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Quite a fun read for me. I think you would like this if you are curious about how things work. It is not a " survivalist" book. This is a book designed to inform people about how little we understand the foundations of our technology. I think we often are unaware of the actually brilliant efforts our forefathers made just to get us to the degree of manufacturing we take for given today. I sometimes get the impression from peers that they presume people in the past were kind of dumb not to have cell phones and microwave popcorn. But the people saying that are completely ignorant of the complex path of development we have taken and would be hopeless about even how to begin to do these things if they had to get started on from scratch. So... a good book for those enthusiastic about the history of technology; but also a good book for the readers of science fiction as these concepts tie in numerous works of that genre in a indirect way. It was well-written and edited., While it is pleasant to read, is actually no survival guide. It can really an outline with vague information about " what-if scenarios" lightly touching on survival. If you prefer a " to the point" and detailed survival guide, We highly recommend the " Back to the Basics" series., This book was amazing. Difficult a guide with a series of step-by-step guides and tips, instead it explains all the technological advancements mankind must understand and achieve before you have a healthy and thriving modern society after a global catastrophe. It's very well written, educational, and almost academic. We loved feeling like We was learning about historical past, science, chemistry, medicine, gardening, and yet none of it was too comprehensive or over me.

Typically the book really showed me how much I didn't know about the technology I use and love daily and opened my eyes to how connected with each other and dependent we are as a species., Most disappointingly, this is similar to reading a collection of statements after i expected in-depth journalism. It's a listing of things to learn, but a readers has to go in other places to learn some of those things. I wish We had not spent the money to buy it., We read this guide in our book group and i also liked it a lot. Some people may be disappointed that it isn't a " practical" prepper manual but there are dozens of those out there. I thought it was obviously a really interesting book on the actual technology behind the technology that runs our world (" technology" defined very, very broadly -- from improving metals on up). He or she doesn't have a step-by-step guide on how to make coal into coke but he tells you how it's basically done and why you'd want to do it. I completed the book with a larger appreciation of our each day world., The book does not contain the whole HOWTO, is more a guide to think on what ifs, and has the pointers to where to locate more information.
It makes you think on the fragility of our world as you may know it, approaching from the last couple of centuries of high energy availability at low price, and how we depend on this for our life.
We all are proposed a circumstance where this is not anymore available, with hints on how to recover, and pointers to where to find information to collect. Designed for eager preppers, but for general public to understand the situation as it is.
Does not cover within my viewpoint the danger from the removal of rational thinking, and how to grant the same level of freedom of thought we have today: remember Clarke's three regulations < https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarke%27s_three_laws> and what religion has done in the past to challenge development.
Task a couple of era in this post annihilation and you will see the danger for recuperating " scientists" to be burned on pyres (again! )., There are times of pure brilliance in this book, aspects of insight into our civilization and how the most incredible inventions and systems were built from older tools and processes. These times of appreciation and celebration are too unusual, though: Almost all of the book reads like a number of coaching manuals and are a chore to get through. Get it for the superb first and last chapters, but skim through or skip most of the rest., This specific is an outstanding book on several levels. Dr . Dartnell has approached the topic of essential skills for creating a civilization in the first place, or rebuilding one if necessary, with rigor and scholarship. He is attempting to encourage discussion of a variety of topics that arise from the guide directly, or evolve from it, at a web forum he created. Typically the potential exists for people to organize around the theme of collecting and linking the skills and knowledge that would be needed to rebuild civilization. Such organized upkeep activity would lend itself to guiding creating of new human civilized areas away from Earth. In addition , the abundance of political refugees on Earth in 2015 is a potential source of folks to undertake creation of " civilized communities" right here!
2015/10/03 Addendum: Dr. Dartnell also sponsors a forum for readers of his guide: discuss. the-knowledge. org

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