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We are all different, I realize. But Anthony Bourdain is undoubtedly the most unique person I have ever met. I've met him through his TV SET show, and gotten much better acquainted through this guide. I particularly appreciate his being willing to share regions of his childhood plus deeply personal parts of his life that few of us would be willing to share with others. And the way he tells his some of his stories is very funny. Yes, I actually loved this book., Like a foodie and former restaurant owner I found this book a great read. My wife didn't like the language or attitude but the reality is that Bourdain is correct in his story telling and even though i was positioned in our state's third most significant city, nothing like NYC, I heard and found the same attitude in our " urban" kitchen. Following your read I came across a young man who wanted to work in my kitchen; after a few miserable days of sloppy work I informed him that he required to read this book to understand the planet he thought he desired to be in and why my standards on cleanliness and prepare was so important. I actually gave him another week and as of today he has left food service (fired rather for using oven cleaner on my grill top) and pursuing a career as a nurse. Let's just say I plan on avoiding the hospital he will get a job in! Thus, my point is, if you were ever interested in food service and have dreams of being a elegant chef you seen on the Food Network then read this book for a dose of actuality!, OK. I admit, I actually read it because I actually have a huge grind on the man. Having said that, I'll read his other books too, because he or she is definitely a entertaining writer, who results in very much like he does in the news. " Kitchen Confidential" is all about everything you don't want to know by what goes on in a restaurant at the rear of those swinging doors, and if it doesn't put you off going out there to eat for a while, you're a far better man than I actually. Being a carbawhore (and artisinal bread slut in particular), I would kill to taste bread made by Adam Real-Last-Name-Unknown. It sounds heavenly, even if he doesn't., I love viewing any and all things Anthony Bourdain and lastly gave his first book a read to find out more on the origins of the man. It may be because I have observed so many of his shows, but I will picture him telling the story as if he's in the room beside me as I read. He has an entertaining and blunt writing voice that makes you chuckle out loud at his crazy young antics and previous restaurant shenanigans. Typically the layout of the book is very unique and intriguing as well, as he bounces around from childhood, to the essentials for any kitchen, to each day in the life at Les Halles. No stone is left un-turned in the " real" restaurant world by the time you finish reading. It was a book I couldn't stand to put down and yet could not bare to finish since i have wanted more., Park what you know about being a chef. Anthony Bourdain's bio is a medication dosage of irreverent reality about life out and in of the kitchen. He relates the life of a chef and culinary in prominent and amusing detail. I actually like the part where he or she was introduced to his first real cuisine, as a boy, aboard the the Queen Mary hanging around to Europe with his parents, and his first preference of oysters in France, straight from the sea was fantastic. The explanation of his one time mentor " Bigfoot" and just how he or she managed his restaurants was fantastic... I have the audio book in my car and it hasn't left the CD player in per month. You will enjoy it if you like food and eating and great restaurants., very easy to read, it's written in an easy english so even those like me who use english as a second language can enjoy understanding all of it. great for a beach reading, Anthony Bourdain's gritty life history begins out funny and interesting, but eventually turns into a depressing, self-aggrandizing, finally boring tale of drug and alcohol abuse and exploitative casual sex. Yawn. I made it about 3/4 of the way through and gave up., I am a huge Anthony Bourdain fan and this book failed to disappoint. The writing is excellent, simultaneously poetic and raw. He can spin a great tale, it was funny, considerate and full of inside prérogatives about how the inner operation of the restaurant business function - no sugar-coating here. I liked that Bourdain shares his thoughts based on his experiences unfortunately he happy to share that despite his encounters, there are " other ways" and other ideas as to how other chefs think and work. For all of his successes, he has not forgotten his failings and struggles and I appreciated the honesty of the journey. Extremely recommended.

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