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This looks to be a highly controversial book, however I believe it is superb. This prompted me to provide a full-length review.

The author starts by talking about many known authorities and organizations, always subjecting their flawed teachings plus dogmas, supported with quotes by Lahiri Mahasaya, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, etc, as opposed to doing personal attacks (that would've put me off. )

It furthermore talks about many recognized Kriya themes, but in an entirely different perspective.

For example.: Many folks talk at length about Mahavatar Babaji … as if he or she was an incarnated getting, etc. What the writer says, I have found nowhere else, and entirely discloses Babaji’s true personality in simple words, entirely in alignment with Lahiri Mahasaya’s words.
The author’s view is additionally the same as the Upanishads and Lahiri Mahasaya, unlike many gurus these kinds of days: The True Guru will be the Self.

Regarding praise, many gurus and businesses do puja and traditions, as well as the author shows all of us that true devotion plus worship is practicing Kriya and staying in the Paravashta state after Kriya.

A few of the teachings in this book go even much deeper, regarding deep sleep, recognition and the eternal experience. This I really take pleasure in, because although I had exclusively practiced Kriya Yoga exercises for a long moment, something was lacking. Whenever I found out concerning Advaita Vedanta, this all changed. I finally understood. It's unfortunate that several Kriya gurus or books don't go this strong.

About the techniques component: It's somewhat simple upon the First Kriya, nevertheless I guess the majority of all of us already know how to practice it. What I particularly take pleasure in is the addition regarding a new technique in order to awaken Kundalini quickly. Is actually indeed powerful, and very clear instructions are given, even though more emphasis and details should’ve be provided with here, as opposed to warning the reader on their potential side-effects. This method alongside Kriya Pranayama is usually a bomb.

The writer indirectly advocates practicing Kriya Yoga and Atma-Vichara/Jnana Yoga exercises, and the combo of the two can get you enlightened. This is very well described in the book. Power and wisdom must become cultivated side-by-side.
About the Final Increased Kriyas - Let me not reveal them - We just have to state that I'm in favor of what was taught for the reason that chapter. Many folks will dislike it, specifically those blind by the gurus and organizations, thinking that " solely exercising Kriya techniques will be the most effective route to God".

People who want to dwell in overly complicated techniques or are in the honeymoon period with their guru/organization : don't bother with this guide;
Those who want to really be educated - this really is it.
Although it's upon the shorter side, this is not a poor thing, it merely requires shows me that unlike other Kriya books the author did not add 100 unnecessary web pages full of useless BS. Is actually clear, to the stage, and also has content that I've never read in other Kriya books.
That getting said, this is an expensive guide, but this issue applies in order to all Kriya books. The quick search on Kriya books @ Amazon gives me prices between 20$ and 40$.

The Kriya Yogi Story was a single of my favorite regions of the book, alongside the real meaning of Kutastha as well as the deep explanation of Lahiri Mahasaya's quote about the Yugas-Kriya metaphor.

I consider you should bypass the two good and bad testimonials - if you are an earnest seeker : and give the guide an open-minded attempt, generating your personal conclusions regarding their helpfulness.
Regarding me - no more dualism, superstition and thinking. I have the certainty that this book may possibly help you cut those chains as well.

Some great quotes from the guide:

" You must remain in the “After-Effect-Poise regarding Kriya” over and over and above again, day after day, week after week, 30 days after month, every single year, till your I-ness, your I-ego, dissolves. The river regarding your identity must become discharged into the Sea of Consciousness. "

" Imagine a person being held underwater. How keen is usually he to increase to the surface to breathe air flow? Your desire for the Truth must be as solid as that person’s want for air. "

" True Enlightenment is not really dependent on mathematics, it’s depending on love. ", This guide reached me in a vision during Kriya Yoga exercises. Not the physical guide but the message regarding the power and fantastic treasure in " Post-Kriya Awareness". I found this book to become filled with knowledge for kriyabans regarding all types. This guide has no ego and offers no dogma. It is usually pure and genuine. Say thanks to you for this blessings, my kriya practice offers never been better.

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