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This can be a very difficult book to review, as you can imagine whenever you read and try to create a review concerning a book about a religious determine. I know that the authors say that this is not a religious book, but instead one which focuses on the humanity of Jesus Christ. They have done a good job treading the fine line between straight biography and religious writing.

Naturally , the main, and possibly only, source for the life of the Nazarene (as the authors term him) are the four gospels with which most readers are familiar. Interspersed with one of these writings you will find chapters dedicated to Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Tiberius, and other historical characters. There is a brief, but concise, background of Rome, and short biographies of some of the figures, including Pontius Pilate and the several Herods. It appears that the writers accept the gospel bank account of the birth in Bethlehem and the visit of the Magi, which led to the slaughter of the infants in Bethlehem at the insistence of Herod. There shows up to be no historical record for these activities except for the gospels, so the reader either takes it at face value or not, dependent on his or her values. Also, the sticky question concerning Jesus' siblings is handled somewhat offhandedly, with an email concerning the various theories about who these people were, depending on your particular religion. I actually do take exception to the mention of Herod's " castle", a term I actually don't believe existed at that time, but it's a minimal quibble.

All things (particularly religious beliefs) considered, the author have done a well thought out job. There is absolutely no writing concerning the actual miracles attributed to Jesus, but they are mentioned in the text as information of them spread into the surrounding area, so the authors appear to make no claims to any genuineness. Also, the narrative ends with the crucifixion and burial, and then the discovery of the bare tomb three days later. After that, it's once more news of post death appearances spread by expected eyewitnesses, with no effort to state any author belief in whether or not these events actually occurred.

Lest I be accused of being some type of sceptic or unbeliever, let me state that, like the authors, I am a practicing Roman Catholic and truly believe that Jesus is who he said he is and that, if I do what is right, he will greet me when I actually die. Just because I have some doubts about elements of the gospels won't mean that my belief is weak. 17 years of Catholic education has kept me strong and will, I trust, business lead me to the incentive Jesus promised.

One final thing. I know that there are many people out there who do not like O'Reilly for his political views and may allow that mind set to lead them to give this book a bad review, even though some of them will not have read it. To the people folks I say: read the book and if you don't believe that it's a good book, give it a bad review, but please don't let your political leanings cause you to downgrade the book because of your dislike of the author. There is no politics in this guide, and so it shouldn't produce the venom that has accompanied the publication of his other historical works. Bill isn't a vem som st?r, but he and his co-author have done their best with a very sensitive subject, and I salute their effort, GREAT book. Really an educational summary of Jesus's life on earth. Even if you aren't a Christian - this guide reveals the facts of Jesus Christ's time here on earth in relation to the other historical events that required place during that time., Awesome!!! Read all of the " Killing... " series and, like Costs or not, these publications are incredible! Good way to tell the story and challenging to put down. Total of facts and information. A ton of footnotes, but that just adds to the learning!, This is background written in a way that you get many details that describe the time in history and what it really was like. Have not read entire book yet, not ready for the killing of Jesus part yet. Jules, As a baptized Catholic, and having my first nine years of education and learning at a Catholic college, I knew the storyline of Jesus Christ from a biblical perspective well. On the other hand, this can be the first time I actually heard the storyline of Jesus Christ from a purely historical perspective, which helped me find out more on the person that Jesus actually was during everyday life. Despite one's religious affiliation or allegiance, this book is worth reading, as it is also fantastic read about Roman principle and it is history of market leaders. As a Christian, this book will expand your understanding of Jesus and all those affiliated with Your pet, and will hopefully, as with my experience, also strengthen your faith., great book. I purchased it to learn about christ because I was not elevated a christian and I actually found it objective and insightful. I read it from to back and it's the most effective books I actually have ever read., I actually purchased this guide to get some insights into the places and times of Jesus. I acquired some of that. I have to the book read like a good, interesting book about a person I actually already knew (Jesus). This certainly kept my interest and provided some facts that were interesting especially about the use of crucifixion in those days and nights. What I did not like was how the authors assigned thoughts and feeling to Jesus that were at best risky. Maybe that was because the book was expected to be more entertaining than factual. Or maybe it was because Bill and associate chose to use the resources they thought were more accurate than others. At any rate, some of the facts about the land, the leaders, and the mores of the time were interesting to say the least. Actually though the authors and I might disagree on the " facts" straight pertaining to Jesus, I actually can appreciate Bill's stating that it was very difficult to find total fact from a time so long ago. I have not been inclined to read the other publications of killings by Costs and this one do not cause me to feel more inclined to., Killing Jesus is a well written history of the last times of Jesus Christ. It portrays Jesus and his followers as actual human beings, with all their warts and fears. It is not a book to be read lightly as it portrays life and death as it really is, not the stylized Hollywood version packed with heroics and histrionics. Typically the terror of the Disciples is plain to see, as is the Godhood of Jesus.

I feel that it shows Jesus and His Disciples as beings that common men and women can connect with, not great heroics and sacrifice that Hollywood likes to depict. It is a book that I will keep and, perhaps, reread at a later day as I grow further into my old era. It truly is the sort of book than can be read over and over and still pick up something that you missed previously. I suggest it to anyone who wishes to know the reality of Christ's final days..

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