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I loved the original Krinar stories, so I thought I would give this a try. There are more authors extending their stories in the Krinar world. This story is about the X golf club. A sex club where humans and K's can go and do the actual enjoy best. Amy, a want a be news reporter found the perfect tale to get her break. Talk about the sex golf club. She did not plan on Vair, a Krinar who not only will own her, but control her. The entire book is about how precisely Amy fights the attraction to Vair, while he continues to manipulate her, and the woman life. They come collectively at the end, but I felt somewhat cheated to see how it was actually going to work between them., This author has captured the atmosphere of the Krinar society and world perfectly. I really enjoyed the character types, the storyline and the way it fits in so well with the original books. I'm looking forwards to more in this series and sincerely hope that this author will write another Krinar story! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of the book., I have always found the humor in these Krinar stories & this one had me tearing with laughter! No doubt you Will enjoy it too!, I adored it... I really hope that this author will consider writing more of Amy and Vair's story. Awesome book, Great story and very well-written. I enjoyed it almost around the trilogy. If you love The first Krinar stories you will like these too!, *ARC provided by author for review*

I have to begin by confessing that I was a big fan of Ould - Zaires and her Krinar books. Generally I don’t like spinoffs or sequels written by other authors, because in the the greater part of, if not all, situations they are invariably discouraging. One of the main things that attracts me for an author’s writing is tone. Voice is a principle that isn’t easy to define, nevertheless for me it is the distinctive style in which a author deploys language to create a world before our inner eyes, the way they grow their characters with personality, and just how they imbue everything with a certain mood. With all the discussion about ghostwriters and famous authors not really writing their own books (anymore) there is some controversy about whether voice can copied. I have to admit that I fit in with the faction that believes that voice is very difficult, if not impossible, to imitate. I also think that I am capable to recognized the voice of my favorite authors and would notice if they weren’t writing their books themselves.
That being said, The X-Club was a short story (or novelette) set in Zaires’ Krinar World. I loved it but was dissatisfied with the very open end of the story. Amy Myers is an aspiring journalist and she is tired to get all the fluff assignments. So she chooses to find and visit one of the famous x-clubs, where humans go to have sex with the otherwordly Krinar. It is said that such encounters are addictive. Amy only wants to go there to observe, but she finishes up spending per night of night numbing passion with the club’s owner, Vair. The next morning the girl wakes up in the woman bed alone, with the woman recollection somewhat fuzzy on what exactly happened (beyond the pleasure) and just how the girl ended up at home. The end.

And honestly, that is where Hettie Ivers Vair: Beyond the X-Club selections up again. Amy writes her disclosure story but makes it look like the girl interviewed sources to get the information. She fears reprisals by the Krinar Council but for several weeks nothing happens. In addition to then all of a sudden she actually is shown motion picture material on her computer of her night with Vair. She assumes she is being blackmailed to withdraw her story, so the girl decides to returning to the club to confront Vair, but things are not what they seem to be at all.
Initinally I was somewhat inflammed by the differ from third person narrative to first person narrative, but I soon got reconciled into it since it seemed to me that she pinned Amy’s inner thoughts pretty well. Also i liked how smoothly she managed to interweave background information on the Krinar world and the way she expanded on Amy’s relationship with The author and how she fleshed out Amy’s family. In addition to last, but not the very least, I loved how the girl brought Amy and Vair back together; the sexual intercourse between those two is actually hot and spectacular. Not quite sure about the guinea pig angle, though you should read it yourself to learn more. If you loved The X-Club you won’t be disappointed by this sequel. So go grab it!

4 .5 stars with this diverting attractive read!, The Krinar tales are a derivative from Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires. I enjoyed this tale that is part of a larger project by an amazing group of authors. Each book reads as a stand-alone and together makes up a fascinating tale. The tales involved two species, humans from earth and Krinar from the planet Krina. The stories are full of angst, confusion, shock, eventually acceptance, and passion. The stories are sexually precise of full of intense sexual intercourse scenes between aliens and humans.

In Vair, we meet Vair and Amy. It is two years after the invasion of the Aliens from Krina. Vair runs an alien sexual intercourse club that Amy and her friend and co-worker from the New You are able to Herald enter to do an expose on.

Amy grew up by parents who see the worse case scenario in everything, and have drilled into her, their fears. In fact, they have inhibited Amy for enjoying life and those fears will spill over into her work. Writing articles that are negative towards the Krinars, better known as Ks will bring her in the sites of both governments. “Humans complicate the most basic emotions by experiencing them through extraneous social filter systems. ”

The story will bring Amy into Vair’s world when she comes into his sex-club, and Vair claims her. This specific naïve, inhibited young lady will experience multiple sex delights with Vair. “We don’t suffer the prudish social constraints that trouble your society. ” But you may be wondering what happens when she writes her story? What happens when she learns that Vair’s comment that he will “take great care of her for all eternity? ”

“No, little reporter, it means you are Vair’s property. It means that he owns you. ” “Ks don’t need permission from humans. Put into effect what we want. All of us keep what we state as ours. ”

What will happen when Amy rejects Vair’s attention? The girl with left with mixed emotions, upset he is leaving behind her alone and missing him, yet afraid to accept his dominance and attention. “Feeling overwhelmed. Requiring more. Wanting less. Craving everything my scary alien lover had to give. ”

There is great chemistry between Vair and Amy, and while the girl may be chemically influenced by the chemical found in his saliva that leaves her drugged and docile, when she is not with him, she misses him. How far will Vair go to protect Amy, not only from their respective governments, but from her own self? Is usually there any future on their behalf? The story has intense and explicit sex scenes, including voyeurism.

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