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Jahren is a beautiful author. Her chapters on soil and trees and plant life were gripping and vision opening--even for this man of science reader. Yet this publication, which might better be described as a platonic love story to Bill, her long time lab partner, rather than a book about the life of a man of science, was tainted by the gleeful disdain that Jahren and Bill show for many other people. I would give the book 5 stars if she'd just stuck to the plant life and Bill.

At one point Jahren compares the intelligence of her graduate students to her dog-- and the dog is victorious. She identifies another peaceful student on a trip as " warm-blooded cargo, " because of his uselessness as a driver. What really sealed the deal for myself was the road journey. 5 Days before a conference, Jahren and Expenses decide they want to attend. They decide to drive combination country, taking two graduate students with them to share in the generating (not to complement their education or anything). One day, Jahren does not heed multiple warnings and directs the graduate student driver to visit straight into a snow storm. Predictably, the truck flips when they strike some ice. Lessons Jahren learned: 1) When you pee into bottles be sure to cap them. 2) Put on a automobile. The pupil driver, understandably shaken, requests to be dropped off at the airport so the girl can fly home, but Jahren and Bill shout at her and reject, calling her a quitter. They drag her to the conference in the banged up van so that Jahren can deliver the talk that was essential that it was never mentioned again in the book. When they return, Jahren nobly promises responsibility for the busted university van (as the girl should-- she was in charge! ). How non selfish.

Jahren and Bill enjoy giving their students a repetitive, meaningless task, like labeling hundreds of wine bottles, and then telling them that, sorry, they won't use their work after all. To their sadistic test a student must both resign his or their self to the monotony that is science and take that the work was wasted, but also salvage something from the time invested. A memorable student saved all the bottle caps, hoping they could be " spares" in the future.

There are little stories like this woven into the book, souring the beautiful language on scientific discovery and personal passion. I was a graduate student once and this culture is predominanent and horrifying and hard drives good students from pursuing science. A student might have the passion, but s/he cannot contend with being treated like the scum on Jahren's shoes. I actually admire Jahren's scientific successes and her clear dedication, but it is overshadowed by her perpetuation of a problematic culture., I actually was sucked into this memoir probably because Now i'm about the same age group, from roughly the same places in Dr. Jahren's life and I'm also a scientist. Nevertheless , it also helped that the girl has a very interesting writing style with all the personal details that makes me wonder the way the *heck* she remembered every tiny detail. This is not an easy " I actually was born, was raised and lived" story. It says like a novel, with plot twists, heroes, evil doers and a relatively happy ending.

I appreciate the way she incorporated her struggles with mental sickness, women in science and university funding (which will make any tuition paying parent give a DIFFICULT look at the school they are paying to educate their child at) within the book but never came off as whiny or complaining. Simply this is " the way it is". She is also deeply personal with her own thoughts on her childhood, the self doubts we all have in our twenties and eventually parenthood.

It absolutely was an enjoyable, informative and inspiring read. Sometimes we don't know if we're the right decisions, but if we made them, they are at least ours., Fascinating. I immensely enjoyed how the author tied in her personal life in and around her professional life and scientific research. It enlightened me to understand those who were introduced for the Nobel Peace prize to consider not only how monumental their research was but the rigors and challenges they have endured for their achievement as Ms. Jahren has in following her field of study., From a kid in her dad's lab, she knew she wished to be a scientist. She excelled in botany as an under grad, a masters pupil, and finally a Ph. D. With a distinguished teaching career. Battling for grants, her lab technology stretched budgets and created high tech equipment. She reveals fascinating information about trees. This is the best book I have read in five years. I actually gave 3 copies to my 3 favorite scientists, 2 who passed them to their daughters., Should you be tired of the normal novels, this book is a good change of rate. It follows the life of Hope Jahern, a plant scientist; how the girl turns into a scientist and the difficulties of academic livelihood. That is peppered with technological plant stories/facts that have made me much smarter, and it is written with a good bit of humor. I actually enjoyed it and recommend., I learned a great deal from reading this book. It absolutely was a bit technical at times, but Hope Jahren is a wonderful teacher and writes in a manner that laymen can understand. She opened an whole new realm for me personally with her descriptions of plant life, trees and their functions. Her love and devotion to her science is amazing. I developed a great admiration for her and her lab partner, Bill from reading this book and cherished the insights she contributed into her personal life.

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