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This guide has truly been an outstanding primer on the heretical roots that orthodox Christianity has come up against! Justin Holcomb outdid himself; Know the Heretics is an outstanding introduction to Apologetics and having a audio hermeneutic for orthodox Alfredia study of the Scriptures. I am no MDiv., but more of your armchair theologian-meaning I enjoy books that challenge and provide understanding that do not require an MDiv. just to understand the Introduction. Justin Holcomb writes this book in such a way that can make it challenging, thought-provoking and yet palatable and approachable. Each and every chapter begins with the history of the particular heretic being studies, their background, t he historical context in which they and/or their views came about, and really sets the stage to understanding where they erred in orthodox Christianity. Once the period has been set-briefly, succinctly-yet powerfully, Holcomb then gives the Orthodox reaction to the heresy. Given today's age where you have got to to understand what you believe and why, this is greatly appreciated! Make no mistake, Holcomb gives as impartial a view as possible without delving into denominational issues of difference! Once the reaction has been discussed, then time is obtained to discuss contemporary importance. The text does a wonderful job of not being paternalistic nor patronizing to other (unorthodox) beliefs. Interestingly enough, it is of note to observe how history-and heresy-often repeat themselves-among and outside of the orthodox church. Wrapping upward each chapter are dialogue questions and sources. The questions are not " Little Bunny Foo-Foo" questions either! You can undergo them alone and/or in a group and yield some impactful reflection and dialogue. All of his options are legit and lend themselves to additional reading and discussion as well. Great read!, While it may well not be as unusual as generation or two ago, reading a Episcopal Protestant with reform leanings writing on Patristic Christology is quite interesting. This particular perspective allows one to start to see the Protestant relationship to the " credal" early church. This book focuses on 12 heresies as way of explaining the Orthodox point of view--from a reformed perspective. Holcomb uses both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox explications of the Patristic writings in his works cited, so his view, while definitely reformed, seems very much ecumenical in spirit. Most of the 12 heresies are either ante-nicene or the Christological heresies which concerned the first four ecumenical councils. The exception is the chapter on Socinus, all of these are heresies of the early church.

Holcomb's converted Episcopal theological leanings are clearest when he writes about the Judaizers. Another point in which the Protestant leanings are clear is Holcomb's not mentioning that both Tertullian and Origen, while key church fathers, were both anathematized. Tertullian himself succumbed to the Montanism heresy, which whilst not a Christological dispute, did have serious implications for proto-Catholic/Orthodox views of forgiveness. Origen was anathematized after his universalism, and his unintentional but historical connection to Arianism (whhich Holcomb does actually admit). Finally, using Socinus as a major history is indicative of a relationship to the reformed tradition. While Gloss and Transylvanian Unitarianism does lead to modern Unitarianism and Unitarian-Universalism, this is a minor moment in Christian background whose main ideas can be found in other heretical movements. It, however, is particularly substantial in Reformed history.

Another problem with the book is that a tiny chapter on Gnosticism may be over-ambitious. Gnosticism being such a huge category, and one where there are substantial disagreements in both historical and even orthodox Christian sectors as to what technically belongs to the category. The different issues with Gnosticism are difficult to pin down in such a short chapter. Gnostic tendencies to re-emerge in late antiquity and in the medieval period add to the protean nature of the category.

Still, despite these criticisms, I actually find this book to be honest about what the Orthodox point of view from the perspective of the credal churches--most Simple, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox--actually state they believe. In different age of religious illiteracy in general, this sort of education perspective is important even if one is not only not reformed, but perhaps not even a Christian. It packs a reasonable amount of analysis and history in under two hundred pages, and, for that alone, I provide a high recommendation., This book provides a good, general summary of heretical teachers and movements in church background. The author also takes great pains to emphasize the importance of applying this knowledge to theological discussions today. While we must not label every doctrinal disagreement as heresy, neither should we ignore the reemergence of ancient heresies because we have been ignorant of them and the reaction of historical, orthodox Christianity to them. The book is well footnoted and supplies dialogue questions and ideas for additional reading for those who want to learn more. The book could benefit from a glossary, especially for theological words and definitions of heretical movements and teachers referred to in passing, but not explored in depth., Helpful in identifying the legitimately difficult questions that offered rise to historical heresies and the way the church pushed back, clarifying it's own doctrines in response. Many of the questions are those I've got or I've heard others raise in the church. Succinct and worth the read.

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