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The storyline is during the years right before the First Planet War, therefore it is quite a few years later than most Arctic stories. Typically the crew are sailing the seas to the to the north of Russia; looking for faster trade routes, similar to the searches for the Northwest Passage trips in North America. Like almost all of these stories, the ship and crew were woefully unprepared, ignorant of any Arctic lore, and huge personality clashes made even good days difficult. After abandoning ship and crossing the ice for months, there was one wrong-headed move after another., which makes a lot of nail-biting incidents. It's written in diary style and is quite an easy and interesting read., It is really an incredible adventure of survival, written in a spare style so appropriate to the establishing. Picture this: it is 1913 and your send has been stuck in Arctic ice for over a year, drifting with the floe further north each month. Fearing that you will not escape this icebound existence in next year, you decide to get some of your more hardy shipmates together and try to walk to land across the freezing Arctic Ocean, carrying over a month's worth of supplies by sledge and some handmade kayaks to make the final crossing to land. Besides the arduous job of dragging yourself and supplies across the ice, you and your staff face blizzard conditions, extremely bears, surprisingly dangerous walruses, malnutrition, and all kinds of surprising challenges (including the dangers of supplement A poisoning from eating polar bear liver - warning to the wise). Knowing that this is a real story makes it all the more compelling. I read this guide every time the winter weather gets me down, just to remind myself that things could be even worse than suffering through a week with the Polar Vortex. Highly recommended., This is a story of success in the Artic. Inside the early 20th hundred years the author sailed as navigator on an ill fated voyage into the Artic. The ship became locked in ice and eventually the author (of the dairy detailing this story) left the send with several other men to try to attain islands to their south that they might be rescued. They had a really rough go of it to say the least with bad ice, lack of food and necessities and attacks by extremely bears and walrus. At times the story performed appear to become fairly repetitious with their hardships and could be a little depressing and a little long. But after all the hardships and disappointments mcdougal and his companion were taken aboard a send and also back to Russia. The story was well written. The characters were generally developed. For the most part the editing was good. There were some annoying run togethers in this Kindle version, especially in the earlier parts of the book, for example " before meto revealed" for: before me to reveal" The designed line was generally evident with a second look but could be at first confusing particularly when the run with each other occurred at a line break., This is a different breed of polar literature. "In the Land of White Death" has not one of the operatic heroism and tragedy that permeates polar classics like "The Worst Journey in the World", "Mawson's Will", or "Endurance". Albanov was under no illusions of grandeur: the party he was a member of were simply looking for new hunting grounds, and Albanov is keenly aware that if they perish out on the ice it will be inglorious, miserable, and pointless, assisting nobody and in service of nothing.

This raw lack of sentimentality is what makes "In the Property of White Death" so unique and so important in the polar canon. Albanov continually rages against the men under his leadership for their stupidity, apathy, and treachery. His writing is honest, direct, terse, and immensely readable. Inside fact, this is probably the only great polar story that may be read in a long day or a couple afternoons.

Many of those who died during the "golden age" of polar search were revered as nationwide heroes. When the physiques of S. A. André e and his staff were returned to Laxa, sweden in 1930 after an absurd make an effort to hot air balloon to the To the north Pole, the streets were packed with one of the biggest acts of public mourning in the nation's history. History has been far less kind to these explorations; what was once seen as bravery is now often seen as hubris and stunning incompetence. "In the Property of White Death" captures all of that long before historians had a possiblity to reevaluate polar literature. Albanov writes with an mental clarity that was decades ahead of its time., Great read if you are interested in arctic search or simply want to read survival stories in the cold harsh climate of the arctic.
Very cool that it's taken from the first hands account of one of the survivors and leader. A journal not only written about it by someone who researched it., Quiet good story. The compilers of the book at the conclusion do a lot of supposing about this which - but if you like a yarn where it is a terrible journey and almost all of them die - this is great - fills in some lost gaps on polar search or maybe more like getting trapped in the ice. Quite much a must read for arctic weather lovers., My favorite thing about these true stories of Arctic survival will be the details. We want to feel the cold biting into my skin. The drudgery and camaraderie of day to day living, both on send and on the ice. The God awful worry of not being aware of whether you will make it home or die a cruel, freezing death. I didn't feel any of that. It may very well be that the original version was much better,. Also, there was one very lonely map on the kindle version of this book. Textbooks like this should have maps everywhere. I uncertainty I'd recommend this guide, but I would like to read a more grasping account of this adventure., This is the very best historical adventure story of survival I've ever read.
What an incredible feat for those that survived

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