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Allow me to start this review by saying that I feel not one to provide a five star rating gently but I genuinely seem like this book deserves it. I will try to keep this spoiler free. This particular book continues the tale of Owen Kiskaddon, 7 years after the events of the Thief's Child. The story this ultimate book tells will be a lot bulkier than the previous two installments and features many adult themes, most likely because Owen himself is an adult in this book as opposed to children or a teen. There are themes of loss, heartbreak, regret, hopelessness and betrayal, but there are also incredible elements of compassion, redemption and love. The characters in this story have developed and progressed in a natural and believable way, each one of them maturation and developing qualities that are interesting and practical. Option great thing about the way Wheeler designs characters, there is no such thing as a one dimensional character in his stories and this character-designing talent is especially crucial in The King's Traitor.

The plot moves alongside at a steady rate and the suspense and intrigue never relent. It's filled with exciting twists and turns that as a seasoned fantasy reader We genuinely did not expect. Many times throughout the book I feared that the storyline would go down a cliche plot path only to be pleasantly surprised as I was proven wrong. As for the writing style itself it is immaculate as always. There's never an awkward sentence or misplaced term; every sentence really feels as though a work of artwork.

I believe like the perfect ending to a tale is the one that makes you sad that its over but happy that you got to experience it and satisfied with the way the story finished. This final book left me with that bittersweet experience in a manner that few stories have. For those who have read the first two books of this series, you HAVE TO BE ABLE TO read this last book., We uncovered the author Rob Wheeler and this series which includes The King's Traitor by accident. I love it! This book is a page-turner, as are all the books in this series. I also liked the Queen's Poisoner. I especially like that I can be sure there isn't a lot of swearing and/or sex situations. Let the story speak for itself--which Jeff Wheeler is a master at doing. Suggest for adults and teens. I can't hold out for more books from him., It’s a shame other sword and sorcery authors couldn’t handle the genre as well as Jeff Wheeler. Even Robert Jordan managed to get some character development into his epic (even if it relied excessively on misunderstandings for dramatic tension). Too many authors today are grinding out multi-volume quick-reads based on the following formula: intrepid leading man (accompanied by a number of colourful compatriots) faces implacable bad and impossible odds; leading man wins; in next volume level hero faces even more implacable evil and more impossible odds; hero wins; rinse/repeat. The Kingfountain series stands apart, despite the puzzling history and the puzzling “Fountain” character. The telling details in developmental scenes lend texture to a tale that rumbles along without much concern for the reader. The quirky characters (noble, venal, innocent, and so forth ) keep the readers engaged. And finally, for me, the editing is adequate (sorry, but that’s high praise in this genre)., There is so much to say about this series, but I avoid want to spoil anything for many who are still selecting their purchase. What We will say, aside from "Buy it! ", is: We was so surprised at how things play out for Owen, slightly disappointed at first being that We had my allegiances to certain characters and story progressions. However in the end, it just made my heart swell with wish and dread for the options for these characters. We can't wait to read what comes next. We purchased the first 3 books all at once and saw, after We began the first one, there were three others ahead. I'm embarrassed to admit that I rolled my eyes and said aloud, "What could it possibly take six books to say? " Now i'm an avid reader but want to read everything, so I don't want to spend too much time wrapped up in one genre. Nevertheless Need to say once We was immersed in the world of Kingfountain, We never wanted to come up for air. Our husband is thoroughly annoyed. I spent three days reading the e-books every free moment I got and listening to the music books most of the times in between. When I wasn't reading it I used to be thinking about it and trying to hurry back to it. I can't remember the last time We fell this deeply into a story. It reminded me personally why, aside from the need to get out of me at the ending of a stressful day, I fell in love with reading. I just want to state to Mr. Wheeler how grateful We am for the knowledge and how beautiful it is to find out about the innocence and purity of first love from your male perspective. Any man that can write about those things and make them so relatable needs to be one heck of a husband and father. Your wife is lucky to have you, as I'm certain are you are to have her. God bless., So hard to put down. The intrigue, the plots and twists and turns, worthy of a Game of Thrones. We loved the Wizr arranged and how it threaded through the story and how the characters finished up. Mercy with backbone. Thrilling indeed. I highly recommend this series., The story, the characters, the setting, the winding story together wove a cause to bring me real tears of joy, gratitude, and understanding on several occasions because the story proves. This is a very powerful love story... the power of that love come from the character's persistence, sacrifice, forgiveness, honor, respect and mercy... choosing these ideals when it would be so easy to choose their opposites. We become so choked-up on several occasions, that my throat hurt deeply. Therefore my regards and gratitude to you Jeff Wheeler for weaving so much fact and goodness with your work.

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