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Nicely, it started as a political, joke, inspired by the same news that gave us the " warhead" cartoon on the newest Yorker cover. Then i discovered how fascinating Korean is: such nuance! The handful of ways to say I love you, an alternative set of seems altogether, and outside our alphabet! It's hard, but this book, with COMPACT DISC, makes it a lot easier.
This specific is said by many to be the natural way to learn, that is phonetically. You may still be illiterate, but you can discuss, and it is well worth the effort. If you know a Korean in america who speaks The english language, you already know a Korean sprachwissenschaftler who has thought way outside the box in order to say hello.
If learning the language is halfway to learning the culture, then learning the culture helps set the table for peaceful coexistence, it is time., I purchased at least four books (that I can remember at the moment) and this by significantly has been the BEST and most helpful for learning how to read and speak Korean. The particular author is humorous while really connecting you to the culture and what it's prefer to be a foreigner there. Basically would have purchased this one first, I wouldn't have needed the others., I am giving it 4 stars because it truly really does take you into maters of starting a dialogue with another person or rather in Korean. It truly does teach you from common words to then making you use conversational words, along with being able to pronounce the words. The CD that comes along with it teaches a person to pronounce to see how each alphabet is pronounced. Considering that I'm from south asian countries, the pronunciation is very easy and have no trouble it, but for those who can't say for sure, the video in the CD shows how your mouth and sound should be.
To make things challenging, after a few chapters, it makes you depend less on the english translation or how to pronounce it, and rather makes you remember what it was. Its a nice way to remember things and it also helps. But not only will it teach you conversational korean language, but additionally gives you an understanding of the korean language culture. Its quite an interesting read.
Now comes the part this is why I didn't give it a full 5 star. Its since it doesn't educate you the alphabets of the korean language nor does it teach you to create the language except to pronounce and write the common words used and how to communicate it. Its fine if you don't consider learning the whole language and simply want to say a few things, but for someone with this problem, I want to learn a whole new language and for that I want to begin by learning all the alphabets just like how all of all of us started when we figured out English. For me the ideology is to learn to read and write comes first, and then having the ability to speak in the Korean way comes second. Culture learning can be done after one understands the language first.
For that I found out that there is a second publication which does that all along with a workbook that gives you exercises to do business with. For those seeking to learn a whole new language, you are better of getting the second workbook first and then moving on to the one after grasping the alphabets and writing the chinese language., I purchased this about two days ago. I purchased a rush on it and received it the next day, well packaged.

I read the first 2 or so chapters... I already learn how to read Korean like the pronunciation of each syllables and how each figure should be read all-in-one day. Now, I learn pretty fast. So, everything is determined by everyone's speed of learning.

This book breaks or cracks everything down very well and it's easy to follow. It comes with a COMPACT DISC rom to assist with pronunciations. It's also very an entertaining read and definitely not a boring textbook.

I do recommend everyone who wants to learn the Korean language basics to buy this book., I have started to study Korean on my own. I saw this guide in my local public library and loved it.
I haven't experienced it all completely yet, but what I've read/studied, I like. The light-hearted sense of humor brings my stress-level much lower. I know this is simply for newbies (as it states), yet I see it is extremely thorough. I would like exercises, but it's pretty good on it's own.
I've been researching mostly online through harukorean. com (learn to make your own Korean content and native Korean speakers correct your sentences for you). But once I am offline, I'll go straight to this book., I am a person who can get easily distracted and baffled. I have tried many books and websites, all of which leave many things out. This publication has it all. It keeps you engaged therefore you don't fall asleep but also supplies much information. Yes, to Native speakers, this book may seem a lttle bit amateur-like, but to newbies, this is the perfect start to leaning a new language.

There's so much information packed into this thin little book, I was doubtful when I first saw how thin it was. However, is actually been almost monthly and I'm not even halfway through! (Which is the right way to learn an Asian language-- slowly. As someone who speaks Chinese, anyways. ) It's very thorough and will keep you engaged in the material., I've tried a couple programs, only to learn that I am not an auditory learner; this publication explains the language so that I can attempt to understand it instead than learning how to mouth key phrases which I don't really care to know. Considering that I'm just starting to explore the book, I can't offer a very specific review confirmed, but it has certainly captured my interest, as well as being a real exercise for my brain. I have no interest in visiting the country, and so i don't need to know how to find a restaurant or bus stop, etc.; but, I would want to be able to understand what is being said in the K-dramas, rather than depending upon sub-titles. Hopefully, in a couple years, that may happen, with the help of this guide.

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