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“The Last American Man” is the 3rd Elizabeth Gilbert book I’ve read: Actually that makes three Gilberts in a row, something I rarely do. Even though I’ve come to appreciate her spirit and writing ability, this book is somewhat disappointing. The interesting subject matter is still there, the writing is impeccable, and, as usual, she maintains me engrossed. But somewhere, in her study of this unusual man’s cosmetic, I consider her subject, Eustace Conway, as being an unlikeable person with flawed cosmetic who doesn’t deserve her soft-pedaled reward and admiration.

It’s the story of a survivalist with such a strange and outrageous lifestyle that, in my opinion, his mental balance comes into question. I appreciate Conway’s passion for uncomplicated residing and return-to-nature enthusiasm. Yet his intent to convert all wasteful and inconsiderate humans into his own image while using tyranny, selfishness, and one-sided common sense does not make him or her an admirable figure; especially when he leaves in his wake a history of family turmoil, broken friendships, and disillusioned women. A extended succession of brilliant women, initially enthralled along with his charisma, has abandoned him because of his unreasonable ruling nature. I was highly offended by his steps and expectations of others.

Eustace Conroy IV is a product of his father’s brutal nurturing and agonizes over it, yet he displays the same sort of cruel attitude. He believes that behavior, discipline, and order is the way people should endure life and he doesn’t like to have his convictions or his demands how to achieve such a life be questioned. If folks want to be trained in the rigorous procedure of returning to nature at his service farm community at Turtle Rock in North Carolina, all needs for compliance with his techniques must be met. Over time, however, he has found that all few employees or campers share his enthusiasm for backbreaking work, meager rations, and uncomfortable living conditions. They leave in droves with uncomfortable memories.

I am uneasy with Gilbert’s apparent desire for Conway. She does brand him a little for his self-centered behavior and agonizes over his failure to make corrections in the way he treats people, but I find a sprinkling
of admiration in a few of her observations of his deportment. In my view he doesn’t rate even a drizzle and I would not have expected this centered on other Gilbert writing or her personal vérité.

But my faith in this author and her talent hasn't diminished. We still stand in admiration for her research, her writing clarity, and her capacity to capture the reader’s interest. In spite of my misgivings about the man, I found “Last American” to be very illuminating. I urge you to definitely read this book because my displeasure might be misguided and there might be other merits I am overlooking. You shouldn’t miss the chance for some thought-provoking musing and the chance to tell me that I’m full of crap.

Schuyler T Wallace
Author of TIN LIZARD TALES, Hollywood and Wild West fiction gave us the stereotype of a " mountain man". Abandon all that Grizzly Adams nonsense before reading this book.
It's clear that Gilbert worked very research and selection interviews. She tried to present the reader with a fair, well rounded biography of Eustace Conway. Typically the book reminded me how we set ourselves upwards for disappointment when we put people on a base and proclaim them Hero. If someone wants to learn about primitive living skills then this might not exactly be publication for you. This publication is more about a man overcoming adversity, reaching his personal goals, having mental toughness, and relationship problems. I would have loved more detail about his learning curve with backcountry skills and fewer about his love life. Calling Eustace Conway " the last American man" is a extend., I had expected a biography and an understanding of a way of life. I am uncertain of Gilbert's outlook and view of her subject. Gilbert is a talented writer, and her fiction is incredibly enjoyable. I think she didn't really know what to make of her subject here, and wrestles with that and without a resolution within her own mind, this is the product of her thoughts. I'm not trying to be overly critical, as the subject of the book is a complex the one which likely amazed mcdougal in the complexity of the situation, and also the dichotomies. Eustace is a man residing out of time in many aspects. He is full of inconsistant outlooks and presentation. I think he is traumatized by his upbringing as his home life and the treatment of him by his father even in legalis homo is abusive. Eustace is like Christopher McCandless in To the Wild, a child developed into a confused grownup since the result of injury and abuse in his upbringing., I met this guy and he is simply weird. He has tons of child rearing advice, but is childless, and has no hint. They have these visions in his head of how things are, and could possibly be just not real. Very strange. And he complained about this book a lot. Elizabeth Gilbert is excellent though, not her fault., Extremely compelling! So many could advantage from this book on so many levels. Brought up in rural Oregon on 82 acres along a river in a record cabin Dad built and I still learned THUS MUCH reading this publication! And, not just survival or hard skills, but the subtle ones from nature, as well. And, then the most important skills: knowing yourself and relating positively and compassionately to others., I've often said that I would read Elizabeth Gilbert if the girl wrote 500 pages about taking out the rubbish. She's another author to be savored for her style. The Last American Man is surprising, inspiring, and a fun read. Very, very different from Consume, Pray, Love or something else I've read of hers. You won't be disappointed., I assume that Eustace is living his life as much men would choose... in complete control. He only gets "rattled" when he is out of control. That being said... I thoroughly enjoyed this story from someone who was fascinated with this last American male. Which demonstrates once again that women love and appreciate masculinity even tho TV, tabloids etc. Would argue that point. REAL MANY MEN NECESSARY!!, Well written book by way of a very good author. We am attached to Eustice Conway and the story of him or her could not have recently been told better than this author's work. It is simple to read, even though it takes you through painful and personal biography of Eustice's relationship along with his father, as well as other aspects of his life. The author provides context and relevance to each segment of Eustice's story which allows the readers to feel his personality.

The positive and enjoyable spirit of Eustice Conway is well represented here and the reader will leave with a good feeling.

We will read other works by this author.

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