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Outstanding and eye-opening! I think that this book should be read by every legal professional, forensic expert and authorities judicial worker in this country. The cunning, self-servicing, nepotistic and Machiavellian denominator to the crimes fully commited by these Judges is unbelievable. I need to commend the work of Judge David Cleland and his committee for its study of and suggestions for coping with this problem in Luzerne County and the Commonwealth in general. That is a shame that some of the committee’s proposals were not listened to by the State Great Court. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is in some ways responsible for these Judge’s atteinte. It has allowed illicit behavior among its political figures and government personnel to breed. I can only hope that Pennsylvania’s Legal professional General (Kathleen Kane who sincerely is apparently trying) and the Judicial Ethics Table will begin getting its rules and citizen commitment base so as. Over the years, I have referred sketchy behavior to Commonwealth representatives involving legal professional misconduct, bank president credentialing distortions (CPAs that are not CPAs), school superintendents protecting pedophile friends and subordinates, cocaine rings fed by lawyers and other professionals, institution principals hiding children shifted into foster care from foreign countries for lovemaking perpetration, massive drug movements by reputable people into and through Erie PENNSYLVANIA (authorities were given names, license plate numbers, times, color and year of the vehicle) as well as other dubious acts, but nothing has have you been done. Recently I figured out that a Supreme Courtroom Justice in Pittsburgh helped herself and her family to public monies and that members of the Attorney General’s staff and two Supreme Court justice received and distributed not one, but 234 pornographic emails, evidently some on court computers. A final note: Was it not Churchill who said, “When the situation was workable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of palm we apply in its final stages the remedies which then could have effected a cure. Right now there is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It comes into so very long, dismal list of the fruitlessness of experience and the verified unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong–these would be the features which constitute the endless repetition of history. ” I actually refer the reader to “On the Front Lines of Pennsylvania Politics: twenty five years of Keystone Reporting” by John Baer for more in-depth info on Philadelphia and its regrettable illicit political history., Some people are born without souls and raised in families where character, honor and caring just aren't part of these daily lives. They're predators in everything they do. In the event the cash reward is large enough, they just don't turn down from the pain they cause others, they will embrace it and make it laughable to get the golden ring. This guide does a great job of demonstrating that by exploring the key characters and my only wish is that the author would have explored a few supporting soulless beings a lttle bit more. The ones who got away by it and their kin. This specific book explores a shameless world of visible scum doing anything they can for money regardless of who gets hurt. That reveals the depths of the waters that some are willing to live in. Nothing is holy as long as there's a big enough payday. The ones who stood by with protégers on can be explained by the behavior of citizens of Germany in WWII, but cannot be made acceptable. Many in those towns and around Pennsylvania should reside in disgrace forever., A good documentary of judicial corruption. The question remains - why the corrupt scheme was permitted to flourish for too long, why the disciplinary government bodies of the state of Pennsylvania were deaf and blind to reported misconduct of these judges, up until the feds shifted in and charged them - and not for selling kids for cash, but for accepting bribes only. I need to mention that both judges were given absolute judicial immunity for malicious and corrupt acts when victims of misconduct sued - and that is precisely why absolute judicial immunity, an unconstitutional self-serving brainchild of the judiciary, should be legislatively abolished., The writer of " Kids for Cash", William Ecenbarger, has done a yeoman's hard work here in sorting through heaps of corruption to illustrate a system long gone completely awry. Anyone who thinks the Kids for Cash scandal is about two dodgy judges will discover they are mistaken. The Kids for Cash debacle is about a complete system which switched its back on kids, families, and justice. Indeed -- two greedy all judges took bribes in come back for sentencing juveniles to jail -- so their friends could make the profit, But took many, many people to turn a blind eye for this to happen. Performed no one in the all judges tip staff see the huge numbers of kids being penalized? No. Performed the community express invective when kids were jailed for things like publishing negative Facebook statements against a principal? No. Performed the Pennsylvania Judicial Table step in and investigate these judges when they were notified that said judges consorted with known mafia? No. Did the Pennsylvania Legislature subsequently available judges records -- as the Juvenille Justice committee overseeing an investigation of this -- requested? SIMPLY NO. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. This can and is happening in the area -- Kids are being subjected to the ringer every day in Family Courtroom -- torn from the Fathers for any reason or no reason. Carry out you know how many? NO because judges have no accountability. Why didn't some of the parents in kids for cash ask for other judges? Answer -- they did -- but Pennsylvania effectively has NO RECUSAL. In case you get a crummy judge -- you are stuck. When a crummy judge has a bad record, you will never know because Family and Juvenile courtroom are secret -- protecting crummy judges. You must check out this book -- it helps to clarify that only a corrupt system can protect corrupt all judges for so long. By the way -- these two all judges got busted by a diligent State Case employee adding up the figures and valiantly fighting to get those numbers NOTICED. Judges records should be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

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