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There were things in the book that were helpful; thus I give it three stars. However, from a Christian perspective, I find the constant references in order to the Talmud, Kabala, in addition to Tantric sexual traditions disturbing. Some of the suggestions to couples in his books appear risky in addition to even even dangerous; once more from a conservative Alfredia perspective. For instance; within several examples, each time a man has lost sexual interest in his wife; he or she advises the wife in order to dress provocative and visit a bar, allowing men to purchase her drinks etc, while her husband sits in the back observing. While this seemed to fix the condition associated with the husbands waning wish for the present, I actually cannot help but think that it would have harmful effects on the woman in the long work. It's not hard in order to see, that once a bored, sex hungry spouse has had this knowledge, it would be difficult for her to ever before forget the attentions associated with strange men, who the author describes as having swarmed around the wife, competing for her attention. Short term fix; long lasting problem, won't make for helpful advice. Nevertheless, in all fairness, I must say I agree together with the author more compared to I disagree. He is extremely firm on monogamous marital life, against pornography, and details all fantasies about intercourse toward ones spouse; all of which agree within principle to Chritian teachings. There are other things I would say are useful, but we recommend you read it for yourself., Shmuley is on to something in this article. Simply wanting sex even more often hasn't been the answer to what I've recently been craving and I haven't been able to flag it down and state to my husband precisely what I was wanting through him. Shmuley explains it so well, getting of which playful passion back in the relationship is just what the particular doctor ordered. Getting us to look at one another through those lustful colored glasses associated with the early days is just the tonic., Worth it. There should be a batiment to Shmuley somewhere! In case men would read this book it could change the particular world! Read this book whatever the stage associated with your relationship., Learned a lot from this book. Contrary to the frequent belief, there lots of points to learn from this guide. Some real good information on how to practice the particular Tanrik love making., I actually love this author. All of his books may be life changing if an individual appreciate and apply his ideas in your life. This is excellent for public wanting to get wedded; married people whose enthusiasm and romance has receded and needs rejuvenation; and those just simply trying to find suggestions to spice up their relationships. Excellent!, This book is a must go through for all couples irrespective of your religious thinking. Very helpful and informative. Certainly has the woman perspective right on. At times was too wordy., Fascinating perspective on sex in addition to lust in one's marital life. Old ideas brought in order to light inside a new method. Read it as a couple., A wonderful perspective within the necessity and sacredness associated with intimacy between couples. I recommend it to every wedded couple of any faith.

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