was created and the lovely diverse characters. There are a couple minor hiccups, but overall a great, fun read!, Great figures and interesting premise. Typically the only reason I didn't provide the book with a higher rating is because the plot wasn't as developed since the inhabitants, but it's quite solid even so. I especially recommend it to Asian United states readers; while not primary, the book features numerous scenarios I think might find very familiar.

In terms of the magic system, Krueger has made the rather ingenious link between alchemy and bartending. A lot of thought has been produced to various refreshments and their effects. Typically the plot itself is rather standard, but I found the themes - very relatable ones of finding yourself technically an adult with a degree that has not really prepared you for life - to give it a enhance many similar urban fantasy books lack. I might definitely like to see a sequel.

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