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Superb: In my science teaching career I taught both biology and chemistry. To me, Collins has a partial answer to this age concept of the creation as given in Genesis. This crenology of the first life on earth is the only credible outline for residing matter since green plants were required to preceed animals in order to supply them food! As a Christian, Francis Collins, the scientist that led the mapping of the human chromosome which we pattern human innate research after today brings an improved understanding to the likelihood of the origins of life.
Martin Johnson, A great eye opening beginning for a truth seeker and follower of Yeshua. End up being fare warned, conservative believer, read with an open mind and a wishing for real truth. I also happened to be reading Rohr's "Divine Dance" where he claims keep in mind that always have to be still left or right but could very well be a 3rd option, an invitation to think totally other. I still have a LOT to find out and learn but my heart aches for Truth., This author of this book is obviously a thinker. He has presented scientific and philosophic ideas that investigate some of the deep questions of our time, including - is there a God. Several of his writing was so scientific, it was obviously a little above my brain in order to grasp (ie, there is an assumption that the reader knows scientific language). I might not sign up for all of his conclusions, but I do appreciate his honest try to present the facts when he has studied them, and he is qualified to do so., Very accessible book given the heavy scientific subjects covered. Plainly communicates how he believes in the existence of a divine creator and evolution (not necessarily of man from your lower varieties, but evolution in general). This is very similar to my understanding and perception system, but it was great to read much more detail into the science behind the learn planner as well as the miracle of life., I loved this guide and will probably read it again soon. I've recommended it to a family members, as well. Sometimes it's difficult being a young man of science and a Christian. Doctor. Collins talked about how technology works with faith in God and not against it. He put everything Personally i think into words, so now when my atheist friends question me, We tell them to see this book to learn what We think about science and God. If you are a creationist and fear the impact scientific discoveries have on religion, then this book is particularly for you. I recommend it for everyone. It's a fairly easy read, Fascinating subject matter, but it's tough to distill it down into layman's words and make it a compelling read. We struggled to get through it., I thought this was a good read. Getting a some scientific facts explain why God exists also to have some information into the scientific comumminty was interesting. The author for the most part was very open minded, which is almost completely required for a dialogue like this. He constantly looked at both sides of opinions and obviously laid everything out on the table., To read this brief good one man's surrender to Truth will not for many prove anything but it may provide somewhat of hope. Remember St Paul tells us that we shall know... ergo, the answer to every puzzle is known our challenge is to discover it.

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