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Whilst I’m a crafty person, I’m a complete beginner to knitting! I generally do paper crafting and needle felting, but I have been interested in sewing for a while. Sewing Stitches has been a great first summary of this craft! It is so a lot more than only a guide to knitting stitches. That begins with a background and guide that is an absolute lifesaver for beginners, including an introduction to basic tools and abbreviations; the author even explains how to keep the needles and yarn! For someone with no experience, the in depth explanations and images help a lot.
The book then carries on into more detail about knitting. It explains sewing stitches, shows techniques, and provides patterns for fun projects. It includes patterns up to an advanced level, so this book would work for knitters of all skill levels! Near the end, the author gives some helpful regular questions and mistakes among knitters. All of this is very legible and well-illustrated. In fact, I read this book all the way through on the first day I downloaded it. The book is set up very well for referencing, so I could see myself reading specific parts again as needed. Total, I would recommend this book to any beginner knitter as well as intermediate knitters who need extra assist with specific knitting stitches., I enjoyed reading Knitting Stitches: Learn How to Made Stitches. The book clears with an introduction and fun facts about knitting which, I always find interesting. As a new knitter pictures are extremely important so, I can see what yarn, needles and, stitches I will be using. Throughout the book there are pictures associated with everything and I love the clear visuals. Sewing Stitches also gives you a chart to determine the needle size and yarn weight. Then the book moves on and explains in detail which needles to choose for when you are a beginner and, there are videos to watch on needle size. It can get confusing to walk into A. C. Moore or Michael's trying to figure out which needle is correct for me but, now I don’t have to imagine. Each page is easy to read and presents to consumers through how to measure a gauge, read a design, hold your needles and, step by step instructions for each and every stitch. There are also videos provided through so if you are a visual person like me personally you can watch how to hold your fine needles or, steps to make the stitch. The little dictionary provided of what the sewing abbreviations mean was so helpful; when I was going through the book all I had developed to do was reference it. It is exciting that the book shows steps to make fun things like a bag or, an advanced item like, a snowy owl. I would recommend Knitting Stitches: Learn Just how to Knit Stitches if you are a new knitter who enjoys having plenty of visuals and understands from step by step instructions., Photos and layouts are inconsistent on the stitches. Sometimes it's a few photos, other times is actually an illustration. I was looking for a basic book that described with either good detail images or drawings the actual stitch directions actually looked like., One of the most favourite memories of my childhood is when my mother and I were knitting, or at least were trying to do some knitting stitches. The mother had a full time job and she could never find time to master her sewing skills. Being a working woman myself I don't have time to join a knitting workshop, so I try learn by reading books and watching videos. I purchased this book a few days back also it turned to be the best Christmas surprise I could give me personally!

From all the sewing books and magazines I've ever bought, this is simply the best for a beginner like I feel. It's not only this book features the sewing basics with step-by-step instructions, it's the way that it can it. Every section includes multiple close range images to help you understand the instructions. And if you are of these who prefer watching than reading, there are links to respective videos!

This book starts with the fundamentals about yarns and fine needles (even how to keep your needles), and carries on with detailed instructions of how to cast on and bind off. It shows you how to knit different types of stitches (I'd never been aware of some of them, the Roman stitches for example, all so easy to do) and it goes on with fancy techniques like lace, dragon fly and peacock stitches along with patterns, like the geometric and rounded ones. But what I found the most useful was the section that deciphers the abbreviations for knitting patterns, you already know the ones knitting magazines are full of.

Reading through this book I had the impression the author was by my side teaching me personally personally how to knit stitches and that's why I adored it a lot., This is a wonderful book for anyone just starting out sewing or somebody who wants to learn all the fundamentals. The book is a great step by step guide that walks the reader through the various knitting types. Never experienced I thought myself knitting because as a novice, all hope was lost. Nevertheless, I never gave up on my desire to knit and this book which became a saviour has really helped in fulfilling that desire. This book provides details which range from basics about needles and yarn to comprehensive instructions about how to bind off and cast off. The video links and images are also valuable and it gives you clearer understanding about knitting. I highly recommend this guide for any beginner learning knitting., Last winter, I tried to knit my mother a scarf for Christmas, and failed totally. After reading several across the internet guides that didn’t help, I decided to give up and purchased her a surprise card instead. Recently, I came across this book and decided to give knitting another try.

I liked this book far more than the on-line manuals because it gives very in depth explanations of various sewing stitches. Additionally , this book has some great pictures and easy to follow knitting patterns. Hopefully, I will be able to finally knit a scarf for my friend this 12 months with all the information provided in this guide.

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