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Guy, oh man. I'm THUS onboard with this new series I'm not even sure what I'll do with myself until the next book has gone out!
This was a great read, checked all possible boxes across the board, great deal of money.
Serial killer.
Sexy detective.
Hot AF bounty seeker.
Fun badinage, persiflage.
Deliciously slow burn.
Scorching as all hell resolve.
Alla t?nkbara sj?kl?der, you got it.
I'll be right here waiting for book 2!, I hardly ever offer a book a 5 star review but this one definitely deserves it. Typically the plot sounded good from the description and as I was reading I was pleasantly surprised to be blown away as the story unfolded. I definitely can't wait for guide two!, For the first time in a long looooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg time I ABSOLUTELY may want to discuss a book. What I want to do is squirrel it in my secret lair where I can pet it and murmur sweet nothings to it, and by " nice nothings", I mean " MINE, MY PRESHHHHHIOUS!! " Not unlike a certain CGI character we all know and are creeped out by. But. Now i'm guessing CK and Riptide would frown after that sort of behavior, so here's me bucking up like a trooper.

We all have authors that take action for us and CK is undoubtedly an author for me. There's something about the way she constructs a story with effortless characterizations, authentic and relatable interpersonal dynamics, complex and imperfect characters and attention to the details which make a character whole that resonates. Poste I forget, the sexual intercourse. CK's penchant for hot AF size difference makes my brain fritz away every time! In this case it's Dominic who's " built like a truck" with a massive dick.

that turns Levi into a screaming, pleading, incoherent, banged out bottom. Gawd, I love it when they're loud! The legitimate kind that's ermagherd something amazeballs is happening in my body right now but Constantly form a sentence so I'll just bleat and wail as opposed to fake porn star I'm thinking about what I'm going to binge watch on Netflix when I get home and mailing in the moaning and the OHHH YEAAAAAAS to make it sound good until this joker finishes so I can cash-out kind of loud. BIG DIFF, y'know? I can always count on CK for that genuine spike in my blood pressure.

Dominic is straight gold. A resources hunter/bartender and gentle giant who's very cognizant of his size and how intimidating it can be for others. Any guy that loves his dog as much as he or she does excellent people in my book. Simply how much he or she cares about others permeates his entire being, something that's clear from the very first time we meet him wanting to bring in a entente jumper. And just like that I was smitten.

Levi is a homicide detective and high put. He's reserved, deliberate and incredibly intelligent. I feel like he's probably one of those people that is so sensitive that's he's had to build a wall to guard himself from being hurt repeatedly which makes him appear distant when really he's not. Neither are perfect nonetheless they very well could be perfect for every other.

What exactly is crystal clear is how well they compliment each other, something that really shines as the situation evolves. There are some quiet occasions between them that made my center swell. They're both extremely observant which I think bodes well for their future coupletry, but this relationship is still in its infancy. Levi is rushing in off a break-up with a long-term boyfriend that I'm glad wasn't glossed over and will surely element in at some point. For now they are taking it slow, building trust rather than bouncing into something because they have oodles of sex chemistry.

The thriller plotline is well balanced with the character/relationship development. Each MCs and the secondary characters feel real to me already. But Now i'm greedy to know more, to find out everything. That being said, this may very well be the best thriller I've read in 2017. It consumed me. Even now, days later, Now i'm still thinking about it. I have a running set of things I know, things that could be true and things I've discarded. A single thing niggles but Constantly bring myself to decline my rating because of it.

The finish is to be continued... that we was expecting, because five book series. This is a long game which sure to have twists, turns and surprises aplenty. *bounces* I cannot hold out!

Recommend to no one because it's MINE! I suggest, mystery/thriller, romantic suspense and CK fans.

An ARCH was provided by NetGalley to Boy Meets Boy Reviews, I’ve read Cordelia Kingsbridge before, so I was expecting a good story but this was so much more than good! It had so many elements I love to find in a guide: a troubled detective, a huge hunky bounty hunter, a serial killer, and backbone chilling suspense. Plus some hot sex and a budding romance. This is not just a slow burn romance, there’s barely a spark as the story begins. Levi is in love and living with his boyfriend but there’s serious trouble in paradise. Dominic indulges in serial hookups from his bartending job in a gay club. They do not actually get with each other until nearby the finish of the story.

Developing the attraction is a procedure that grows during their exploration but there is no cheating! Inappropriate timing maybe, but both characters are aware and adult about the situation. I adored, loved that none of the characters received unoriginal personalities. Levi is considerate and insightful, feels things deeply, is uptight but not rigid or blind. Dominic is a 6’5” beast but doesn’t use it to intimidate, depending on his intelligence more than his brawn. The suspense is phenomenal with the identification of the killer completely obscured; not just a red herring, but an entire school of fish. I think I even thought Levi and Dominic at some points! (kidding! )

Secondary characters were generously fleshed out, not only history filler, particularly Martine, Levi’s partner, who I truly liked, but at this point, no one is off the suspect list! Dominic has some interestingly diverse neighbours, Carlos and Jasmine, and I’m looking forward to their future appearances in the series. I'm not the type of reader who becomes frustrated with ongoing, serialized, story arcs, thank amazing benefits. There’s rather than an actual cliffhanger but the story is certainly not complete with no HEA on the intervalle yet. I am looking forwards to the next guide, which releases in The month of january, so really not that long in any way. Right? Very recommended!

*An ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for Jessie G Books Reviews, in return for a good and honest review*

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