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Previously week, I lost my cellular phone three times. I actually burned my hand because I was trying to type while I poured java, and I texted, delivered emails and watched feline videos during a web conferencing. So... I felt that I was a good prospect for reading this book. I'm so pleased I did! The suggestions made by author Joanna Jast have already made a huge difference in my 'typical day'... for example, I logged my distractions for a few days and nights and was able to see a pattern. Once i observed my home and work environments, I was shocked by the quantity of times my attention wandered or was propagate too thin. There were external issues, such as people interrupting me, the phone ringing when I actually was busy, etc, but the vast majority of my distractions were created by me. The good news is that if I created them, I actually can contain them. I have made a plan and set goals that I actually want to achieve through better focus. This guide is full of insight and common sense and the suggestions are super easy to follow. In brief... it works!, Joanna Jast's book Laser-Sharp Focus is the result of the girl a lot of practical experience creating the perfect laser sharpened focus system. Joanna's estimate sums up the value of this book: " In the event you follow my system, you can use maximize your productivity, get your work on time, achieve more and reach success faster. " Mcdougal even has a chapter about optimizing your body to max away your cognitive powers. The lady covers ergonomics of your body, proper sleep routines, taking breaks, nutrition and exercise. This is the book to read to learn how to improve your daily life and make your own laser sharp focus system., I don't really leave only five star reviews. I have just found so many great textbooks. Laser-Sharp Focus. A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration, Maximised Productivity and Fast-Track to Success by Joanna Jast is most definitely a book I need and falls under the class of a great guide. It is simple and fast to read. Having written the book in a conversational manner, Dr. Jast leaves out all the fluff and technical jargon to steer the reader towards clearing away all distractions, setting up your work space to be optimum for productivity in easy to understand terms.

Following her guidelines, tips and suggestions will help you to focus on whatever task it is at hand, allowing you to get completed faster with better results, leaving you more time to do other things. You will see how to decrease your stress and anxiety involved in having too much to do and not sufficient time to do it. Learning to focus is key. I am happy to have found this guide. I have much more to do and nowhere near sufficient time to do it. I am confident this book will get me on the right track to get it all done, and done well. Get this book, follow her guidelines, get focused and get all of it done., The guide is very holistic. The particular author starts out by defining what is focus and then quickly introduces a chapter to identify how to learn what is triggering you to lose locus. I actually really liked the idea of keeping a log every time you lose concentrate. Then she emphasizes of SMART goals. I liked that she mentioned to frame the goals as positive sentence. I also liked the fact that she touched on ergonomics, sleep, exercise, food and emotions. That gave the idea a well rounded perspective. I think the anti procrastination campaign is a kick ass idea. Overall, it was a good read., Looking for advice on keeping focus and concentration, I actually came after this guide. Ms Jast (Dr Jast) has written a well structured, simple yet comprehensive, and greatly useful toolkit for maintain a focus on what is important, for keeping your eye on the ball. There are discussions on sleep and diet which i found very interesting, and the areas of finding patterns to your distractions is something I am addressing. The particular author covers many wide ranging areas that when combined, I'm sure will help me to get more productive. I plan to implement this system now. An extremely thought provoking book that i would recommend., In this day when multi-tasking has become the norm, it may be good to learn how to focus and hone in on the task at hand. Joanna Jast has put together a well-researched book. It methodically helps you figure out what causes you to be sidetracked and a roadmap how to manage your mind again to Laser-sharp focus. The lady covers topics like how to set up your office environment, how to deal with prokrastination and stress in detail. Several can benefit from this book. If you have never read a book with this topic before, this is the only one you’ll need., Ms Jast has delivered a fantastic book that walks you through focus elements in your day-to-day life. The lady talks about the distinctions between intentional attention and programmed attention and showed a cool way of seeing patterns through a distraction log. She shows you how to find your biggest focus problems, set measurable and specific goals and how inspiring yourself might be incorrect. Sound intriguing? It was! Grab yourself a copy and check it out- great read!

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