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I will be newly sober and have been reading many addiction memoirs. Many of them have a very sad and desperate tone to them (which addictions have, there are no illusions about that! ) I read Final Call at the same time as Elizabeth Vargas: Between Breaths (another excellent memoir, yet truly sad and heavy). What I actually enjoyed about Nancy Carr's book is the credibility of her story of the chaos that occurs with alcohol and cocaine dependancy. She writes the truth that there are some really funny and crazy times that come with this damage (loved the men tales, as a single former hard partying straight lady I really could completely relate). Typically the fun was fun, until it's not fun any more. Her rock base was a second DUI. My very own was a Pool Boy (oh yes, she has names for hers too " Limo Boy, Old Mary, Young Tom, Beantown and so on... ). Also i like how she doesn't seem to be to beat herself up in recovery - we do that enough in dependancy, thank you. She shows her story with humor and wit. It is a quick and fun read., Nancy's story begins as a multi-state, ridiculous romp as she hops from bed to your bed, starting her romance with booze and " Joey, " the name she gives to cocaine. It's all silly fun and games until she failures HARD with her second DUI. The second part of the story deals with her recovery in 13 step meetings. In the woman down-to-earth style of writing, Nancy offers her experience, strength, and hope to others who end up relevant to her very relatable story. I felt like Nancy was telling the woman story to me, as a friend in recuperation. Do yourself a prefer and read this book. It may even save your life., Last Call made me want to hang out and be friends with Nancy Carr. Her story is so relatable and she shows it in a participating and straightforward style. Simply no self-pity here. Just a primary account of what the spin out of control into addiction appears like and what a path to recovery can look like. She's insightful and funny, able to check out their self in a true way that will no question help others look at themselves. A must-read for those touched by the disease of addiction, whether they're an alcoholic, should be, family member or buddy., Loved this book! I actually could identify in so many ways with the author. The cold, hard truth about relationships gone bad because of alcohol, always searching for happiness and then numbing it out once we don't find it or somehow manage to sabotage it... As she turns a corner for the better - choosing sobriety- it provides you hope that no matter how far gone you feel there is always hope and help whether through AA or just the support of family and friends.. Great read and am highly recommend!, " Final Call: A Memoir" is a quick paced recall of the frenzied chaotic lifestyle of author Nancy Carr (with James Steen). Easily bored, Carr started out ingesting heavily as a young teen in search of excitement, fun, and happy times. As she progressed further into dependence on alcohol and medicines, these times increasingly seemed out of reach as she searched for her next high.

Coming from a upper middle school family in Pennsylvania, many of her vacations were spent at an Aspen ski resort with the woman affluent friends. A teen friend introduced Carr to cocaine during a visit in California. Although her parents would later divorce, she maintained good relationships with both her parents. Carr discarded her first teen love, breaking his heart. Today, he is a happily married family man and company CEO.
Carr was truly perplexed as to why she never received any marriage proposals from the woman numerous lovers and live-in relationships. By her 30s her friends and family members were getting hitched and starting families, she was acutely aware this wasn't happening on her. Frequently during or after a celebration she would black out, or, another time, she found herself 150 kilometers from your home and no money to return. Carr lost many jobs, had frequent moves. There was an frequent edginess and instability in her professional and personal life.

At age group 37, after Carr's second DUI landed her in jail, she resolved to join Alcoholics Anonymous and have clean and sober. Typically the PAWS (post alcohol withdrawal syndrome), the short expression memory loss, functioning in a mental fog at 1/2 capacity, the conspiracy of the " unmanageable life" defined by LUKE WEIL " engulfed" her, as she made amends to family and friends. Also this is a story of payoff and resiliency, and offers hope and inspiration whether one struggles with alcohol consumption or chemical dependency issues or not. There were numerous helpful references and resources listed., Last Call is an engaging work, that elicits every possible feelings in the reader. Carr's description of her walk through alcoholism/addiction is brutally honest and relatable. Thanks to the author for the woman successful recovery!, The book really captures the refusal and cycle of madness that addicts reside in every day. It should encounter to those in recuperation as a gentle prompt of the bulls*** they left behind so that as a message of hope to addicts that they can leave that life right behind and be happy dry., This book is a raw account of the possible risks with addiction. It is a fast and easy read and held my attention throughout. I wish the author the best of luck on the woman journey.

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