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When I start a Skye Warren book I have to take a deep breath and immerse myself in her genius. We may well not understand how exactly the pieces will fall but I have to trust that my mind will be blown. That's exactly how she left me after reading The King. We was elated, moved and HUNGRY for more. We could not get enough of Damon and his Penny and wait with bated breath for The Queen.

In case you steadily followed Cent and Damon's story right from the start we see how they met in the Knight in shining armor and her capture as a player in Jonathan Scott's diabolical game in Orchard. From there inside the Castle we see the aftermath of those steps but never truly see and feel it from Penny's eyes. The King gives us this missing perspective we needed. We get to see it bleary the perspective of the " Peasant" in the land of Princes and Kings. Like Avery before her, Penny is the noblest of creatures prepared to sacrifice her dignity and self worth in the name of her father. But unlike Avery, Penny paid the price as a result of Jonathan Scott who left her broken - body and mind. Now in Typically the King we see the outcome of that and the electric and fiery biochemistry between Penny and Damon. She is his weakness and as a result, paid the ultimate price. But what happens to the noble Peasant in the land of the new King? Will the girl finally become the strongest player in the game?

The things i loved about The Ruler is that throughout different publications and novellas, the writer geniously kept Penny as one of the most powerful players on the table. Yes - she was victimized and brutalized. Nevertheless she never really lost her strong voice and convictions. Through everything she's been through - one thing has always continued to be constant: she has always wanted to remain free and in control of her very own mind and body. In addition to Damon. Oh sweet, safety, dark and cunning Damon. He was the most beautiful figure of all. We saw him truly evolve from your Prince all the way to The King. Through protector and confidant to magnificent Dark Savior and like a fine wine, over time their relationship evolved and dark passion simmered between them. Taboo? indeed. Equally exciting and scrumptious? HECK YES! But reality is fact - The lady is his Penny and he is her Ruler.

I am so significantly excited about The California king as I have to know very well what happens between them. The writer left me requiring more and on the precipice of a cliff. I am slowly about to die for more but honestly it can the best way to go. No one can write like Ms. Warren. These people can try however they really can't. It's fact. The girl storylines are golden and her words are almost lyrical. For this reason she is on another level. Typically the King was sensual and filled with a dark promise of what's to come. I for one was capable to find out.

Skye Warren really is brilliant. She left us little breadcrumbs in Orchard, the Prince, The Castle and finally in The Ruler and it's up to us to put it all together. Every little piece and player has their own part and when she decides it's time.. all the pieces tumble together perfectly. She is the ultimate maestro in a properly played orchestra. We simply need to sit back, enjoy and prepare to be blown away. Bravo! 5 Stars! ~Ratula, I actually had no idea we were going to get Damon Scott's story. Maybe I've been living under a rock considering that the End Game Collection ended. Who knows. Nevertheless the moment I discovered out there and got my hands on The King, I knew I was in love. Because mentioned by Warren, you do not have to see The End Game Collection so as to read Typically the King. It is just a spin-off of that series, however. In addition to I'll be honest, I believe you should read those first. Sure, you'll be fine if you don't but the stories and time frames do match. Plus, that series is amazing and you shouldn't skip out on it in any case!

This story is raw, gritty, intense and painfully broken. The struggles that both Penny and Damon have gone through in their lives is emotional and painstakingly heartbreaking. Yet, they have shaped how they are now.

I knew We was going to love Damon because I needed more of him from The End Game Collection. He was dark and mysterious and The Ruler gives us his background. I had no clue just how broken he really is and there's something about him that tugs my heart for him. We just want him to find the love that he never got as a child.

What We didn't know was how much I was proceeding to like Penny. Some may think she is weak in this book (if only by a few actions) but if you peel back the layers and really see her for who she is, she's intelligent, beautiful, and very loving. She's stronger than she looks and her bravery would endure above some other girl her age. I recently felt for her and linked to her. Of course, I'm pulling for these two and praying for a happy ending for them.

General, I love this publication. It's everything that We could of thought We needed when it came to Damon Scott and his story. It's dark and sad but beauty shines in the most unexpected places. I cannot wait to get my hands on The Queen and find out the particular rest of Damon and Penny's story is., The Ruler is the first installment (a duet) in the spin-off of Skye Warren's Endgame Series, where we first met Damon Scott and Penny. It mirrors that portion of the story where Jonathan Scott, Damon's father, gets what he deserves, from Penny's POV, and all the events leading up to that and the resulting emotional aftermath. Jonathan Scott was a vile, evil monster... do he get exactly what he or she wanted all along?

I'm always blown away by the quantity of emotion I experience with a Skye Warren story, at various times throughout the story I was elated and happy, frightened and angry, raw and sad, appalled and proved right, resolute and resigned.

This particular is Damon and Penny's story. Penny, so young, but so strong. Having to deal with adult problems way before she should, she's unsuspecting and scared, but falls headlong into the obligation like no child should. Damon, still watching out there for her, still safety, has become someone the girl doesn't want to care about, but he made a sacrifice, a choice for her, in the past, one she is well aware of but hates how it's changed her " wild boy".

There's a large cliffie, we leave Damon and Penny at a crossroads, did he cheat? No not that kind, but Damon is making a choice again... if you love someone, set them free, if they come back again.... well, you know the rest, but I don't think Damon sees a happy ending.

I love these characters, Damon is reliable and all bad child, but sometimes you have to play the cards your dealt and Cent is age appropriate and believable as written, I'm so anxious to see where The Queen will take us. PS... thanks for giving us a little more Gabriel and Avery!

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