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Excellent Book, will teach you the only way to learn to be still and realize your creator: Thereby starting on the road to accomplishing the prime directive, Be ye therefore Perfect, by overcoming your so called natural do it yourself and realizing the Spirit within you will become free from suffering and accomplishing ever lasting serenity and Bliss. Just like you are hungry and want to have something to eat. You need to overcome your so called natural self. We are not only Human. All of us are actually Spirit that seem to be to be individual. If you are hungry or starved You aren't go in the kitchen and sit down and reward and sing and read recipes and think your hunger will be quenched. You have to have something in there to cook and you have to cook and prepare and serve it up. Nobody else can do it you have to do it yourself. You can not achieve the goal by proxy. This specific book outlines the technique but you have to have True Devotion and Adore for God for it to work. Going through the motions and intrigue will not work. You aren't fool God, as most church goers go there to be seen of men. In case you have not realized the spirit within now you want obtain it after loss of life. So get busy., Something written by the fantastic Paramahamsa Yoganada is considered rare metal by my standards. This specific, of course, is no exception. Master Yogananda will go through some of the techniques practiced in Kriya Yoga. Even though it is a very interesting read, Im pretty certain the most crucial part of having a practice is to first be initiated by a self-realized guru. And then these techniques are especially powerful., Simple steps to a deeper meditative practice. Worth reading. Quick read. Verification of meditative experiences. A good price that indicates good intent., Not a word is wasted. These instructions in order to the point. Presently there is also a brief summary of the lineage of Yogananda's Masters as well as some other important phrases. For all those serious about this ancient science, this coaching manual is invaluable., Presently there are only 3 pages noticeable and no text message
Something wrong with the download or is it sensored or a scam?, Love it a great deal. I am happy to find original words from my Master from the very early times. Thanks!, I been searching techniques of Kriya Yoga from childhood and implemented YSS lessons but performed not complete them in 52 weeks. It's recently been always a need to learn this technique. This treasure is godsend by Guruji and Kindle version makes it very easy to keep close. May this treasure help me enlighten myself and all other seekers and yogis., Absolutely recommend to anyone who is acquainted with Yogananda and or meditation and yoga. This specific information has been held very secretive about Kriya. This book is a true treasure.

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